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Why did Hitler call Poles Half Jews?

7 Jul 2019 #31
I think it's mostly Westerners today that go on and on about Jews every time Poland is mentioned. Jews did influence its culture but there's Polish Slavic culture that has nothing to do with them.

For crime I think Slovakia and other ex socialist countries have more problem with mafia/organised crime than Poland, no?
Lyzko 30 | 7,392
7 Jul 2019 #32
Russia, for example.
Crow 148 | 9,274
7 Jul 2019 #33
Why this again finishing in talk about Russia?

Its Romans that subjugated Jews, molested them and finally, being themselves original Semites, succumbed to Jewish culture. So, Romans, not Russia. Its then Vatican that continued what Romans started. Here, yes, Russians tried to follow but fortunately failed. Then, its western Europe that inherit Romans and Nazi Germany, as derivation of it, not Russia. Now, its EU that follow all that I mentioned, not Russia. So, why we finishing in speak of Russia? Because EU wants to get rid of Russia?

You are all crazy, I see that again and again. You are blind if you don`t see that western European ideology pushing world in adventure. Russians becoming cornered and Russians will nuke them if they push them just a little bit harder. Simple as that.

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