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Why Do You Love Poland?

krysia 23 | 3,058
1 Feb 2007 #31
Perhaps you and Barx should have a serious talk...His view is totally different than yours.
feral belcher
1 Feb 2007 #32
Awesome people, rich traditions, (as mentioned before) people have strong morals, and it's the best country ever!

I second that, hell I'll drink to that!!!
17 Feb 2007 #33
I love Poland because of Julia. Julia I met just a month ago. She showed me what life needs to be. :):
hyypia 3 | 41
17 Feb 2007 #34
do i love poland? i can not say that i love poland. i have only some feeling about this country. probly it's not exact love.

and because i'm in love with someone from poland, so i feel something there, i'm getting used to polish words, polish music, polish food and so on.......

yeah, i have to say that i do respect this country and say it has great culture and people.
Polish_chick14 1 | 13
17 Feb 2007 #35
~I love Poland because it is the greatest country ever! And also, being 1/2 Polish makes me different!!! That sounds weird, but I just love it! Plus, I have so much family there in Janow! its a small town and I love it!~

*Did I mention that I love it?
clunkshift 2 | 82
27 Feb 2007 #36
Most people love their country, but leaving patriotism, heritage and ancestry aside for a moment, when you expatriate Poles return home for any reason, what things do you then realise that you have missed most?

Notpeople, but physical objects or intangible feelings (with exceptions as above).

For example: returning to England by plane, I love seeing the irregular fields with hedges round them and a drinking good cup of English tea (even returning from India – sorry) then I feel At Home.

So what are your personal Polish feel-good things, unavailable elsewhere?
pingwin 2 | 117
27 Feb 2007 #37
Poland deserves my love and to be loved with all my heart. She has given me my roots and I shall love her so until I die.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,148
27 Feb 2007 #38
~I love Poland because it is the greatest country ever!

27 Feb 2007 #39
because it's home
szarlotka 8 | 2,205
27 Feb 2007 #41
Could I ever love Poland more than my own country? No I couldn’t. This is my home, where good friends are, where I feel most comfortable and where my family are.

However, what I can say is that of all the countries where I have travelled for work or pleasure, Poland stands out for me as the best. When I first visited Poland over 25 years ago now, it was to accompany my Father on a trip to see old war time colleagues who had gone back to Poland but survived the terrible events of those times. I recall that it took over a year to get permission for the trip, mainly because I was at that time still serving in the military and my Father was too ill to travel on his own. Eventually we obtained permission and set off. Bear in mind that to most of us in the UK at that time Poland was the enemy. The Cold War was decidedly icy.

The way in which my Father was received and treated and the warmth, compassion and friendliness of the people we met in those few short days changed my perceptions of Poland. I saw a proud, resilient and genuine people. I also found out for the first time just how they could party. In short we had a magnificent time. My Father seemed to grow healthier by the second in front of my eyes. I still remember him now sitting in a corner with the men he had fought with, sharing thoughts and reminiscences that only friends who had been through what they had been through could. I came away knowing that before long Poland would once again be a free nation and that my enemies were actually my friends, something my Father already knew. My Father died a year or so later but his trip had meant so much to him. It was his closure.

Since then I have returned to Poland on many occasions. I have begun to appreciate more the culture, the history and the people of your country. The old qualities remain strong. The ‘can do’ attitude, the politeness, the importance of family and the strong work ethic are all still there. I am proud to have made some good friends there over the years.

So, in summary, Poland is great but it is not my home. I am biased from my own experiences, I know, but the ties between our nations are strong and were just briefly interrupted. There have been shameful incidents where the UK has not supported Poland, many of which are discussed on this Forum. You should be aware that some of these hurt people in this country as well.

Here endeth the lesson :)
27 Feb 2007 #42
Why do I love Poland? POLISH GIRLS!
Why do I love England? POLISH GIRLS! ;-)

No apart from that I enjoy the parties in Poland, I like drinking with the Polish guys too. Everytime I've been to Poland it's been absolutely crazy, best times ever.
szarlotka 8 | 2,205
13 Mar 2007 #43
All this talk today of people going off to Poland has unsettled me. I don't get the chance to go back very often these days and I feel pig sick jealous. Was planning to spend the main family holiday there this year but that has now been replaced by a flight in the other direction to visit number one son. Anyway, to Daffy & Aga76 and anybody else planning a trip in the near future - enjoy!
Hans Chung 2 | 14
15 Mar 2007 #44
I love Poland because of Polish films and Krzysztof Kieslowski.:) His films really amazed me and let me know what are the good films.:)
LoneStranger 3 | 382
15 Mar 2007 #45

What a nice name :). Probably he is blessed due to having such a dignified name. :)
Hans Chung 2 | 14
15 Mar 2007 #46
I felt so sad after my parents knew I want to go to Poland to study abord and they think I am nuts and crazy.:(
LoneStranger 3 | 382
15 Mar 2007 #47
and they think I am nuts and crazy

I met a friend online. He was coming Poland too! His parents gave the same reaction (as he told me).

Wonder why :)... maybe I guess, our economy. But its promising :), dont worry.

And ... I hope you are not coming for the Polish .wo..... thing are you :)
poland2006 2 | 85
15 Mar 2007 #48
POLAND IS THE BEST... its the best place ever in the world.
Huegel 1 | 296
15 Mar 2007 #49
Anyone can say that about anything. Give reasons. You know the drill: Point quote analsyis. :)
poland2006 2 | 85
15 Mar 2007 #50
the reason why i love poland is because i was born there and raised for 11 years before i was taken away. I love it there. I have family and its the best place to be at
Mark3181 2 | 19
15 Mar 2007 #51
Well I love Poland because I feel so welcome everytime I come here

but still can't get used to almost getting run over everytime I walk across a manned crossing and having to wait at an unmanned crossing to cross as everyone STOPS at unmanned crossings in the UK(well almost everyone!)

and looking the other way when I cross the road
15 Mar 2007 #52
I love Poland cause it's home (:

I love the countryside, oh man the nature is beautiful. I love seeing those giant stork nests and sunflowers growing on the side of the road.

I love the food of course mm. love going into a little diner-restaurant place for a plate of kotlety mielone and kartofle and gorace buraki.

and I love the people and I love the histoy, the beautiful buildings and architecture.

and you can't forget the classic movies :) my current favorite is Sami Swoi, so funny. and the classic music!! ahhh Bajm!! <3333333

you guys are all making me miss poland so much D: all my family lives there. I wish I could visit them more often.
Hans Chung 2 | 14
16 Mar 2007 #53
Do Lodz has language school for foreigner to study? Or maybe Warszawa? :(
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,148
16 Mar 2007 #54
Do Lodz has language school for foreigner to study?

There's some special center in £ódź, where foreign students may learn Polish before they begin studies on Polish universities, but of course there must be something in Warsaw too.
Varsovian 91 | 634
16 Mar 2007 #55
I don't love Poland, but I live here because I can earn a good living and have a good lifestyle. That's better than all these emotional protestations.
LoneStranger 3 | 382
16 Mar 2007 #56

Where are you origionally from my friend :)
Varsovian 91 | 634
16 Mar 2007 #57
Northern England, but quite happy to leave - people where I lived were very anti-education (typical for the English working class) so I always felt an outsider anyway.

I ended up being a French teacher in a fantastic private school just outside London before moving to Poland.
Decorator 4 | 291
16 Mar 2007 #58
anti-education (typical for the English working class)

Bit of a sweeping statement don't you think? I myself am working class and certainly wouldn't regard myself as "anti-education".
16 Mar 2007 #59
I love Poland Because of Magdalena
szarlotka 8 | 2,205
16 Mar 2007 #60
And there can be no better reason sir. Nice one.

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