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Polish Potatoes

6 Sep 2006 #1
Need help,
as a child, grew up eating polish food and miss it. need to know how you go about making polish potatoes..sister thinks potatoes in blender and some flour and then spoon into boiling water, drain and fry in butter...

any input???
6 Sep 2006 #2
I think you grew potatoes - you cannot make them.. Maybe you mean potato pancakes?
6 Sep 2006 #3
My mom makes them but she doesn't put them in boiling water after mixing with the flour!? I think you got that mixed up with pierogi. Potatoe pancakes you grind up, mix with flour and then fry them.
OP ruchala_joseph
6 Sep 2006 #4
Thanks for the info, but I do remember potatoes in blender and then flour in boiling water. made some but just did not have the flavor that I remember, add milk? sugar?
6 Sep 2006 #5
You make kopytka boiling them in water. But first you boil potatoes, mash them up, mix with flour and egg, roll them and cut them in triangle shapes and throw them into boiling, salted water. After they come up to the top, you take them out and make "skwarki" which is fried bacon bits. You can also make a mushroom sauce.

They are also called "kluski śląskie" or "knedle". In English they're called "dumplings".
OP ruchala_joseph
6 Sep 2006 #6
Thank you Krysia,
I found the recipe for Kluski's(not Polish Potatoes), grated potato, salt and flour.
Thanks again,
6 Sep 2006 #7
Joe, you have a funny last name :)
OP ruchala_joseph
6 Sep 2006 #8
Thanks Krysia, it is a different polish last name
6 Sep 2006 #9
The difference between "kopytka" and "kluski" śląskie" is that in the first one you use boiled potatoes and in "kluski" you use raw potatoes. I forgot to mention that. And they're also called "pyzy"
6 Jun 2007 #10
I grew up with kluski's!! I suppose there are variations to them as with every recipe such as everyone's apple pie doesn't taste the same. My sister and I have been handed down our grandmothers recipe which my mom tweaked a bit and added alot more onions to the pork "gravy" mixture. She use to grate the raw potatoes, so my sister and I thought that useing a food processor would work better and it does!! My sister and I then add water to the potatoes in the processor, salt, and then about1/2 c. Bisquick then keep adding the flour until you get that nice kluski polish feel to the dough! We then spoon the dough off of a large round plate into the boiling salted water, dipping the spoon ever so often so that the dough doesn't stick to the spoon. When the dumplings are done they are drained and then we don't fry them up, mom made a pork gravy by browning pork cutlets that have been cut into small bite sized pieces and then rown them with an onion that also gets browned while the pork is. The pork is first dipped in flou, I forgot, sorry. then it is browned in olive oil,(its better for you), with the onions. After browning, add water to pan , jut to cover the meat and cook until meat is done. (Add more water if it cooks down too low. Make a flour/water mixture as for making gravy. Not too thick. Bring pan up to a boil and then add flour/water mixture while stirring constantly, thus making the gravy. when done, add drained Kluski's to gravy mixture and serve. There ill NOT be one dumpling left, believe me!! You're either polish by blood or become one thru this recipe!!
6 Jun 2007 #11
need to know how you go about making polish potatoes..

put them in a suit and call them prime minister... gufaw gufaw
14 Jun 2007 #12
I think the Polish potatoes you refer to are like the Italian gnocci. Mashed potatoes,better if they are left in the fridge overnight,add egg and a bit of flour at a time,until its a nice smooth ball of dough. Cut into small pieces and score the dough with a fork,at least that is what my Bubba did. Boil water that is salted and throw em in.When they float they are done. Like Sharonski we had a rich pork gravy on them. God Im hungry
14 Jun 2007 #13

Oh bubba belongs to you. I wondered who he belonged too. lol
30 Aug 2007 #14
man.. winter is just around the corner. i am going to have to make some kopytka and pyzy.. it's been ages for either. mmm..

is there something added to mashed taters in PL? i can't replicate the taste i get from restaurants and what i recall of grandma's cooking. thanks
11 Dec 2007 #15
You do just that. You take raw potatoes and either use an old metal grater or the blender. My recipe is for about 10 people. 5lbs of potatoes. About 6 eggs. Flour to a moist, gooey dough (not solid). Boil your water and keep it boiling. Take a tablespoon and drop little globs of the mix into your pot. Try not to boil too much at a time. When they are done, they will float to the top. Strain the done Kluski's from the pot and put them in a glass bowl. I then add butter, salt, pepper and cottage cheese. Ready to serve. We have that every year for Wigilia. Then the next day, the leftovers are fried in butter.
11 Dec 2007 #16
to make mash potato extra tasty add some real butter not marg.
after they boil drain the water
put back on hot stove (not too hot ) for a 60 secs so the steam comes out of them
add butter and mash !

mmmm Pycha !
16 Dec 2007 #17
Try getting your hands on Polish Heritage cookery by Robert Strobel. It has most of your polish recipes in it and is an excellent referrence. The potatoe you sound like you are looking for are called kluski.....Not sure how to make them but they are rolled into along rope, cut at an angle so they will look like a diamond and then after boiled are prepared with melted butter, fried onions etc.
17 Dec 2007 #18
to make mash potato extra tasty add some real butter not marg.
after they boil drain the water
put back on hot stove (not too hot ) for a 60 secs so the steam comes out of them
add butter and mash !

mmmm Pycha !

yeah, that's what i normally do but restaurants and grandmas must do something besides all that as they mashed taters taste different. still not sure what it is.. maybe buttermilk or something..
14 Jan 2008 #19
I was browsing the web and saw that you are looking for a recipe that I have been making for a lot of years. I leaned it from my Polish grandparents.

I believe you may remember Potato Kluski.
I grate the potatoes or put them in a processor, add a little salt and sometimes onion. If the poatoes are runny, I drain them. I add enough flour to thicken to a paste, not too thick, I then add a couple of eggs. While I am getting this prepared, I am boining water, with some salt added. I also have a large fry pan going with butter and some onion added. I cook the butter and onion slow so they don' burn.

I put some of the "batter on a plate, spread it out and spoon it in the boiling water - about a good size teaspoon full. I let them cook for about 10-15 minutes or so. I use a slatted spoon , let the water drain off and put them in the butter. I let them cook for about another 15 minutes, making sure they all get the butter and onions on them. I make a couple of batches so it takes me a while to get them done. They are delicious.

I will occasionally put more butter in my casserol dish to keep them moist as they will absorb the butter. They really don't warm up very well, but I usally don't have too many left. Is this what you remember?
15 Jan 2008 #20
U c ShelleyS, potatoes are seen as being tasty. U can do quite a few things with them
old country #11
5 Apr 2008 #21
recipe is 5 raw potatoes--finely grated
2-3 eggs
1 tsp. salt
flour (2-3 cups?) enough to make a medium consistency

Mix all together. Put some dough onto a plate and cut penny sized dumplngs into a large container of salted water and boil for 5 minutes .

You can mix this with fried bacon and fried cabbage. I usually have the bacon and cabbage in the oven and add each amount of Klutski as they cook.
5 Apr 2008 #22
we add onions into ours, give it that texture... i love potatoe pancakes :D
El Gato
5 Apr 2008 #23
we add onions

As do we...adds some flavor :]
18 Apr 2008 #24
I don't add eggs. Just grate the potatoes, let it drain through a colander into a bowl for about 1/2 hr, then I slowly drain the liquid from the bowl and mix the starch from the bottom back in with the potatoes. Then I add the flour to make it thick enough so that it doesn't fall apart in the water. Boil for 10 min or so until they come to the top. After draining, I add cooked bacon to them and serve it with kapusta on the side. To me, the eggs would make it more like italian gnocchi, no?
19 Apr 2008 #25
Nowadays many people process raw, peeled, cuebd ptoatoes in a blender or processor instead of the knuckle-scraping manual grating. These can then be mixed with an egg and a bit of floor to form pyzy or kluski śląskie and boiled in salted water. The same mixture can be fried in lard or oil for potato pancakes (placki kartoflane). Pursits claim: Jeśli nie tarte to gówna warte (meaning only the hand-grated kind are any good).
1 Dec 2008 #26
What a great find. Started a search for kluskis and found this website! My Irish mom made kluskis for my Polish dad. Us kids loved them. Left-over mashed potatoes, egg, flour to thicken, season of choice, boil in water till float, and they are done. They were served with... get this... hot bacon grease! Just a hint for flavor, usually fresh bacon grease, not over fried. By the way, had no idea how to spell "kluskis." Searched "potatoes egg flour polish" and found this site. I like reading the other ways of cooking these - want to try some, and I will go with bacon bits and nix the grease. Polish landlady while I was in college made potato pancakes and she made pierogi - loved them both - but she did not make kluskis. Had to go home for those. Thanks to all.
5 Dec 2008 #27
My mom made a sweet version of kopytka by adding farmers cheese. Then she would fry some plain bread crumbs in butter for the top and of course lots of sugar.
5 Dec 2008 #28
Be careful if you offer a bilingual Pole a saucepan of boiled potatoes. Masz.
5 Dec 2008 #29
Left-over mashed potatoes, egg, flour to thicken, season of choice, boil in water till float, and they are done.

That's how my Mom made them too :) And we had condensed tomato soup <as the sauce> I loved them, they were very tasty. And any left over went into the fridge to be fried up for another day.

Similar to gnocchi really . Some italian and Polish food can be similar I have found.

loco polaco
5 Dec 2008 #30
similar? i'm thinking the same... just had some gnocchies and i sure couldn't tell the difference.

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