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What Hitler really thought about Poles? Hitler's letter to Himmler 1944

PennBoy 76 | 2,432
19 Sep 2012 #1
What Hitler really thought about Poles
Frankfurt (UNIPRESS)

Today we possessed an information that needs to invoke a feeling of amazement in Pole. According to the United-Press agency, the U.S. authorities found in one of Frankfurt's secret bunker the Hitler's memorandum addressed to Himmler dated 4 March 1944. In this memorandum, discussing the affairs of nations shattered by the Third Reich, "fuerher" wrote about Poles:

"Poles are the most intelligent of all the people with whom Germany came across during the war in Europe... Poles in my opinion and basing on the observation and reports from the General Government, are the only nation in Europe that combines high intelligence with the incredible cleverness. They are the most talented people in Europe, because while living in extremely difficult political circumstances, acquired the great sense of living, unparalleled anywhere.

Based on recent research made by Reichsrassenamt, the scientists came to the belief that Poles should be assimilated into German society as a racially valuable. Our scholars concluded that a combination of German orderliness with Polish imaginativeness would give excellent results".

Forced by the bankruptcy of its policies, the testimony about virtues of our nation made by the greatest enemy of Polish national identity is worth attention.

4 eigner 2 | 831
19 Sep 2012 #2
"Poles are the most intelligent of all the people with whom Germany came across during the war in Europe

since Hitler wrote it, you know it must be true.
OP PennBoy 76 | 2,432
19 Sep 2012 #3
I already knew it was true, it's just nice that he confirmed it lol.
4 eigner 2 | 831
19 Sep 2012 #4
without his confirmation, it wouldn't be official.
David_18 66 | 969
23 Sep 2012 #5
Could you give us a link?
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,368
23 Sep 2012 #6
I am going to need a few more resources and links to believe this one, a lot of convincing is needed(:
isthatu2 4 | 2,694
23 Sep 2012 #7
Perfectly believable ( seeing as it clearly is dealing with occupied countries so British pride is not an issue lol), towards the end of the war when high level discusions were taking place as to how to continue the war if germany was occupied all assesments stated that a resistence based on the Polish example combining a shadow government as well as armed secions was the way to go,the Polish underground being seen as the most effective and efficient complete underground government they had come across.

There were plenty of pre war attempts to lure Poland into an anti Soviet alliance so by 1944 with nazi perfidy I find it entirely believable that such could be said about Poland,by this time the *german* army included Ukrainians ,Georgians,Muslims,French,Indians,Arabs......the whole racial purity thing was well out the window.
radical - | 21
3 Jan 2013 #8
Another similar translation of the letter.
26 Feb 2014 #9
German forces committed many atrocities against Polish civilians, following the order by Hitler to level the city. The most notorious occurrence took place in Wola district where, at the beginning of August 1944, at least 40,000 civilians (men, women, and children) were methodically rounded-up and executed by the Einsatzkommando of the Sicherheitspolizei under Heinz Reinefarth's command and the amnestied German criminals from Dirlewanger. Other similar massacres took place in the areas of Śródmieście (City Centre), Stare Miasto (Old Town) and Marymont districts. That's what Hitler really thought of Poles and thats how he thanked many of them for participating in the massacres of the Jews.
archiwum 13 | 125
27 Feb 2014 #10
I only read some of you'alls postings. In, General there are always illegal killings in any war. I don't think it had to do with background.

Other europeans were payed, others not.

I wanted to ad one more thing: At that time alot of Slavic countries were under communism, and communist idealogy.

Idealogy is a factor in war is all I'm saying
lunacy - | 73
28 Feb 2014 #11
You're forgetting that in the beginning of the war Slavs were targeted as an ethnic group. Read more about the concepts of Lebensraum / Drang nach Osten / Heim ins Reich and the Generalplan Ost. From wikipedia:

"The Generalplan Ost (English: Master Plan East) was a secret Nazi German plan for the colonization of Central and Eastern Europe. Implementation would have necessitated genocide and ethnic cleansing on a vast scale (...). It would have included the enslavement, expulsion and extermination of most Slavic peoples in Europe. The plan, prepared in the years 1939-1942, was part of Adolf Hitler's and the Nazi movement's Lebensraum policy and a fulfillment of the Drang nach Osten (English: Drive towards the East) ideology of German expansion to the east, both of them part of the larger plan to establish the New Order." source:

Later on Hitler changed his mind in the favor of assimilation and germanisation plans - and here we're coming back to the article OP provided to see why.
Cardno85 31 | 973
28 Feb 2014 #12
I am not sure if this has been covered already, but Hitler was keen to kill academics in Poland, like the Soviets did. So whats the use of him saying hey are clever if he only intends to kill the people he's talking about?
lunacy - | 73
28 Feb 2014 #13
Trying to put it short: academics (inteligencja) were seen as the continuators of so-called "higher culture", knowledge, awareness. Remember that there was no universal education as we know it at that time and they would be first to start protests or secretly educate people about their past.

It was more like 'life-wise' clever [smart? agile? resourceful?] - trait he discovered among common people after a few years of close research and observations.

That's all I know / read about so far.
Marek11111 9 | 808
28 Feb 2014 #14
but Hitler was keen to kill academics in Poland, like the Soviets did. So whats the use of him saying hey are clever if he only intends to kill the people he's talking about?

it is done to kill national identity so the rest of masses will assimilate easier and will adopt cloture of occupier, the type of take over was practice through out of centuries.
Ozi Dan 26 | 566
28 Feb 2014 #15
Hi Cardno - I think what he meant (if this letter is true, which I doubt) is to identify the fact that the Poles were very intelligent/cunning/skilled at guerrilla war, and more so that the Germans could learn from that, particularly if we take that in parallel with the Nazi proposal at the final stages of WW2 to adopt their own "Home Army" based closely on the AK, which they considered the most effective (because it was) underground army of the war.
2 Mar 2014 #17
Very interesting
archiwum 13 | 125
2 Mar 2014 #18

Slavs are about 300 million, this would be impossible. This was only one idea of National Socialism.

The Junkar system was more accepted.

Remenber that Slavic is an indo european group.

Slavic countries are: Russia, ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia,
East Moldovia, and other countries with slavic populations.

This is reference only.
monia 3 | 212
2 Mar 2014 #19
I am not sure if this has been covered already, but Hitler was keen to kill academics in Poland, like the Soviets did. So whats the use of him saying hey are clever if he only intends to kill the people he's talking about?

Is it really so difficult for you to understand that killings of intelligentsia by Hitler had the same background as killings of Katyń and Miednoje by Stalin - most posters understand , why can`t you . It is so obvious .

Funnily , but Hitler had already entered into force that idea by kidnapping of Polish children from their parents in occupied Poland . He wanted to have not only clever but nicer German society thanks to our superior genes to theirs :).
PlasticPole 7 | 2,648
3 Mar 2014 #20
I heard he only wanted to kidnap and assimilate the Aryan looking children and he wanted to make them German. He just wanted Poland to be German, basically.
legend 3 | 659
3 Mar 2014 #21
Stalin and Hitler were both ********.
PlasticPole 7 | 2,648
3 Mar 2014 #22
Should America have just stayed out of that one?
legend 3 | 659
3 Mar 2014 #23
WWII was the exception. Either way the US did little to help Poland in those days.
lunacy - | 73
3 Mar 2014 #24
Slavs are about 300 million, this would be impossible.

Yes, Slavs areabout 300 million now, what does it have to do with the topic? Numbers of population grew rapidly after the 40s all over the world.

I think you completely missed the point.

Read again about the Nazi (National Socialism) concept of Lebensraumand how it affected Poland. It was "Drive towards the East" - mostly to the Polish territories, that were adjacent to the lands populated by Germans - and were to be inhabited by the German settlers (Volksgruppen) from the Baltic countries, Lithuania/Belarus and former Galicia (Ukraine and Romania), like in this German map:


South Slavs and Russia have nothing to do with that, so there's no point in reminding basic facts everyone knows.

I'd advise you also to read about Poles that were exterminated in Auschwitz:
archiwum 13 | 125
17 Mar 2014 #25
Changing the subject a little, movies are someone's opinion and not always the full truth. Like Valkarie. In the end of the movie
they are all executed by firing squad, but what really happened is they were all hung by piano wire.
18 Mar 2014 #26
No, the movie is pretty accurate as to what happened to the main figures in the plot; perhaps you should watch it a little more carefully next time.
AdamKadmon 2 | 499
18 Mar 2014 #27
Czeslaw Milosz's book for you to read

The colored peoples did not suspect, when they were subjugated by the white man, that they were already avenged at the moment of their fall. The conquerors returned home with their greed and converted it into an idea of supremacy over inferior races- even white races. That idea acquired a life of its own and was found not only among advocates of naked force but also, in a veiled form, among many democrats. In the experimental laboratory known as the Government General, the Nazis divided the local population into two categories: Jews and Poles.
28 Mar 2014 #28
Mr "Jew", clever wording here, but what you are saying is trolling. Polish people take pride in the fact, that we helped more Jews throughout the war than any other nation.
jon357 74 | 22,312
28 Mar 2014 #29
There were those who were extremely decent and brave and who risked (and lost) their and their families' lives doing that and there were those who denounced and even killed Jewish people. We are however talking about extremes - most people weren't in a position to do the former and too decent to do the latter. The issue isn't as simple as you'd like it to be.

more Jews

Remember more Jewish people were Poles than citizens of anywhere else.
Rob Veggett
25 Feb 2015 #30
Poles have the 1st place in the Yad Vashem List of the Righteous Among the Nations for rescuing Jews during WW2, over 6 thousand rewarded. Sadly, Jews, especially venal, malicious and mendacious US Jewry don't appreciate it at all wilfully spreading falsehoods about Poles through their books and Hollywood movies. Ignorant Americans learn history from them instead of good reliable info sources.

Please stay on the topic.

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