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Police in Poland call me 3 days after i report an lost of Phone in a Bar

ravi1012 1 | 2
2 Feb 2016 #1
Poland Police call me after 3 days after i report an lost of Phone in a Bar by emergency line.
After 3 days police call me and talk about the lost phone but i found the phone later that day so i tell them i found my phone ,but they tell me to come to Police station to have some paper work.

They give me one phone number and ask me to call in that number when i came back.
Right now, I am not in Poland so is it really important that i must go to Police Station??
jon357 74 | 22,773
2 Feb 2016 #2
They just want to close the paperwork. They would not expect you to return for this, especially as no crime has been committed.
OP ravi1012 1 | 2
2 Feb 2016 #3
Actually,i told them that i may return after a month but i do not think i will return after a month.And i will go to Warsaw after 60 days but not to the place where i once lost my phone so,is it possible that i go to the nearby Police station of Warsaw and have those paper work??
jon357 74 | 22,773
3 Feb 2016 #4
Not really - they would just send you where the file is. No real need to go to the police again about this.

Especially since you haven't reported a crime, just lost property.
InPolska 9 | 1,805
3 Feb 2016 #5
@Ravi: based upon my experience, they'll keep on "bothering" you until you show up. Even if all they want is your signature, they won't give up ;).
Cargo pants 3 | 1,490
16 Jul 2023 #6
WARNING to all Americans,Never lose your cell with all bank accts etc in i,better lose your passport you will get it in 15 minutes in the consulate/embassy with your picture adress and social.I lost my cell at London coming to Warsaw and had to fly back to pick it at London lost & found as they wanted 10 business days(2 weeks if no holiday) to send by courrier of my choice.Total expense with economy ticket 7500Pln.

The 2 pics are from in front of Harrod srore.
Hey Brit/chits London sux man here


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