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Poles living in the United Kingdom - give us a shout

Jonahboy 1 | -
24 Oct 2012 #1
I've been living with polish people, hungarians and slovakians for some time (I'm Engish) after returning from a teaching job in south east Asia. There are thousands of Poles that live within the Birmingham area and most are working. It simple to become a full-time employee here at this time as we slowly come out of a recession and reach for a stronger more secure future. I understand the reason for foreigners arriving at our shores that search for work because the rates of pay are higher and the movement to secure a healthier finacial future lies within reach. Infact there is a minimum wage in the UK that businesses have to abide by which allows a fair salary structure for everyone including UK residents. Infact you'll be earning the same if not more depending on where you work. Most Polish come here and sign up with employment agencies regardless of education or background, there is employment for everyone. The only need is to speak a little English as businesses are in need of at least a basic form of communication. The employment procedures couldn't be easier with Poland been in the EU and most speaking basic English. I have lot's of Polish friends that have worked here in Birmingham because the house I live in is a shared accomodation that host many polish people, even double rooms are available at a slightly higher rate. Infact the landlord and owner of the house I live in has 40 houses around the Birmingham area that host many Polish people that work here.

Polish workers here recieve a national health number meaning if there is a health issue, free treatment from doctors and hospitals can be obtained. Visa requirements isn't a problem because Poland are in the EU (European Union) so no need to apply for a work permit. So if your arriving or thinking about a working holiday to Birmimngham you can talk with me and get some idea of where to stay. I enjoy been in a multi cultural environment and have lived with many europeans from different countries. I have travelled to 28 countries and over 60 cities over the years learning about cultues, religeons and environments. So if you thinking about coming to Birmingham give us a shout on this thread.
Orpheus - | 114
25 Oct 2012 #2
returning from a teaching job in south east Asia

What were you teaching?
milky 13 | 1,657
25 Oct 2012 #3
It simple to become a full-time employee here at this time as we slowly come out of a recession

Is England coming out of recession? Link??
Appleby 1 | 25
25 Oct 2012 #4

- "Britain's double-dip recession ended today with GDP growth in the third quarter higher than expected at 1pc, according to official data from the Office for National Statistics.:
NorthMancPolak 4 | 648
25 Oct 2012 #5
What were you teaching?

English. Haven't you seen his spelling and grammar? ;)

Though it's obvious that his thread is not simply about Poles in the UK, but is actually a thinly-disguised attempt to get more tenants for his landlord.
Orpheus - | 114
25 Oct 2012 #6
I'm Engish

I doubt that.

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