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1 Dec 2012
Language / What has been the hardest language for you to learn? [81]

What has been the hardest language for you to learn?

Cantonese, without a doubt.

Simply because, apart from English-influenced words like "bai bai" (bye!) there's nothing which sounds/looks like any European language. Speaking Polish is no help; but, rather bizarrely, speaking Czech is :0 As I'm heading to my beloved HK again soon, it's out with the CDs and books again. I'll never be fluent (unless I win the lottery tomorrow lol) but I've always liked a challenge :) A lot of European people don't like the sound of it though. And you can console yourself with this: if you think an upset, nagging Polish girl sounds annoying, you haven't lived until you hear a HK Chinese girl go off on one. But it's worth it, because they are so sexy :D
30 Nov 2012
News / Weronika Szmajdzianska crowned Miss Global Teen 2012 [8]

she jacked it all in and now is concentrating on college instead.

I couldn't agree more. Now, if only the media would promote some real role models (many of whom are also attractive) instead of these chavvy wannabe WAGs like all those useless Corrie "actresses", reality TV "stars", etc.

They all resemble each other in the first pic.

Indeed! It's like they allowed Rod Stewart to choose the world's best-looking women, "as long as you don't pick any blondes" lol.

Though I must say, if the winner lightened her hair a bit, she would look almost identical to my ex-wife. very hot. :)

Hopefully that settles the discussion that Poland has the most beautifully women in the world once and for all. ;)

It's all subjective though ;)

Just because the world's most beautiful teenager is Polish, it doesn't necessarily mean that Poland has the most beautiful women in the world, or that all Polish women are the world's most beautiful. The first time I went to Hong Kong, I was amazed at how many beautiful women were there, and it made me laugh when I thought about all the "Polish women are the most beautiful in the world" nonsense on here, while I was walking around with my eyes popping out all day long.

That never happens in Poland. In fact, the last time I was in PL (a few weeks ago), the best looking women were Ukrainian or Russian (not sure which, but I understood a little of the conversation, before it turned into incomprehensible speech, which usually means Russian or something very similar to me lol), and another girl, who I was probably Italian or possibly even something a bit more Eastern.

In fact, I've never met a Pole who agrees with all this stuff about Polish women being the most beautiful in the world, so it's not just me. When asked, the vast majority of Poles (in my experience) would say that Mediterranean women (particularly Spanish and Italian) are the world's most beautiful. But if anyone's obsessed with Polish women, who am I to convince them otherwise? lol
29 Nov 2012
Life / You are Polish if... [433]

ancestry, citizenship, language, cultural/ historical awareness and "feeling Polish". Not all are necessary, but just one is a bit to little.

Four out of five, that's enough for me :)

The guy simply tries to arrogate Polishness to himself, in this way excluding people who are inconvinient for him and his ideology.

That's exactly it - if you're not a religious Pole, then you are some kind of evil "destroyer of Polishness and Poland, and promoter of Western decadence" in his opinion. It's nonsense.
29 Nov 2012
Life / Why is Szczecin the most expensive Polish city? [5]

The tags at the bottom say "Polish girls" three times - perhaps that's why :D

No, seriously... it's the same over here - why are bus fares twice as high in low-pay Greater Manchester than in well-paid London? Or why is council tax in scummy Salford higher than in certain well-heeled London boroughs?

The answer is probably to do with the following: lack of subsidies, and fewer working people supporting those who can't/won't pay. Or simply good old fashioned inefficiency.
29 Nov 2012
News / Repopulating Poland with Ukrainians? [66]

Many Western Europeans bash Poland because they are jealous of our homogeneous nation

The homogenous nation you deserted, so you could move to a country which resembles those "cess-pits" you despise? Hmm...

The HudsonHicks' of this world are a tiny minority and should be ignored or riducled for fun:D

Anyone who spends so much time reading Polish forums (not this site) to check how many "benefity" are being claimed by Poles, clearly has no life, and cannot be taken seriously.

And since those Europeans who like diversity in their countries are in minority maybe they will themself ultimately move to the Asian countries?..

You won't hear me banging on about "diversity" all day like some do, but if I could find a job in my field in Hong Kong, I would move tomorrow.

Whereas I would never move to Poland - and it's nothing to do with lack of diversity.

What is better when a disfunctional mother have several children or when a decent couple have one baby?

Clearly the latter, but you'll never convince the UK government of that - and it looks like Poland is heading the same way.
26 Nov 2012
News / More Poles speak English than French or Spanish! [34]

What's clear is that Poles understand more English than they can speak, or feel confident to speak.

I'm sure this is the case in many countries; it's certainly the case in Hong Kong, for example - while English is an official language there (unlike in Poland), many people are not confident to reply in English, but often understand the basics (and can reply by typing a price into a calculator, as one example, lol).

Personally, I have no idea how well English is spoken in Poland, because I've never spoken English in Poland, except to a few lost foreigners who needed directions. On the few occasions where passport control have opened my UK passport and asked me a question in English, I've always replied in Polish. Few of my relatives in Poland know much English, though - those who stayed, never felt the need to learn. Those who left, seemed to have learned so they could leave :D
25 Nov 2012
News / Stiffer traffic rules in Poland? [32]

Think like a Pole.

Think like a pr*ck, more like.

The phrase "Darwin award winners" springs to mind.
24 Nov 2012
Love / How do I tell her how I feel? Working with a Polish woman. [24]

Take it as a lesson learned for future reference - remember, the early bird catches the worm ;)

However, as a cynic with many years of experience of Polish women, one could argue that you've been saved the indignity of being dumped when she decides to go home to be nearer to "mamusia", admits that she's actually got a husband back home and wants to give it another go, or offers you the... ahem... "choice" of moving to Poland with her (or it's over if you don't). And you won't have to learn what words like obowiązek alimentacyjny and sąd rodzinny mean :D

Good luck next time though ;)
24 Nov 2012
UK, Ireland / Polish Ophthalmologist in UK [27]

You need to get around more.

This from the guy who spends all day encouraging anti-Polish sentiment on Polish websites? lol

No they're not. You obviously live in a **** part of town.

Yes they are.

And I live in a nice part of town.

I could name dozens, if not hundreds, of streets in England which are full of shops owned/run by your South Asian friends.

Whereas even in areas which are full of Polish people, you will never find dozens of Polish shops in a row, and you know it.

But this forum is full of lying trolls, so you're in good company.
23 Nov 2012
UK, Ireland / Polish Ophthalmologist in UK [27]

but KSIĘGOWOŚĆ means accountancy not GROCERIES!!!

Are you sure that the owners of that shop are actually Polish???

hahaha!!! the fool is pwned again! :)

As anyone over here knows, just because a shop says "Polski Sklep" on it, it doesn't mean it is is owned by Poles, or even has a single Polish employee! :) But that won't stop his Pole-bashing agenda.

It's interesting to note that he never, ever complains about shops with names like "Desi Khanna" or "Mumtaz Food Store" - which are far more common.
23 Nov 2012
Love / Polish couples living out of wedlock? [108]

Oh ffs, not this cr*p again.

living in sin

It's not a sin unless you're an observant member of a religion!! Capisce???

out-of-wedlock babies

Are still just as human, and should have the same rights, as babies born to married couples.

and not even bothering to baptise them


Indoctrinating babies, when they are too young to understand, is no longer considered acceptable by many people. And they are less likely to endure the "Pan Bóg Cię ukarze" threats I had to put up with - which is also a good thing.

Why do you think so?

I would think that is pretty obvious.
22 Nov 2012
UK, Ireland / 'Drajwować karę' in the UK? [19]

As there are lots of Britons in relationships with Polish people, I wonder how long it's going to be until the reverse happens?

Considering that most of the dumping is likely to be done by Polish women, I wonder if we will soon hear words like aliments, dziwkas, and blacharas on PF and on the streets?

Almost as bad as "pierogies"! lol
20 Nov 2012
UK, Ireland / Do the poles like British culture [127]

See, you missed the point. It isn't about people applauding you, it's about sticking to your principles when people are deploring you.

Spoken like someone who has never worked a day in his life. Otherwise, you would understand what the phrase "in the course of one's employment" means, and why you sometimes have to keep it shut if you want to keep your job.

kondzior is so bigoted he thinks that homosexuals aren't even human.

It's also clear that the number of bigoted rants posted on an internet forum are inversely proportional to the amount of sexual intercourse experienced by the offending poster. I should post a formula to demonstrate how this may be proven :D
19 Nov 2012
UK, Ireland / Are Poles in the UK more prone to Thievery? [37]

"those languges" means "English, Lithuanian, Polish" lol

LOL, pwnage! :)

Sometimes I wonder if this hudsonhicks guy can even read his own language!

Then again, his "own language" probably also means Hindi or Punjabi :)
18 Nov 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [675]

Spoken like only a man who knows nothing about girls can speak :)

Spoken like a man who has multiple banned usernames and once claimed to be a prn producer :D
18 Nov 2012
News / Qatar Airways opens contact centre in Wroclaw! [27]

A link to their Doha hub give Poland a load of potential destinations. Great news.

Indeed. As I'm going to be in HK again soon, I'm seriously considering using the connection from WAW, and combining it with a sneaky trip to PL on the way lol.
18 Nov 2012
UK, Ireland / Do the poles like British culture [127]

Unfortunately I'm only UK Polonia lol, but I can quite happily watch Polish TV or Polish DVDs all day long.

Polish music, on the other hand... no.

Most of it, to my ears, sounds like a lame copy of UK/US music.

However, when it comes to death metal, there is no-one British who can even try and come close to Decapitated - they are just so great at what they do, it's hard to believe they're from Poland lol.
18 Nov 2012
UK, Ireland / English/British rudeness - what do Polish people think about it? [98]

I can't imagine you giving up a seat for a pregnant woman or an elderly person since you darn right paid for the ticket and got there first.

HH would probably say "oh the last time I gave up my seat to a 'pregnant' woman, she replied 'I'm not pregnant ya c**t!!!' so that's why I don't do it".

Though I suspect that this is an urban myth, because (a) it never happens to me, and (b) I always get a smile and a "thanks".

Then again, I don't spend all Friday and Saturday evening typing "benefity how much Polish people" into Google, or posting cr*p about Polish people on a Polish forum. There's a moral in there somewhere :)
18 Nov 2012
UK, Ireland / English/British rudeness - what do Polish people think about it? [98]

Why Britsh people scarcely use kind forms of refering to strangers like sir, madam.


(so you got bored of the guest account at last? ;) lol)

hudsonhicks should go to somewhere like Yorkshire - they think that rudeness and abruptness are something to be proud of round there!

Though the problem with such threads is that they always pick out some random "bad" event, and then ask "are all Poles/English/Jews/women/men/Catholics/Arabs etc etc like this". Not all Poles are like the mohery, and not all British people are like some "aspiring rapper" on the bus to Crystal Palace.
16 Nov 2012
Language / Weird Polish dialect [15]

This is a start:
16 Nov 2012
Travel / Why does everyone seem to hate LOT Polish Airlines? [357]

I shall be reporting back again soon :)

See, I keep my promises ;) lol

Well, in the five years since I started this thread, there has been some change - some for the better, some for the worse. They are still my preferred carrier to PL, but I think I'll give BA another try next time, at least on part of the route.

Why? Because cost-cutting is increasingly evident.

While I don't mind not getting a meal on short-haul flights, there needs to be consistency. Only dry snacks were offered on the LHR-WAW flight, but baguettes were available on the return portion. In expectation of the dry snack again, I have bought a sandwich at the airport. Now, I don't eat a lot, so a ciabatta + a large baguette is a little too much for me! If they must make these cuts, then at least tell us exactly what we're going to get beforehand, not vague promises of a "meal" onboard.

WAW-KRK-WAW flights were fine, other than weather-related delays and a faulty seat on the ATR-72 on one leg - lack of meals isn't a problem, but lack of maintenance on an an already far-from perfect aircraft is.

A cramped "LOT Charters" 737 was used on the WAW-LHR portion... yet again. One of the reasons I only fly full-service airlines is to avoid the pitfalls of charters/low-cost airlines - I do not expect this kind of service downgrade on what is clearly one of LOT's most important routes.

Though it's not all downhill. The flight attendants seem better than ever - they've clearly been on some sort of customer service course during the past few years. Either that, or they moved the worst ones to other routes lol, but as I keep recognising faces, that's not necessarily the case. And both international flights were on time - for a change!!

They can't shut up about their new "Dreamlinera" though - the announcements make them sound almost like Ryanair now haha :) Nothing like blowing your own trumpet, eh... haha :)
15 Nov 2012
UK, Ireland / What's the best Polish restaurant in London? [26]

Howcan one make bigos look attractive?

Serve it on top of a large placek kartoflany which has been specially shaped with one of those pastry-cutter things.
Put some thinly-sliced cucumber arranged in a "bonfire" shape on top (you won't eat it, it's just there to make it look posh lol)

Pour some of the sauce around the plate in that stupid "posh restaurant" style.
Throw some finely-chopped fresh herbs around the plate, and you've got posh Bigos.

Then again, I'm just the man who invented balti pierogi, so what would I know :D