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9 Mar 2015
History / Terrible past for the Jews in Poland? [626]

Before you spread any more nonsense, perhaps you could come to Warsaw and visit the Jewish Museum. It would enlighten you.
9 Mar 2015
Real Estate / Getin Noble Bank / Dombank - it is possible to cancel mortgage agreement in CHF? [41]

When you took that mortgage years ago, you realized and knew perfectly this was not a scam but a calculated risk. It was not a pyramid scheme. Currencies go up and down. If you would have taken a mortgage in PLN, that would have be at that time more expensive, but in the long run stable.

Greed is not a good adviser.
5 Mar 2015
Genealogy / If your ancestors were in the "Wehrmacht"... [217]

Poland remained the only major occupied continental European country NOT to have an interim Nazi puppet state

That is because the Germans did not allow such a puppet state to come into existence. Poles collaborated on plenty other levels, given the chance. Ever heard of the Blue Police?
24 Feb 2015
Life / Where, Oh Where Do Poles Get Their Dogs? [18]

Go to the animal shelter in Paluch here in Warsaw. It is very well organized and the people working there (including the volunteers) are really dedicated.
16 Feb 2015
Law / Permanent Residence in Polska: procedures, list of documents, etc. [59]

Sobieski, you have the permanent residence, what were the documents to get it?

Don't remember really, way too long ago :). Basic condition was to have a permanent meldunek (without that one you cannot even apply), to live here uninterrupted for more as five years. My wife is Polish, but don't know if that was a condition as well. (I mean being married to a Polish citizen). What I do know is that they did not ask about my work or financial situation.
14 Feb 2015
Law / I got an EU permanent residence permit and it is a flimsy piece of paper [26]

Common sense would tell that residence permits are not valid travel documents, what with all these "students"urgently asking if their karta pobytu allows them to work anywhere in the EU :)

And Harry I think you would be outright excluded from getting the new card....Without a Pesel you would be lost completely in the application process. Still don't understand why you vehemently oppose having a pesel though.
14 Feb 2015
Law / I got an EU permanent residence permit and it is a flimsy piece of paper [26]

That's how it looks like.

On the reverse side there is also mentioned (not shown here), your adress where you are registered (zameldowanie), your nationality and your Pesel number. Note that the card is valid for 10 years, despite the fact you have permanent residence. After 10 years it is renewed for another 10 years.

This card is only and exclusively for EU citizens.
13 Feb 2015
Law / I got an EU permanent residence permit and it is a flimsy piece of paper [26]

Harry, no idea. I am using my Belgian ID-card for traveling. Main thing I have a decent card now which will last its 10 years.
But what was quite interesting that the lady in the EU department (very helpful and very friendly) she smiled and told me when I remarked I finally got a decent card, that I got the best card possible and that others got - and she showed a white document without photo. So it seems there is still another kind of karta pobytu in use.

Very confusing this all is. But I suspect the white piece of paper could be a temporary one.
6 Feb 2015
Study / What are the steps for a stay permit (due to studies in Poland)? [14]

You said it,there are some over 40 yo people I have seen in Poland on student visa looking for work while trying to stay legal as students.

That's how these private "universities" make money. Not by their "teaching".

sneeking into the Eu ! i would't call it like that

So what would you call it then?
4 Feb 2015
Work / How to find work in Warsaw "if u don't speak Polish" ! [176]

Most likely all these offers are with Infosys. Be advised they pay peanuts and the job rotation is exceptionally high there. That's why they are constantly hiring. But yes, for foreigners without knowledge of Polish and Poland it is a short-term solution.
2 Feb 2015
Classifieds / English cuisine week in Lidl shops in Poland [203]

Saw in our local Lidl that they will offer from the 5th or the 7th (I am not sure) five different British cheeses. Don't recall all names but Stilton for sure, also Gloucester and Wensleydale.

Can anybody from the UK on this forum advise me which of the cheeses offered by Lidl this week are good / so-so / avoidable?
Stilton I don't like at all, besides of that they have on offer:
Red Leicester, Gloucester, Wensleydale, Cheshire. I am not really familiar with English cheese so some guidance would be welcome :)
What also mystifies me they are all from the same producer, but still are meant to be regional cheeses?
20 Jan 2015
Food / Can you buy HP Sauce in Poland? [20]

Mini Europa closed! That must have been over the past few weeks since I'm sure it was there in pl. Wilsona when I last went past.

For sure since some time = few months. There is a Rossmann store now in its place.
20 Jan 2015
Food / Can you buy HP Sauce in Poland? [20]

Jon, from what I know Mini Europa has closed down - at least the ones on Plac Wilsona and Bonifraterska.
Anyway the prices they charged....good riddance.
7 Jan 2015
Law / PESEL for EU citizen working for a EU company (not Polish) in Poland [42]

Never once have I needed to give my PESEL number.

Do you have a karta pobytu? If yes, you have to have a Pesel. If not, how do you get by without any of these?

Anyway, I don't understand your reluctance to have one. First thing I did in Poland was to get a meldunek and a pesel. And when I started to work, a NIP as well.

also to pay ZUS you do not need a PESEL (NIP)

I am going every month to our local ZUS office to have my declaration DRA printed and stamped, and for sure each time they ask for my NIP.
5 Jan 2015
Law / PESEL for EU citizen working for a EU company (not Polish) in Poland [42]

I don't have one, as shown by my certificate confirming my right to reside in Poland.

I still don't get that one - and I live since ages in Poland - how you can get by without a Pesel. You need it practically for everything.

You don't need a PESEL number in order to pay tax and ZUS.

For sure you need a NIP to pay ZUS. In any online banking program you have to fill in your NIP, and as a second reference Pesel or Regon. There is no way around that.
30 Dec 2014
Work / Job in Poland for MBA [10]

i have experience of around 3 yrs as marketing and client relations manager with reputed companies in India

So...why do you want to come to Poland if you have such a good job in India? Did you consider maybe the UK?
29 Dec 2014
Law / I got an EU permanent residence permit and it is a flimsy piece of paper [26]

I went today to Plac Bankowy (where the EU section of the Foreigners' department now is located). Zero waiting time. The very friendly lady confirmed - Yes the piece of paper I have is now replaced by a plastic card, very similar to the Polish ID card. Theoretically you can only change it for some specific reason, but immediately I had one - my old photo is not me anymore (no moustache). Got the relevant "wniosek". Now only have to make the passport photographs and wait three weeks.