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Why Do You Love Poland?

28 Jan 2007 #1
I lovePoland because of its uniqueness. Because of all its colors. Because of its past, its present and I feel my heart warm thinking of its beautiful future.

I love Poland because of its capacity. Its silence, its rhythm, its acceptance, its dreams and its tolerance. I Love Poland because of its vast majorities mentality. I love Poland because of its towns... I love Poland because of its villages. Because of its lakes, mountains, sea, soil, trees, grass and wind...

I love Poland because of its spirit.
I love Poland...because it's home :)...

For all my Polish they in Poland, or share Polish gene, or be migrants to Poland from any race/country and call Poland their rightful home now..... I love Poland... POLAND... which TO ME in my opinion.... more special than any continent (be it asia or europe or africa or americas)...and equal for all.

LOVE YA... to all my Poles :)

...and ya :P.....Why Do Youuuuuuuuuuuu Love Poland? :) :)
Matyjasz 2 | 1543
28 Jan 2007 #2
We love you too LoneStranger. :) I think that a very similar topic already exists on this board. :)

I like your points, though. Especially this one:

I love Poland...because it's home ...

28 Jan 2007 #3
I think you have a competition Matyjasz:)

Why Do Youuuuuuuuuuuu Love Poland?

I love Poland becaue my family is there:)
Frank 23 | 1183
28 Jan 2007 #4
Always better to love than hate..........

Let it all out guys...come on, share the things you love....:)....about the raison d'etre behind this board!
28 Jan 2007 #5
Why do i love the country Poland!

Well i went in March/April 2003 with Doncaster College along with lecturers Andy his wife Mary (Sociology lecturers), Ruth (english as a 2nd lang lecturer) and her daughter, plus two lecturers of Psychology (Pam and another female) i think if memory serves me correctly and approx. 27 other students from 16yrs +

We went by coach from Doncaster at 730am and arrived in Krakow at 445pm the following day this was also due to a delay at Dover because of heavy fog.

I fell in love with the scenery and the history and beauty that was around. The people are the most polite and courteous you will ever have the pleasure of meeting in your life and they are appreciative of any attempts to speak Polish even if you get words wrong.

Whilst in Krakow mainly we visited Wielicka salt mine which i found quite fascinating how they can get those pictures in the salt is so-----oo unique (if no one has ever seen them or been it is recommended) they have a fully functioning church in the mine as well but the bit i found the most fun and maybe this is the kid in me was coming back up to the surface in the workers shaft lift this is an experience ... you get in a lift that has three tiers that hold 9 people a tier so 27 of you in this lift ... then you go up slow at first then the minute you hit the darkness and yes (eat your carrots) it is completely pitch black you shoot up at an incrediable speed LOL.

Also visited the jewish quarter of Krakow and actually recognised the areas that was used in the film Schindlers List (a personal fave) plus the guides will point them out you even get to go to the front of the now used as offices of the former Schindlers factory in Krakow.

We missed out on going to Gliwice to a school there that is partnered with Doncaster College as Doncaster is twinned with Gliwice since 1974. So we went to Zakopane and here i fell in love (not with a person) but with the beauty that would seep into the hardest of hearts .... recommend goup in the cable car and seeing the view esp on a good day when the skies are clear the view is not only stunning but incrediably breath-taking.

I hope to move there in 2008 should i manage to find successfully a job there i am not bothered if it less than what i am capable of earning here which is around the £16,000 mark .... i feel completely at home when i was there. Off there for a three week adventure in July 2007 and tell you i cannot wait to be there .... as my dad used to say "good things come to those who wait!" i have waited 4years to return and i am going to enjoy it :) camcorder and camera to hand as well :)

Much respect to my polish friends here and back in Poland :) love ya loads too they know this :)
Amathyst 19 | 2700
28 Jan 2007 #6
I liked Poland for many reasons, culture, food, beauty and its close to the UK so easy to get there..
Kamyk 2 | 61
28 Jan 2007 #7
I love Poland because:
1. I still have lots of family and friends ove there.
2. Great cuisine and culture.
3. It's where I feel like at home, same language all around me.
4. Love the climate, Mexican temperatures are killing me off!
Maxxx Payne 1 | 195
28 Jan 2007 #8
Polish are proud people with strong morality. That's why.
Lakelandhiker 1 | 42
28 Jan 2007 #9
Whilst in Krakow mainly we visited Wielicka salt mine which i found quite fascinating how they can get those pictures in the salt is so-----oo unique

I agree. The salt mines are a fascinating day out. I would highly recomend a visit.
28 Jan 2007 #10
I love Poland because it's part of my Heritage :-)
krysia 23 | 3058
28 Jan 2007 #11
I love Poland because Polish Guys are good looking.
sledz 23 | 2248
28 Jan 2007 #12
I love Poland because Polish Girls are good looking.
krysia 23 | 3058
28 Jan 2007 #13
Sorry to tell you the truth sledz, but all that is left in Poland are the over 50-year olds and under 16. All the good ones were taken away by arabs.
sledz 23 | 2248
28 Jan 2007 #14
Well then I glad that I live in Chicago:
WhereThe Polish kobiety are bountiful :) :)
Patrycja19 62 | 2683
28 Jan 2007 #15
What do I love about poland?

She dont need to fight anymore
she has become stronger then before.

and she has overcome many times
with prosperity in her future.

no more battles she will see
nature is pure as she cares for herself.

Lives which are forever changed
but never forgotten in her land.

As she warms hearts of today
together we will hold Polands hand.

I cant tell anyone why I love Poland, but to feel strongly what
she stands for. yes, I can feel how proud I feel to know she is

at times I feel its more then Culture which pulled her through.
And it will be more then culture which keeps her strong.
OP LoneStranger
29 Jan 2007 #16
And it will be more then culture which keeps her strong.

:)... myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sister :)
poland2006 2 | 85
29 Jan 2007 #18
Awwww... wow.. what you all have said about Poland makes me feel really happy....

The reason why i love poland so much is beacuse...
1. I was born there
2. its my home country
4. The best place ever!!!

I love it there.. I would love to live there aigan.. i miss it so much...

* :( * want to go back NOW!!!
Zgubiony 15 | 1276
29 Jan 2007 #19

This says it all folks :)
krysia 23 | 3058
29 Jan 2007 #20
She dont need to fight anymore

Poland's a girl???
Patrycja19 62 | 2683
29 Jan 2007 #21
yeppers :)

myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sister

awwwwwwwwwww :) Come"ere and gimmie a hug brother ((( lonestranger)))

lol Krysia, I was having a moment lol

cant I have a moment ??? lol

Poland cant be a boy, because then we would have to say he and he is a she
cause I have heard she for long time, so we cant change it because if we do
we would have to change historical writings which claim poland as a she so if
she becomes a he, it would upset the universe and everyone will not know
what to do so we have to keep it the way it is, and ........ choke....sob.......
someone get me a tissue!!:)...............:) :).....kidding.
ak_nelson - | 22
29 Jan 2007 #22
Patrycja... :) I will cry soon too!

I love poland because she survives... and thrives.

For polish arts and culture.

And because polish people have been very good to me.

Kochana_Babcia 2 | 70
29 Jan 2007 #23
Why do I love Poland :)

Because my parents were born there and they have always taught me to be Proud of my
Nationality :)
oh dear
29 Jan 2007 #24
Poland is a guy... "BOG HONOR OJCZYZNA" That is a male ending is it not? Also in english Poland is refferred to as the Fatherland, as is Germany. Russia I am pretty sure is the Motherland.

So, yeah Poland is a male not a girl...
29 Jan 2007 #26
I know:)
vjmohn - | 3
1 Feb 2007 #27
I do Not know anything About Poland but I love the King of Poland so To find more reason of loving it am seeking your kind help

I am an indian national willing to get there soon
Can be found out on vjmohn@hotmail
globetrotter 3 | 106
1 Feb 2007 #28
King of Poland

Hey. I know a pub called that. :)
1 Feb 2007 #29
I love Poland because i owe this country a great deal. Because our history, ordeals, and constant battles made me a stronger person. I am who who i am because i Was born and brought up in Poland.

I know how to work hard and i am willing to do so. I know how to respect money, without being to tight fisted. I know how to share what i have got with other people without resentment. I learnt that after all we all need to survive and we need to help each other.

I respect other people but most of all i respect myself. I respect a loaf of bread because my parents told me it is sacred. I know i can be proud of who I am and what i represent.

I can't find this qualities in other nationalities( not to such extent)

All that is thanks to my country. And I love it and I respect it
Mark N - | 16
1 Feb 2007 #30
Awesome people, rich traditions, (as mentioned before) people have strong morals, and it's the best country ever! I'm hoping to live there within the next few years! :))

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