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22 Jan 2013
Life / Why in Poland most people use cloth sponge to wipe off windscreen? [23]

Talk about Nanny State Law lol
If you start your car up and leave it isnt it then your tough luck if someone jumps in and drives it off?
If you are hinting it is somehow *dangerous* as the car may get a life of its own and drive off on its own then that says more for the crap cars still presumably on Polish roads.

Not once have I heard of a car driving off on its own in the UK,yes,every winter you hear a story of some car thief jumping in and driving off ( I always picture the Surf speak jailbird from the Simpsons, So long,suckers.. ) but thats always down to the plain stupidity of leaving your car running in some high crime area or the owner *just popped in their house for 20 minutes*....

And lols at defending a barmy,over nannying dictatorial traffic law by claiming the Germans also have it.......yeah lols.
14 Jan 2013
News / Repost: Heya ad about communism in Poland [36]

that I don't know how Molotov looked like you presume I have never heard of him

I even don't know how Molotov looked like.

Well, now you explain yourself,fair enough,but it should be,"what" rather than *how* . " I dont even know what Molotov looked like " :)

You could have said "how molotov looked" If it had been clear you knew basically what he *normally * looked like, ie, "how" could be used thus; " How did Molotov look? He looked tired."

There you go, lesson from a native speaker,no charge ;)
ps, but yes, I can see why it upsets some people in Poland whichever old Communist is depicted in adverts as I know a few old time Solidarity members.

no beard

He had a beard....he just shaved off the bit on his chin all the time ;)
14 Jan 2013
UK, Ireland / Polonization of Britain - Tipping Point Confirmed in 2011 Census [97]

little Briton

yeah, wot evah....
Dessi might use some funny florid language and throw his dummy out of the pram a bit but at least he isnt a silly fascist.

I think you'd be happier on StormFront with the other knuckle dragging nazis kondizor.
14 Jan 2013
UK, Ireland / Polonization of Britain - Tipping Point Confirmed in 2011 Census [97]

There was. And what good Teutonic Knights brought for it?

Seriously,what are you smoking and are you sure its safe?
WTF have the teutonic Knights got to do with anything you loon?
Do you need it in big letters? You think Britain is absurd for being torelent of imigrants and allowing them to live their lives as they choose,do you also say Poland is absurd for historically having done the same for the Jews and even some of my own Scottish forebears?

Simple really... will we get an answer kondizor,or just another ramble about Teutonic Knights that like to say Ni?
14 Jan 2013
UK, Ireland / Polonization of Britain - Tipping Point Confirmed in 2011 Census [97]

Well that just proves that you are a regresive old fascist and a bit of a d!ck frankly doesnt it.
Your rating of a country as absurd comes from the fact it has a history of liberal attitudes to immigrants and refugees,wow.
Wasnt there a country in Europe that welcomed in a huge number of immigrants who didnt speak the language,didnt share the religion and had no historical ties to their new country,was that country also absurd?

For your benefit alone as Im sure anyone else reading this will see it,the country Im talking about is Poland,are you saying Poland is an absurd country because of its tolerence to immigrants?

Your country is dying, and you dont care about it?

Countries dont *die* they evolve, my country,my nation has been evolving and adapting and absorbing peoples and ideas from around the world since the dawn of recorded time,Im hardly going to p!ss my knickers with fear because a million or so Poles have arrived,what a strange idea of patriotism you have mate.
14 Jan 2013
UK, Ireland / Polonization of Britain - Tipping Point Confirmed in 2011 Census [97]

Huh? /\
What now,eh?
So, the world sems split between those who hate us because of our past as imperialist nobs and those who hate us because we are no longer imperialist nobs.....oy vey, starting to have some fellow feeling with the Jews here :)
14 Jan 2013
UK, Ireland / Polonization of Britain - Tipping Point Confirmed in 2011 Census [97]

As a afterthought:it could be the langude barrier.

Not sure, the Poles Ive worked with didnt have a problem with English but you may be right in some cases with some of the newer people here. Why would they need to learn English when they can shop,work and pray in Polish and get almost anything official translated into Polish for them free of charge?

I do get that,but, I cant stand the English that move to Spain and never learn Spanish so Im not going to give a free pass to Poles ,sorry :)

listen whos talking here...A fella w/ a BS (literally) degree who doesn't know that his pompous

Could you please attempt to speak English? Im afraid I dont speak west cost slacker anymore :)

oh and isthatu lives in the UK, silly.

and I dont have a degree,BS or otherwise.... :) I think Cali is mixing me up with someone else :)

ps, Alex,really,10 in a room?? Oh dear,not that old chestnut again......maybe a few student types tried to do that when they first arrived,when I was 18 I squatted with 12 in one small flat for a summer.......its hardly a *Polish* trait to try and save some money is it.....
14 Jan 2013
UK, Ireland / Polonization of Britain - Tipping Point Confirmed in 2011 Census [97]

Maybe that don't like your aftershave?

Lols, an *unwinnable* arguement really. I say I dont hang out with Poles socialy over here and its easy enough to say they wouldnt want to hang out with me anyway....fair enough,lets just take that as read for arguments sake.....but.

You really must come here to see what I and some others are saying. I wouldnt dream of making comments on todays Polish sociaty in Poland re immigration or day to day life as I haven't been in Poland in 5 years,so why do Poles who have never been to Britain seem to think they know more about what is happening here than someone who lives here?

I also saw the new wave through the eyes of a pre 04 Polish immigrant and it was they not I who first *complained* about Polish shops springing up everywhere ( 12 on one small street alone in Doncaster) ,I didnt have an issue as I was happy to get all those things I missed from visits to Poland (and knock off LMs half the price ) but my Polish friend was the one who could see how things was developed and they were not wrong.

In 04 in Doncaster there were many clubs and groups set up by *old Polonia* and locals to welcome and aid Poles in their moves to this,a new country for them.

These were soon given up as beyond a joke as it soon became clear that most of the new wave were simply not interested in intergrating or socialising outside their own small groups. They even seemed to sub divide themselves as I witnessed in an old job of mine,those from Katowice not mixing with those from Wroclaw,thats probably eased off now granted but the Ghetto mentality has definatly stayed.

Instead of coming here and carving out an identity that works alongside the locals most seem to have decided to follow the example of the more radical Muslims amongst us and shut themselves off as much from wider sociaty as possible.

For 50 odd years we had White eagle clubs etc,but their members didnt go there every single night to the exclusion of other activities and they were also very welcoming to anyone Pole or non Pole it didnt matter. These days you will find * Polish nights* in night clubs where if you aint Polish you aint getting in.....imagine the reaction if Nightclubs had an open policy of keeping Poles out? AFAIK there is not one example of that.
14 Jan 2013
News / Repost: Heya ad about communism in Poland [36]

Erm, Paulina, just because I commented that the (sorry I missed out the bit of it being the cartoon version) looked more like Molotov than Lenin you presume I dont understand why Lenin would cause offence???

FYI, Molotov carved up Poland along with Von Ribbentropp, surprised you have never heard of him as he was directly responsible for Polands fate in 1939 where as Lenin happened to be head honcho when Poland and Soviet Russia were entangled in a sideshow part of the Russian civil war....that Poland won BTW :)
14 Jan 2013
UK, Ireland / Polonization of Britain - Tipping Point Confirmed in 2011 Census [97]

How many of the new immigrants do you know?

That is sort of the point. I know a lots of Poles,all but one live in Poland,the ones over here just dont bother trying to intergrate at all.

He is talking about imperialism, land grabbing, colonisation

Exactly,WTF has that got to do with Poles coming to Britain to find jobs and how does it justify the action of some idiotic Poles as he seems to claim?

But, of course, you have never been here so you know far more about these things than I do....thats modern Polish *logic* isn't it? The * I dont like what they are saying so despite not having any first hand experience I will just say they are wrong..." Ah well,par for the course here,being told by Yanks and stay at home Poles whats what in my own town.....
14 Jan 2013
UK, Ireland / Polonization of Britain - Tipping Point Confirmed in 2011 Census [97]

hah, hah, that's a good one, bro! The Poles were "asked" to move (or face lower rations) to the countries which were still de facto under the Brits.

Erm,again....*face lower rations* sh!t sherlock, people in Canada didnt face the same rations as people in Britain,its as simple as that,but,if you want to play the victim card,fair enough,but being whinging cry babies was not something Poles of the wartime generation were known for so why are you acting like one on their behalf?

Can you give ANY links to back up your wild claims?

Gotta get another cupa coffee, you're really funny, pal!

You find the truth funny? Really?

If you followed the discussion alexnye complained that Poles do not integrate into British society and only learn enough to be self sufficient

If you actually came here you would see that what alex says is true unfortunatly.
The Poles who have been here for 70 or a 100 years are intergrated fine but still proud of their Polish heritage,most of the new immigrants live in self created ghettos and make no effort to intergrate into the wider sociaty as they dont see Britain as a new home but a stepping point to somehow someday going back to Poland as rich people,coz,yeah,Britains streets are paved with Gold,right?

But,again, your argument seems to be that,because a few Britons used to act like idiots when they lived abroad then Poles should do the same.....what a childish attitude to life you have. Following your *logic* we British should start burning down synagogues and Pogroming the Jews in leeds and North London......
13 Jan 2013
UK, Ireland / Polonization of Britain - Tipping Point Confirmed in 2011 Census [97]

The Brits shipped about 20 thou Poles to Canada (and fewer numbers to Australia, South Africa), which is still technically under the Brits! They were not welcome in the UK!

Bless,completly untrue,but nice try though.
Poles who went to Canada went there by choice, tens of thousands more chose to stay in the UK and faced no more *hardship* here than anyone else living in a country that still had full wartime rationing untill the mid 1950s.

( South Africa and Australia and Canada were not still *technically British* as you put it. Australia had been a republic for 45 years,about the same for South Africa...but never mind,some people dont let facts get in the way of propaganda do they...)

Perhaps if the British had ever set an example

Are you saying Poles are so child like they need someone else to set them an example of civilised behaviour, ? You really are not Polish at all are you?

How much effort do you put into all this beiganski?
Considering most of what you post is ill informed and easily refuted one does have to wonder at your motivations.
Why do you care so much? Do you live here? Have you ever even been here?
All relevant questions as to your motives,come on fella, cards on the table, why the chip on the shoulder and why all the lies and half truths to make what ever your point is?
12 Jan 2013
Life / Poland's concord of cultures [86]

Both Poles, Americans, Brits, Aussies, Irish and a few others start learning English in the first grade primary/elementary school!!!

Erm,not to rain on your parade,but,I started to learn my native language a few years before primary school :)
(not that teh hed start did me much goode ;) )
11 Jan 2013
Life / Poland's concord of cultures [86]

Did you know that most British don't even comprehend that English is a Germanic language?

Erm,simply not true.

Why not "Danish Britain"?

I live in the old Danelaw, no one is ashamed of calling this part *danish britain* except it just wouldnt be factually correct.

So why not talk about "French Britain"?

For the same reason the French never talk about the huge parts of their country that were for centuries ruled by English Kings and Queens I suppose. Britain was never actually ruled by a *french * person where as france was ruled by English Kings. the Normans were Normans,the French were french,its as simple as that Im afraid,not some elaborate conspiricy :)

( of course we are talking the middle ages definition of france,that was a small part around Paris and not the present borders.)

Perhaps none of this matters anyway.

I think you maybe need to move in slightly more educated circles if these are the people you meet in britain, my own collegues and friends would beg to differ,but considering i work in heritage and am re training in Archaeology to work on local community projects thats not really a surprise :)

BTW, I thought you lived in Canada,where is this *expertise* in the modern british relationship to our history and culture obtained,am v curious :)
11 Jan 2013
Life / Poland's concord of cultures [86]

I don't judge either, but sometimes it helps to ask questions.

If i ask an innocent question I get labled an imperialist brit who is insulting Glorious Poland......hard to keep explaining that Im such a mongrol i find blind patriotism baffling and slightly schizoid inducing :)

It took us until 1986 to get rid of the British meddling in our internal affairs... :)

Now thats got me scratching my head lol
"We" sort of got around a bit,its hard to keep track just are things in the colonies anyway old chap ;)
11 Jan 2013
UK, Ireland / Living with Poles in London [16]

Try telling that to our treacherous politicians and you are labelled bigot, Nazi or racist.

Nah mate, you are just a pillock,i doubt even the nazis would want you....
11 Jan 2013
Life / Poland's concord of cultures [86]

Poland still isn't able to deal with its past?

Poland was still occupied when I was 15 years old,my country was last occupied in 1066........ Ive got no judgements on why some Poles may or may not be happy to speak of the *glories* of old Russia or Prussia TBH .
11 Jan 2013
Life / Poles love of knights and battle. [10]

Why do you diminish our pride by saying – zee Germans built it?

Why do you have pride in something that an occupying army built?
Are you "Proud" of Auschwitz?
I *Like* and admire hadrians wall but I derive no silly sense of nationl pride from a wall built by a bunch of Romans 17 hundred years ago.....

Stop being silly Monia, just leave us boys to compare portcullis sizes and go and bake some nice cakes or something ;)

Weren't most of the English castles build by the Normans?

Not the ones that still stand today TBH,but you have a good point for a small handfull, but, the Normans became *us*,became as English as anyone else, I doubt even monia will say the Germans became Poles...

Both Poles and Britons are proud of the amazing variety of styles of building we are lucky to have within the present day borders of our respective countries.....

Shall we leave it at that ? :)
11 Jan 2013
Life / Poland's concord of cultures [86]

Still, old Blighty always talks about "Roman Britain",

I live a couple of miles from a Roman Canal oddly enough :)
AFAIK there were Poles with Nelsons Fleet at Trafalgar. Not many as most Poles fought on Napoleons side but still, they were there :)

Odd concord though, wikki London sewers and Warsaw sewers ;)
Ok, both cities systems were designed by British engineers, one basicaly copied the other and both cities now run tours of their historic sewer networks :)

Still, old Blighty always talks about "Roman Britain", "Viking Britian", etc. and sees constructions and developments from those disparate eras as a series of strands woven in the tapestry of their nation today.

*We* dont really think of them as invaders though as they more or less assimilated with the existing cultures. I can see why many Poles shy away from speaking of a Russian or Saxon period etc. Though I have to say friends in Krakow still speak of the Austro Hungarian period fondly.
10 Jan 2013
Genealogy / Polish looks? [1462]

Yes yes and yes. By George I think he has got it!!! :)
We have been saying this all along. Its not *just* a look its also about where and when we see these people isnt it.
ps, Lech is not always a giveaway,Im not a beer drinker but many of my British mates now drink Lech or Tyskie :)
pps, but,the LM ciggies are still a bit of a giveaway. I could only buy them (under the counter) in shops run by Kurds who thought I was also Polish like the other 99% of their customers.......once Id revealed I was English they suddenly didn't do dodgy ciggies anymore lol :)
10 Jan 2013
History / Should we glorify Polish secondary female characters from history? [36]

Outside the pub?

Lols :)
Good, Suburbs of Warsaw a few years ago,in local shops or the bank etc..... behind the scenes at certain museums,involved with local events , weddings ,that sort of thing.

And always either alone or in the company of Poles. I doubt when Ive been in a group of Brits (ie,my students a few years ago) anyone stopped and wondered why a Pole was with a group of Brits,like I say,again and again,its all in the context :)

Anyhoo, these last posts are waaaaaay off Topic,well played Zeti.....
Could throw in the fact I was in Warsaw that last time to visit with a former AK/Warsaw Uprising Nurse .....may keep it slightly On Topic despite us wanting to find non war connected Polish Women from history :)
10 Jan 2013
History / Should we glorify Polish secondary female characters from history? [36]

Just don't answer for my posts in future,

Stop stalking me then,people will begin to talk......

No, the topic is: "Should we glorify secondary female characters from history?"

Oh,for gods sake woman, you can split hairs to the atomic level cant you?
Does this ever actually work for you in your life or is it just going to be one long arguement with everyone around you for 70 odd years?

this discussion as it's off topic and might be badly received by moderators and other disputants

Hey, if you dont like it so much just report the posts to a Mod.....its pretty clear to all that in this thread you were determined to spark some sort of arguement with me when all I was doing was having a discusion with another member.........your high hand style of acting like the classroom monitor is pretty out dated,doesnt it belong more in pre 1989 Poland?

Maybe you should change your style if it's too confusing for the readers.

Im sorry, you,like ironside have a fantastic command of written English but an absolutly dreadfull grasp on actually understanding the subtilties of the English language as it is used by native speakers. The ball is in your court as you are the only one getting confused. As I said,its the same on the other thread,other Poles get it,you just dont.

You yourself, as well as WB, acknowledged that you are easly mistaken for Poles.

See other thread,as I say,in context, I am mistaken for someone with Polish background in places and situations in Poland where people do not expect a Briton to be......
10 Jan 2013
Genealogy / Polish looks? [1462]

Do you think Poles and Germans look the same or do you think there are distinguishing features? Would you say it's impossible to distinguish a Polish person from a German person (similar age and gender) based on appearance?-->

The origional point that people seem to be arguing about though isnt just looking at random photos of people is it?
It was about can British or other *natives* spot a Pole or Poles in their communities
The simple answer is yes, a lot of the time *we* can.
What makes me chuckle is that the same people who are saying this is immpossible are all also saying things like *the greeks can always spot tourists* or That Poles can spot non Poles in,eh,explain please why you cannot believe that Poles dont just magically blend in with the natives straight away like some uber spies?

Its context,never just one thing,even ignoring ifor bach (or is it one of Harry's IDs,certainly as bl**dy anoying..) fixation on a simple point I made that diet effects body odour (which he somehow etrapolaits into me seemingly claiming to be some sort of Child Catcher able to sniff out anyone who's name ends in ski......) so, someone with a shaved head,wearing a pair of cammo trousers that you can see is ex Warsaw pact, smoking LM blues and drinking Lech while stood outside a Polski Sklep is probably going to be a Pole... stick him in a suit and walk him across Victoria Bridge in rush hour and I defy anyone to point out his Polishness............
10 Jan 2013
History / Should we glorify Polish secondary female characters from history? [36]

It's not in the history section, thus it's not a history thread

The topic is women in HISTORY....honest,thats not hard to grasp as a History topic is it?

And my question to rozumienic was absolutely innocent

Who said it wasnt?
Paranod Pole stereotype alert....what is it with some of you,seriously,its like a genuine psychological condition with so many of you. Reading insults into everything.......

Don't answer to my posts please.

Oh do shut up love,its an open forum.
You pop up out of nowhere and butt into a conversation I was having with Roz, a poster who I have *known* on here for years and one who knows to take my more inflammetory posts with a whole bag of salt on the other hand just seem to have taken offence that I was one of those who showed you are bonkers if you think British people cannot spot Poles at 20 paces here in the UK,get over it ,you lot spot *tourists * in Poland easily enough,thats why I keep having to shove little Polish Chavs hands away from my pockets and bags on your countries transport systems.
10 Jan 2013
History / Should we glorify Polish secondary female characters from history? [36]

I didn't ask you for an opinion.

So what? Who are you anyway? You are the female version of Pawian IMHO, come here thinking you are the only one with an opinion and the arbiter of everyone else on here,news flash,want to be a power tripper become a MOD,untill then,STFU.

Its not your thread,you have nothing to say on who can or cannot have an opinion,especially when you dont seem to add anything yourself being a self confessed poor student of history with little interest in the subject.

no it wasn't that was black and white and silent and with that kind of old fashioned jerky film style, just the cavalry rushing at the tanks.

Didnt think so but had to check after Suwka posted her comment .
Pretty sure its that footage of the pre war exercises that I posted the still from.
But......I have it on good authority (ie, a curator of the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw) that the cavalry did indeed now and again use horses against tanks,just not in the old fashioned,cinematic style of a head on charge but during Night Raids,and bundles of Grenades were used,not Lances.

But,seeing as there were no women in the cavalry ........
next topic lol......just really trying hard to think of historical Polish women (not Mrs Currie) NOT involved in some war or other and Im really trying to get away from war war war all the time :)