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Poland Spirytus recipes

20 Mar 2008 #1
Hi guys, I know this has been done before but I think the thread was deleted after Christmas.
I have 5 litres of the strong stuff and not sure what to do with it, so if anyone has got any of their favourite recipes, I will be very grateful. :O)

Here is one that I know of:

Hubby bubble toil and trouble

1st: One bottle of beer or 1/2 a litre of beer, bring to the boil with a 250 ml size glass of sugar. Then let it cool to room temperature. Then add a teaspoon of vanilla essence.

2nd: Add three teaspoons of gold coffee mixed in a little water to make into a liquid so it can mix easier. Then combine all together with a 1/4 litre of the Spirytus.

* Note about the beer you use:
It should really be a percentage of 5 to 5.8%, use Warka beer for the best taste, if not then maybe a Pilsner Lager will do fine as it has to have a slightly sweeter taste.

To make a larger quantity just double the measures :O)
jez - | 3
20 Mar 2008 #2
POlish students don`t drink spiritys. We prefer normal vodka or wine. It is so stupid to drink spiritus. I see such homeless people near the shops who drink everything. They are pathetic and look horible.
20 Mar 2008 #3
You can just throw lots of cherries into a pot with a good amount of water and sugar, boil it for a while and then drain out all the liquid. Add a litre of that to a litre of spiritus (assuming you have the 80% spiritus, if you've got the 95% version you'll need to adjust the amount of cherry juice to get the ideal 40% alcohol content of the final result).
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554
20 Mar 2008 #4
I have recipes for a few different types of nalewka. What type of liquor do you want to make?

The above way is a quick way, but probably won't taste as good as properly prepared Wiśniówka
OP ukpolska
20 Mar 2008 #5
POlish students don`t drink spiritys. We prefer normal vodka or wine. It is so stupid to drink spiritus. I see such homeless people near the shops who drink everything. They are pathetic and look horible.

Errrm, who said anything about drinking spiritus straight lol

I have recipes for a few different types of nalewka. What type of liquor do you want to make?

Any you can post up Zgubiony, I will be grateful thanks :O)
By the way its the 95% stuff.
z_darius 14 | 3,968
20 Mar 2008 #6
1 liter of 95% spirit
1 kg of sugar
1 kg of walnuts

3 liter glass jar (do not use plastic or metal)

walnuts cannot be ripe and have hard shells. They need to be harvested when the shell can still be cut with a knife.

Chop the walnuts into little squares, use rubber/latex gloves unless you fancy dark brown fingers and finger nails for weeks afterwards. Food processors are OK too, but plastic parts may become permanently stained.

place chopped walnuts in the jar
pour spirit and sugar over the walnuts. no stirring is necessary.
cover the neck of the jar tightly (or else the spirit will evaporate)
set aside in a dark, cool spot for 3 or more months.

separate the walnuts matter from the rest; using cheese cloth seems to work well.

simple, yummy
small shots (25g) are good for cold days.
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554
20 Mar 2008 #7
Nice 1 Z_D

How about..


1 liter Spirytus 95%
1/2 liter Vodka
1 kg Raspberries
1 kg sugar

Place berries (don't have to be Raspberries and time frame can be longer depending on fruit) in lg glass jar and add spirits. Let sit for 2-3 weeks shaking twice daily.

After that, empty liquids using cheese cloth (may take some time) and place in seperate bottle/s.

Add sugar to fruit and leave for another 2-3 weeks shaking twice daily. Leave in warm place...maybe sun or near heat. Don't cook.

Once the time is up you'll see that all of the sugar has liquified and this liquid has to be poured off using the cheesecloth. This may take longer being that the liquid is a sweet syrup.

Combine sweet liquid to the alcohol that was initially removed and place in bottles. Leave the bottles in a dark place for a few days and you'll see that the sediment has settled to the bottom. Pour off the clear liquid and bottle seperately. You now have your own Nalewka :) Smacznego!!

** If you'd like to use cherries, the time will change to 4 weeks. Also, please try to find Wisnia (sour cherry) as these are the best for this.

Miodowka (honey vodka)

3-4 lg spoons of honey (pref. wielokwiatowy-Multi flower) I also add 1/2 spoon of gryczany (buckwheat)

****The better the honey the better the miodowka****
3-4 Cloves
3-4 cups water

Boil water and add the honey until both are mixed well and honey is liquid. Let cool.

Add 1/2 liter of Spirytus (if you want strong, add a little more)

Place in bottle/s and let sit in dark place for a week or more until sediment has settled ( is better with time ).

Pour off clear liquid, bottle and enjoy!!!

By the way its the 95% stuff.

Yeah...there really is no other. I've never heard of 80% spirytus...that's just vodka)
OP ukpolska
20 Mar 2008 #8
Thanks Zgubiony :O)
Goonie 8 | 242
20 Mar 2008 #9
My dad makes some sort of a lemonade/spiritus mix, pretty good/strong stuff

couple of shots and im done lol
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554
20 Mar 2008 #10
I also have 1 for : (christmas)


1/2(strong) or less bottle of spiritus
1 vanilla stick
glass of sugar
5 yolks
2 glasses of milk.
You have to put a crushed vanilla stick to alcohol first and leave for two days, then grind yelks with
sugar add boiled (but cold) milk then slowly add alcohol, you have to beat whole mixture while doing it
otherwise bad things will happen, then bottle that mixture and leave in dark place for few hours.
OP ukpolska
20 Mar 2008 #11
Look at peopl who`s drank spiritus.

Jez my little friend we are adults here all with responsible jobs and family's.
My wife's family here in Puławy always make different spirytus concoctions for a family get together. Furthermore, if you are implying that all people who drink spirytus based drinks are alcoholics then either you need to do some growing up or start taking a look around you and stop using crass stereotypes. :O)
Cichawoda - | 6
21 Jan 2010 #12
I make lots of Nalewkas here in SoCAl. I mostly use Baczewski vodka from Trader Joe's because of the quality/price factor. I like my Nalewkas on the sipping side but you just have to swap and than adjust for desired alcohol content. I have found that for producing full flavored Nalewkas vodka is better - if need be I can adjust the alcohol level later with Spirytus or Everclear (same thing). I posted a bunch of recipes at
polkamaniac 1 | 482
22 Jan 2010 #13
here is a good recepie-------Enjoy
1.Soak green tea leaves in warm water, just enough to get them to loosen up.
2.Strain tea leaves; add leaves to blender. Add fruit and a couple of vitamin C tabs.
3.Blend like whoa.
4.Add enough vodka (or gin, if you must) to the blender fruit and leaves to cover. The stronger the vodka, the better.
5.Let the whole mess stand for 24-48 hours. The ethanol will extract the anti-oxidant goodness from the fruit and tea leaves—even more than you’d get if you were to eat them.

6.Strain fruit and tea pulp out, leaving behind only liquid goodness.

7.Drink! Have a shot each morning to loosen up the heart and the spirit.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

Paz 1 | 11
27 Jan 2010 #14
I will have to try some of these... :)
OP ukpolska
27 Jan 2010 #15
Hmmm, forgot about this post, I have eight litres of Spirytus in the garage so I think I am going to have some fun tonight :)

Sometimes it is good to drag up and old post lol

Any more in the offering?
6 Feb 2010 #16
Made the below recipe at christmas with my mom this year...

1 cup (250mL) freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 cup (250mL) honey
2 cups (500mL) Spirytus

Make sure to strain the lemon juice so you have no pits, honey should be clear and not crystalized and easily pourable.
Combine lemon juice, honey, and spirytus in a bottle, shake/mix it up and keep it in the freezer. Couple of hours later...delicious liquid gold. It's nice to sip on it's own or make a martini out of it by adding additional ice and a bit of soda water.
ola 243
6 Feb 2010 #17
What nonsense spirytus is drunk straight followed by coka cola.
z_darius 14 | 3,968
6 Feb 2010 #18
Yeah, perhaps by women.
Spiritus is best drunk straight followed by some more spiritus.
ola 243
6 Feb 2010 #19
Spiritus is best drunk straight followed by some more spiritus.

true, we poles love a hard hit, are you a man or a mouse may I ask?
z_darius 14 | 3,968
6 Feb 2010 #20
At this time I decided I have already drunk almost all the booze I was supposed to have drunk. Good too keep the mind clear and put it into other things.
ola 243
6 Feb 2010 #21
what are you saying darius?
z_darius 14 | 3,968
6 Feb 2010 #22
not sure what you;re asking
polkamaniac 1 | 482
7 Feb 2010 #23
The easiest and the best for me is to dilute the spirytus 50/50 with spring water and the add some fruit juice to the mix.Easy and fast----and you change the flavour by making new batches with different types of juices.This still gives you a 40 % alcohol content for a great drink.
z_darius 14 | 3,968
7 Feb 2010 #24
add some fruit juice

you change the flavour by making new batches with different types of juices

polkamaniac 1 | 482
7 Feb 2010 #25
Lot better than chewing on walnuts and getting a piece of shell stuck in my throat!!!!!!
z_darius 14 | 3,968
7 Feb 2010 #26
Were you really thinking that in my recipe you dispose of the alcohol and keep the walnuts?
c'mon, don't give them reasons for another Polish joke.
5 Apr 2011 #27
Hey I was hoping i could get a bit of help with making my own nalewka. Since morello cherries weren't in season i was forced to buy a 25oz jar of morello cherries in light syrup, which just has sugar and water in it. I drained the light syrup out of the jar and added about 375 mL of spirytus to the cherries, which is currently just marinating for a while. I saved the syrup, which doesn't seem very sweet, and was going to add it to the alcohol after it was done sitting. I was also going to take the leftover cherries, add sugar, let them sit, and later on add that sweet syrup to the alcohol also. Am I on the right track here or does anyone have some tips for me? Thanks
19 Apr 2012 #28
This stuff is the best!!!!!!you need to know how to mix it and just do shots. I have all sorts of flavored spirytus 15.00 per bottle plush shipping.

I have cherry flavor,rasbury and blue rasbury. New favors on its way soon.

29 Sep 2014 #29
I got a ton of walnuts that have dropped. The outer husk is still hard and green. Is it too late to use them for nalewka?
25 Feb 2020 #30

Making my first attempt at Cytrynówka in Michigan, having visited Krakow 7 years ago and unable to find here (3.5 hours to Chicago, so I'd rather make some). Idid not filter enough and there is a lot of sediment....must that be removed? Is it more sour or bitter than the clear liquid?

Some of my bottles are pushing the plastic 'barbed' caps out in hours after fermentation...I did not expect this...sediment maybe, containing too much 'active' material?

I will probably refilter & rebottle, but would like to learn for next time...

Thank you

Murray Leshner

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