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Why did Hitler call Poles Half Jews?

Bratwurst Boy 11 | 11,792
4 Feb 2022 #91

The Nazis made alot of ugly cartoons about denigrate and humiliate them....there they did not look hair, black eyes, long noses...there exists a jewish stereotype and it isn't white (european at least)!
Novichok 5 | 7,712
4 Feb 2022 #92
A comedian in the US is not required to know any of that. What she knows is that Jews are white which is obvious to any moron with just one eye.

On that basis, she assumed that the WW2 Germans were not morons. Hateful and cruel but not morons. She was logical and factual. No crime or offense committed. Case closed.

In case my point didn't register...Without proof, Jews want all acts of aggression against them to be classified as racial even though they are not a race by the official US standards.
Alien 18 | 4,752
4 Feb 2022 #93
I have read that even Ammesty International is anti semitic because they call Israel apartheid state.....LOL
Novichok 5 | 7,712
4 Feb 2022 #94
they call Israel apartheid state...

Israel is right by being an apartheid state and I love that wall. Have you seen it? That's how sensible people protect their country.

As a reminder, there is a colossal difference between international stateless Jews and Israelis.
Alien 18 | 4,752
4 Feb 2022 #95
And who is better?
Novichok 5 | 7,712
4 Feb 2022 #96
Israelis. There is nothing sexier than an Israeli female teacher with an AR over her shoulder walking behind those cute kids. Give me a minute and I will post one.

And I love how they shoot the knees out of their illegal border crossers we call "undocumented immigrants". What a great way to practice precision shooting... It seems to work better than greeting them with directions to the nearest welfare office.
Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,194
4 Feb 2022 #98
From her black perspective she could not see or understand

If someone is as dim witted as her should not talk about serious issues, it would only make things worse.

On that note Novi comes to mind.

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