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Polish Card Games? Goła / Snap.

laurendg04 1 | -
16 Nov 2009 #1
What are some good Polish card games? I love cards, and I have been trying to find this game that my friend calls Gilabaty - which she heard from her Polish friend, but she doesn't speak Polish and this is as close as I can think to spell it (I have no idea if this is right and I have a feeling it isn't!) If you know this one, I would love to know it's real name; otherwise I'd love to hear about some other Polish games :)
krysia 23 | 3,058
16 Nov 2009 #2
Some are: "tysiąc", "wariat", "66", "kanasta", "wojna"
balrog_99 8 | 11
13 Oct 2011 #3
Merged: Polish card game - goła

When I was quite young, my babcia and I would often play cards. Our favourite game was called goła (which I later found out meant naked). Of course, my babcia always beat me quite handily. My problem is that I cannot remember how to play this wonderful game. I remember all the polish names for the cards, but that's it. She passed away 18 years ago. I have searched online, but no success. Has anyone heard of such a game? I'd love to teach it to my kids.
beckski 12 | 1,617
13 Oct 2011 #4
goła (which I later found out meant naked)

You're not talking about a type of strip poker, right?
ShAlEyNsTfOh 4 | 161
13 Oct 2011 #5
my thoughts exactly... after all, 'goła' refers to a naked female, doesn't it? :D
balrog_99 8 | 11
13 Oct 2011 #6

It was nothing like poker and there was no stripping involved.

Thanks for the useful info, though.

Does anyone have a serious answer to my query?
pawian 213 | 22,211
18 Oct 2011 #7
Does anyone have a serious answer to my query?

I don`t know such a game of cards.

The only thing that comes to my mind is goła karta - blank/empty card, without software/program/contents etc.

Filled in card

Goła karta
16 Oct 2013 #8
did you ever get an answer to your question about the game Gola? I have played it a lot with my friends.. who yes are polish! lol

another name for gola is hola..
if you google that I did find some rules written out.. the only thing different we have done is played with 6 players and used Jokers. Jokers and 7s are wild.. otherwise pretty much the same.

good luck.
balrog_99 8 | 11
2 Aug 2014 #9
I'll have a look. Thanks!

I used to play with my great-grandmother, so I really want to remember how to play.
25 Oct 2014 #10
Well I'll vouch that the game exists. Played it with my dad and aunt when I was young. I unfortunately have forgotten virtually all rules, and my dad can't recall either (but I'll ask again). Definitely not strip poker. Possibly a trick collecting game. I vaguely remember taunting the loser with calls of "gola", maybe like getting "skunked'. There was definitely no nudity involved, but I could imagine maybe the adults version involves forcing the loser to do some streaking while the others laugh (hey nobody forced you to play :) but this is pure speculation.
27 May 2015 #11
Merged: Polish name for the card game - snap

Hi all.

Does anybody know what is the Polish name for the card game - snap?


Looker - | 1,134
27 May 2015 #12
I don't think this game is known in Poland, couldn't find any equivalent Polish names for it.
What's comes to my mind as another very simple game, played by children - and this one is quite popular in Poland - is the "War" card game - "Wojna" Polish name.

But sorry, no Snap or Slapjack..
milawi - | 60
31 May 2015 #13
I think this game is called 'Klapa' in Polish.
17 Jul 2017 #14
Hey Guys, yes there is a Polish game which originated in Poland called GOLA! This game is best played with 4 people, each pair as partners. I also was taught this game by Babcia (Grandmother) and Dzia Dzia (Grandfather). We have now introduced several Canadian friends to play the game and they love it. I also played with my Mom and Dad at the cottage for several years. Great game and lots of fun!

Yes, Gola does mean naked!
24 Aug 2018 #15
I need help with finding a polish card game for my mom its so boring trying to help my mom! uh!!!!!!!!!!!
Sylvio 20 | 155
25 Aug 2018 #16
play makao.good for 2. bosika is good and simple but you need 4.

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