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Why did Hitler call Poles Half Jews?

PolishedHeart 1 | -
1 Jul 2019 #1
Hello friends, I'm a polish teen living on an island on the rightmost corner on the map, New Zealand. There's not a lot of us here but thankfully I still have a lot of family whos close. I've always been proud and curious about my history, My dad is 100% polish and his grandfather fought for 6 years in WWII. He was then asked to pick a place to live and chose NZ, where he met my future grandmother, who was in Poland as well when the Russians And Germans met halfway, forcing her and her mother to board the trains where the experience so traumatizing she had to pick her own birthday as she simply didn't know. It's crazy they both made it out alive, then conceived my to be father, it just baffles me to think about the odds that I'm alive today. Down at a polish museum near me, there is my grandmother's name written on the survivors who made it out and stayed at the Iranian palace with the king at the time. But enough about me, I had a genuine question that always baffled me whenever I hear about WWII history in school or the likes that Hitler described poles as 'half-jews' and even gave them half the star symbol the Israelis have on their flag. Looking at my dad, he is a textbook of what Hitler finds to be 'superior' (going off his twisted beliefs) which is just the blonde, blue eyes and the like. And I know that not all Poles are the same, but when I look back at Polish lineage that we come from Nordic and Slovic backgrounds I don't see the difference. Was it because Poland was between Russia and Germany and blocking the path, or was it because Hitler just wrote us off because of the jew population in Poland at the time, and said hey **** it group them both together. I'm sorry if this breaks any rules or the like - i've just been reading a lot about polish history (that and playing the witcher) and was curious. Sto lat!
antheads 13 | 340
1 Jul 2019 #2
King Kazimierz gave sanctuary to millions of jews across europe who were suffering pogroms and persecution at the time. Polish people also have a strong share of Tatar and Mongol genes. the olive skin and brown eyes look. Basically before WWII Poland was a multiethnic society with polish tribes, ukranian tribes and polish jews living together and cohabitating and marriage etc with other poles. I don't know much about hitlers views but perhaps he was influenced by polish towns such as lwow, where polish jews where in the majority.
kaprys 3 | 2101
1 Jul 2019 #3
Polish people are a mixture of lots of different peoples who have immigrated and lived here for centuries: Slavic, Germanic, Baltic, Balkanian/Wolochians even Celtic peoples (Scottish migration) and many more.

As for your grandma, it might be possible to track her family so if you're really interested you may give it a try.
Lyzko 42 | 9478
1 Jul 2019 #4
Hitler deemed all "non-Aryan" peoples inferior, using, rather MISusing the word "Jew" as a symbol of any group whom he personally and arbitrarily decided was beneath the dignity of a 'pure' German!
Miloslaw 19 | 4926
1 Jul 2019 #5
Hitler described poles as 'half-jews'

I have never heard that and a quick Google didn't bring anything up either.
Certainly, Poland was perhaps one of the earliest multi cultural societies in the world and welcomed oppressed Jews from all over Europe.
But except in the higher levels of society, Poles and Jews did not mix that much.
Lyzko 42 | 9478
1 Jul 2019 #6
... and solely assimilated Jews at that:-)
Miloslaw 19 | 4926
1 Jul 2019 #7
Yes, so I don't know why Hitler would have said what the OP suggested.
But you never know, he was bonkers after all......
Lyzko 42 | 9478
1 Jul 2019 #8
Yet that insanity resonated with masses of disenfranchised Germans, still reeling at the time from the chaos of the failed Eisner-Putsch in 1918, making the Germans even more suspicious of Communism! Hitler promised them stasis, freedom from want, plenty of work, and never again to be plagued by the uncertainty associated with Western democracy!
Miloslaw 19 | 4926
1 Jul 2019 #9
Yet that insanity resonated with masses of disenfranchised Germans


making the Germans even more suspicious of Communism!

And which they were proven right to be.
Lyzko 42 | 9478
1 Jul 2019 #10
To an extent. Democracy though proved the far more sinister threat in the final analysis, since the latter requires independent thinking linked
to a healthy sense of competition!
Ironside 50 | 12338
1 Jul 2019 #12

I have never heard about it. It is obviously some nonsense.
By the way who cares what Hitler said? I mean that dude talked all the time generally some outlandish BS. Intelligence of Germans is greatly overrated.

share of Tatar and Mongol genes.

No, they don't that BS. Not millions of Jews but lots, No, majority of residents in Lwow were Polish people.

What tribes? In the context make no sense. Geez, I'm sure there are plenty of good book about history of Poland in English. If you cannot be bother o look it up and read some at least stop spewing nonsense.
kaprys 3 | 2101
2 Jul 2019 #13
It's funny when people think that Poles have Mongol or Tatar genes - just because Mongols tried to conquer Poland in the 13th century. As for the Tatar population, it has never been that big either. Dark eyes usually come from Balkanic genes like Wolochians.
antheads 13 | 340
2 Jul 2019 #14
where does the olive skin and brown eyes come from? of course during hundreds of years of raids there would have been many rapes and those genes wouldhave been passed down
Lyzko 42 | 9478
2 Jul 2019 #15

Many Poles though are well known to have high cheekbones, and many do have an ever so slight epicanthic fold, despite often powder-blue eyes
and light hair. I detect at least SOME Asiatic aka Uralic, influence in lots of Polish faces combined with the square jaw and almost Germanic features.

Northern Slavs, like Balts, are indeed a mix.
kaprys 3 | 2101
2 Jul 2019 #16
What hundreds of years of raids? There were three in the 13th century. Were all women raped or a half of them and giving birth to half Mongol children affecting the looks of the country's population 800 years later?

There were far many more less distant in time invasions by other European nations. Didn't they rape?
Does olive skin come from Asia really?
As I said the admixture of Balkanic and even Jewish or Gypsy genes is more probable in this case. And other ethnicities.
Northern Slavs? North Slavs are East and West Slavs (including Poles) as opposed to South Slavs.
Slavic people are the biggest group of all European peoples, btw.
As much as you despise us, try to imagine there are features typical for Slavs not only influenced by other nations, languages or cuisines.
I don't see the epicanthic fold here on everyday basis and surprisingly enough I see Polish people every day but I know. know such people in the US. ..

Is Judy Dench with her face features of Mongol origin, too?

Any source confirming that Mongol admixture in Poles? Except for urban myths.
Miloslaw 19 | 4926
2 Jul 2019 #17
Does olive skin come from Asia really?

Not at all.It is a European trait.Asians are brown.

As much as you despise us

Anthead does not despise us.He is of Polish descent.

You can see the Mongol genes in Hungarians, but not in Poles.
Lyzko 42 | 9478
2 Jul 2019 #18
Judy Dench?

Looks stone English to me, matey! Or am I mssing something?
Miloslaw 19 | 4926
2 Jul 2019 #19
She is Yorkshire born, but looking at her face I saw something Celtic..... maybe her cheeks......
I googled her and her mum was Irish.......
kaprys 3 | 2101
3 Jul 2019 #20
High cheekbones and slanting eyes in Poles are of Mongol origin in your humble opinion. Yet Judy Dench with such features looks stone English :)

It's not antheads who despises Poles.
Ironside 50 | 12338
3 Jul 2019 #21
where does the olive skin and brown eyes come from?

From green pastures. geez...
First off there not that many people in Poland with features you describe.
Second those are just people that belongs to a subgroup of white Europeans.
Mongols call from Mongolia and are Asians that are kind of yellowish brown not olive. Beside those small raids that you heard about were all about kidnapping young men and women to sell them as slaves in the Ottoman empire. So any DNA admixture was other way around than you imaging.

Pulling an explanation from your ......, thin air is never a good idea.

Many Poles though are well known to have high cheekbones,

Many Americans share that feature. Hell some of them look complexly Asian or black .... lots of them Americans look like a total mutt hey why would that be? lol you are a troll..
Lyzko 42 | 9478
3 Jul 2019 #22
Native American admixture among so-termed "regular" Caucasian US citizens is quite common! Look closely at Sen. Bob Dole and his (UNDYED) jet black hair, or the faces of Bob Barker, Johnny Carson, among numerous others:-)

As to whether Judy Dench has a Celtic cast to her face, is not the same thing as suggesting a hint of Asiatic influence, is it?
Miloslaw 19 | 4926
3 Jul 2019 #23
Native American admixture among so-termed "regular" Caucasian US citizens is quite common!

Nothing to do with Europe.

Judy Dench has a Celtic cast to her face, is not the same thing as suggesting a hint of Asiatic influence, is it?

No, it isn't, but she has no hint of "Asiatic influence " in her face at all!!

Are you OK Lyzko?
Lyzko 42 | 9478
3 Jul 2019 #24
Never said she had.
Are you sure YOU'RE OK, Milo?
Miloslaw 19 | 4926
3 Jul 2019 #25
I am fine.

Never said she had.

Strange that, I am sure that you did but that post has gone now......
Lyzko 42 | 9478
3 Jul 2019 #26
I referred originally to Dame Judy as looking to my mind quintessentially "English", aware as I was, that her mother was Irish, therefore, of Celtic extraction:-) That was all.
Crow 158 | 9185
5 Jul 2019 #27
Why did Hitler said that for Poles?

Just to kick them, to tackle them, to provoke. Hitler was demon master and complete Germany is demonic. Generations there grow up on hate of Poles and Slavs in general. Shame really that such a demons exist in Europe. And entire western Europe is same way demonic. All beast after beast. Very few normal people. Very few.

But what pains me most is that is Poland now in alliance with Germany and regime of Poland actually even isn`t Polish regime. Its open occupation by ruling puppets. And what Polish masses doing? Obey. Obey. See, that is real horror. Don`t you feel shame my Polish brothers? Are you that womanized now and unable to offer decent resistance? You want to live forever, like some golden cow or pig? As something like that even exist.

Look this and awake > This is from time when started Civil War in former Yugoslavia and we Serbs were aware how is fascist Germany behind that > As brat Arkan said (citation) ``Third Reich is behind ustashe``.... ``so we will come to Berlin sooner or later to liberate even them from themselves, from this new fascism`` >>>

Shame on you Poles! In what you turned yourself. Shame! In alliance with Germany. Shame! Go give them some more children! Go give them! Maybe one day become enough
Lyzko 42 | 9478
6 Jul 2019 #28
Look, Brate! We didn't said for nothing Hitler was a fecking Jewish

(Pardon the gross caricature, mods)
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452
7 Jul 2019 #29
Well crow what do you propose? A partnership with Russia? Good luck convincing millions of poles.
Crow 158 | 9185
7 Jul 2019 #30
Partnership is a good word. Strange times demand strange partnerships.

But why we talk of Russians? Let us talk about Polish army that sided with mujaheediens and Nasiz on Serbian ground, so that even in his death great daemon Hitler can be proud of today`s Poland. He and his reich and so called Poland`s western European allies so good kicked Poland that Poland lost any sense of measure of what is positive and what is negative. Is that about money? Money? But money is not the problem. We will have more money then they ever dreamed of. But, is that all what moves us? Money?

Tell me brate Dirke, is that normal to you that Polish soldiers walk with mujaheedines, terrorists and mafiosos against Serbs? Against Racowie? Down there on Kosovo Hungarian soldiers already have problems with this situation. Polish are more obedient to their NATO commanders.

Tell me Dirke brate, how we come to this point? What went wrong in Poles?

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