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9 Apr 2008
Life / Polish people and racism. [943]

nice first post... i consider myself a nontraditional Pole... I'm not racist and I value my Polish heritage.
We are all people, living on earth as humans... whatever happens happens :)
5 Apr 2008
Food / Polish Potatoes [42]

we add onions into ours, give it that texture... i love potatoe pancakes :D
1 Apr 2008
Genealogy / Any Polish Tatars here? [95]


I think I need to be schooled on what a tatar is :)

The only tatar I know is served with chopped onions and pickles yummm
1 Apr 2008
Genealogy / Any Polish Tatars here? [95]

are tatars the same thing as górals?

btw never knew that chuck was polish :)
30 Mar 2008
Language / Your perception of the Polish accent [145]

I'm such a self loathing pole

Don't like the accent in English. I really like italian and uk accents lol

Bloody bollocks :D
27 Mar 2008
Life / Fashion and Style in Poland [174]

really tight pants for boys

its a new skater fashion, almost all skaters now wear tight jeans :D
26 Mar 2008
Life / Drinking games in Poland [44]

never heard of fuzzy duck?!?!

The only Polish drinking game I know is drink till your drunk lol

Personal favorites are assh0le, flippy cups, beer pong :)
24 Mar 2008
USA, Canada / Any Poles in Texas! [61]

Texas is nice. It is one of the cheaper places to live in the US. I wouldn't want to move there but a lot of my friends are out there because of the growing market and low cost of living.

My favorite places to live would be Washington State (west coast), Oregon, Colorado and Maine.

Plan on living in all of the above provided that my life allows such changes lol
20 Mar 2008
Food / Poland Spirytus recipes [39]

My dad makes some sort of a lemonade/spiritus mix, pretty good/strong stuff

couple of shots and im done lol
19 Mar 2008
Life / Cost of converting cars in Poland to left-hand drive [58]

I have a few friends that have modified a few cars to drive on the left hand side in Australia. Cost them about as much as the car lol But it was a classic Corvette.

I also know a person that did the reverse to a Skyline, about 10gs here in the states.
28 Jul 2007
USA, Canada / Where can I meet Polish women in Chicago [85]

yeah i dont like any of the polaks around Chicago myself... they are way too euro for me lol

never been to jedynka or accent cafe because everyone acts so stupid
26 Jun 2007
Language / Polish Swear Words [1242]

skurwysyn is by far the dirtiest imho...

literally means a son of a bit@h LOL

it sounds so dirty
26 Apr 2007
Love / Polish girls attitudes towards sex. [568]

Were you just joking? I've never cheated on anyone before and I had many opportunities. Not all women cheat.

i was :D