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How strongly are Poles sure that president Duda defend Poland's interests ?

Crow 160 | 9,212
6 Jun 2018 #1
I am in phase of forming my own opinion. So, what are your opinions? Thank you.


I sill kindly ask my Polish sisters and brothers to participate in discussion of this thread. Politicians are there to serve us and not the opposite. Their work is public and they should be criticized for all they doing.

I have my doubts about Duda. Several. See, in the beginning he spoke of Intermarium. Then he never again spoke of it. Or that situation regarding Poland`s security. Duda stimulates Muslim fanatics on Kosovo. Sure, he doing it as part of NATO machinery but, does this make him innocent. Of course not. Still, he push for it. Then there is the aspect of betraying Serbians. Its also very popular in our time to stone Serbians and many doing so but, still, why Poland. Why would president of Poland penetrate to Racowie, fellow Christians and fellow Slavs and people 300% loyal to Poland. Still, Duda stabbing Serbia and Serbian interests with penis non-stop, on wide region all around Adriatic and Balkan. After all, take Duda`s stance on Russia. He provoke and offering Poland on the silver plate to NATO for the use as shield. And that same NATO is nothing but army of czarnybog that would one day attack Poland itself and we all know it, as brat Jan Lopuzanski of right wing Catholics told it very nicely in Polish parliaments back in 2008.

Now, convince me that I`m wrong. Try.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,361
6 Jun 2018 #2
At first, President Duda has been long regarded in Poland as a puppet in the hands of PiS and in the hands of Our Great Leader Chairman Jarosław Kaczyński. This image was very much strengthened by the political comedy series called "Ucho Prezesa". In the series the President is kept in the waiting room to the Chairman's office and as a lot of people pass through the door, the President is constantly denied access to the Chairman. Nevertheless, President Duda patiently waits in the room to perhaps be called into one day. He is able to talk only to the Chairman's secretary who is a very charming lady called pani Basia ("sestra Basia" in your language). Even when Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (played by the authentic German actress who does Mrs Merkel in TV satirical shows in Germany) arrives to pay a visit to Chairman Jarosław Kaczyński, the President's wife is being let in as an interpreter (Agata Kornhauser-Duda is a germanist), while the President himself is still kept outside the door. In the series the President has been nicknamed "Adrian".

After a time, the President has realised that this image of his has become popular among the Polish people who watch the "Ucho Prezesa" regularly. So he decided to fight this image and started to reject some bills proposed by the ruling party in the Sejm which made the PiS party and Our Great Leader Chairman Jarosław Kaczyński himself very annoyed at the President. As for now, President Duda has managed to shake off such and image and has begun to regain popularity as an independent politician who does not always complies to the orders sent to him from the Nowogrodzka Street in Warsaw (the headquarters of the PiS party where Chairman Jarosław Kaczyński, Our Great and Beloved Leader, has his office).
OP Crow 160 | 9,212
6 Jun 2018 #3
But what this mean. If brat Chairman Jarosław Kaczyński say: ,,Duda eat sh**.`` Duda won`t eat sh**. But, if brat Chairman Jarosław Kaczyński says: ,,Duda don`t eat sh**.`` Duda would then eat sh**, just to do opposite of what brat Chairman Jarosław Kaczyński says. Is that it?

I don`t know dobri brate Ziemowite, its all too complicated to me, this Polish political scene. When would Poles just start to be Poles? When would return time of dignity? Time of normalcy? Time without serving foreigners? Time of Polish interests and zones of Poland`s influence?

Did we lost it forever?
gumishu 13 | 6,144
6 Jun 2018 #4
If brat Chairman Jarosław Kaczyński say: ,,Duda eat sh**.`` Duda won`t eat sh**.

first of all Kaczyński would never tell Duda to eat **** or probably anybody - he sort of has manners - the other thing is Kaczyński and Duda played in the same team but now Kaczyński has to take into account that Duda might not agree with him on some points although they still mostly play into the same goal
OP Crow 160 | 9,212
12 Jul 2018 #5

Should Polish public condemn Polish president Duda for his open anti-Russian stance ?

Here is the Poland`s situation:

* Poland is via NATO and EU in alliance with countries that historically wants to destroy Poland and exterminate Poles in genocide and assimilation
* we live in world without international order, where world powers doing what they want thanks to spreading of NATO and respond to it

Now, not that is Russia perfect (far from it) but, why would official Poland desire to destroy balance of power in Europe and see Russia ruined. Really, why?

Let us follow Duda`s logic and openly ask- What Duda want? Destruction of Russia and what then? Poland would be safe? Can Duda guaranty that today`s Poland`s allies won`t just swallow Poland, after they finish with Russia? Can he?


Let me tell it openly. Duda is traitor to Poland. That, or ultimate imbecile. Or both. Why? Let me elaborate. Because he as president don`t offer solution to Poles but creating them more problems. Plus, he is liar, hypocrite and political prostitute.

And, my Polish sisters and brothers, considering that your politicians bestially failed you, as a Serbian, I for sure won`t hesitate to familiarize you with reality.
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
12 Jul 2018 #6
Why on earth should the Polish president, Polish government or Poland in general be positive about Russia? Seriously, give me one good reason. One example of something positive Russia did towards Poland. Because I can give you many examples of negatives things they did.

Now, not that is Russia perfect (far from it)

OP Crow 160 | 9,212
12 Jul 2018 #7
So, you think Poland would be safe if NATO manage to destroy Russia? Is that what you say? You think western Europe would start to love and respect Poles, after Russia is no more? Jokes about Poles would be past? That you believe?
TheWizard - | 236
12 Jul 2018 #8
Crow the only people that ever say Russia could be attacked is.....Russians.
Everyone else thinks the opposite, that russia would be the attacker.
History suggests that russia is far more likely to attack neighbouring countries than be attacked itself by a multiole factor.

OP Crow 160 | 9,212
12 Jul 2018 #9
I will speak in examples from my part of Europe.... Russia can`t be attacker, when Russia is called. My people calling Russia to intervene on Balkans. My people calling Poland, too. All Slavs are called to help.

Russia said will use nuke for Serbia, if pushed hard. What would now attackers on Serbia? Would they keep Serbian territories? Would NATO survive this? Maybe Poland also decide to come in aid to Serbia. That would be normal to me. What Poland has to do against Racowie? Can you imagine? We never wanted territory of Poland. Never. Always we were loyal to Poland. I can`t even imagine history of Poland without Serbians.

In all that Duda raising anti-Russian stance in Poland. In this moment it means that Duda works against Serbia and by that against Poland. So Serbs now thinks that Poles needs to be liberated.

Duda only deepen crisis. Think that he can survive as politician in Poland? Keep him and Poland will collapse
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
13 Jul 2018 #10
Yeah sure, bring Komorowski back. Or even better still, how about a president from the post communist SLD? I'm sure they would be positive about Russia.

Duda is far from perfect, but a big improvement on the previous president.
OP Crow 160 | 9,212
13 Jul 2018 #11
Nobody needs to be positive on Russia if Russia don`t deserve that. Do anybody deserve to be positive on him? We all sometimes deserve this or that. What Poland needs is balanced diplomacy. You know, Poland isn`t just some small and insignificant country. But Polish diplomacy and politicians often behave exactly inferior. Too often. Why blindly follow moves of western Europe? How western Europe deserved that? For money? For money, on the first place, we know that. But if we all understand it how we comprehend blind and automatic moves of official Poland? As self-humiliating. One immediately imagine Gypsy on the street that extend his hand. And what general public needs to think of that? Of Poland? To have respect on Poland? Do Poles themselves have respect on Poland?

If official Poland knows that western Europe targeting Serbs, that Yugoslavia was targeted by western Europe, that Nazis came to power in Croatia and extreme Muslims in Bosnia, on Kosovo, that those new regimes committing constant crimes on Serbians (no matter of what religion they might be), and, if official Poland knows that western Europe madding in Ukraine, why would, why, for the sake of good God, official Poland declare every Russian move in direction of Balkan and Ukraine to be hostile? Why not criticize moves of western Europe? Why not tell- `if western Europe do that, let`s not be surprised when Russia do that`? Speaking of Serbs particularly, they called Poland to help, too. Not that official Poland don`t helping us but official Poland doing everything possible to complicate to Serbia. Official Poland act as open enemy. Why? Why support extreme Muslims and Nazis in the region here? Why not condemn Croatization of Serbs? Where is human, Slavic, Christian (on Orthodox Serbs) and even Catholic solidarity? See, Catholic Serbs never got support from Poland to survive as Serbs. We only see that official Poland encouraging them to be Croats. Why?

And then Russians are problem when they move?

Listen. Its obvious. Official Poland isn`t Slavic government. Face it. See, there are priorities and official Poland, by its behavior, don`t show any understanding for anything Slavic. How I see things, official Poland just selling fog to Poles. Is that good for future of Poles, time will tell.
mafketis 36 | 10,388
13 Jul 2018 #12
Poland, by its behavior, don`t show any understanding for anything Slavic

That's the population as a whole, any kind of slavic fellowship or pan-slavic feeling is all but non-existent in Poland.

We only see that official Poland encouraging them to be Croats. Why?

Cause that's what they want to be?
Ironside 52 | 11,774
13 Jul 2018 #13

Stop banging on about Russia. I get it. Russia is an ally Serbia wants or wish for. It is possible that strong Russia is in Serbian interest. Also because those two countries are not neighbours that game play might very well work for Serbia.

However in such a scenario is unacceptable to Poland. It is not in Poland's interest to have for a neighbor a strong Russia as it is. What more that perspective won't change in the foreseeable future.

You cannot reconcile those two realties - that is absolute nonsense. A fact that seems to be absolutely obsolete to you. Go get a cold shower quit rakeeya and think sober.

I will give you an allegory what you ask of Poland. It is akin of me asking Serbia to became Muslim and join Turkey - you will have a strong ally and that makes sense. Serbia and Turkey both could work nicely together - so what the problem Crow? Why don't you do it? It makes a lot of a crow-sense.

isn`t Slavic government.

Poland doesn't give a damn about Slavic. Its distant fourth if at all. Neither do Serbs, only if that could work in their favor. So stop it.

As to the topic of your thread:

He shouldn't yapp so much. It is a problem - he has little power as a president of Poland but he want it. So his main recourse whip up support by being visible and making a good impression on the Polish public.

So no, he should talk so much. He should make those statements about Russia. Its bad politics. The thing is Polish elite has been wiped out by the WWII. So some Duda who in a normal course of life would be a mayor of some city seemly knows no better.

Right now Poland should talk conciliatory talks and about wish for a good relations and mutually beneficial trade with Russia. Should talk about an extended hand of friendships and so on ...

Unfortunately, he should add, a current Russian gov is seemingly stuck in the past and cannot get over its anti-polish prejudices and complexes.
(Which by the way is nothing but the truth.)

Sadly this sort of incompetent politicians are giving Poland an appearance of a Russian-phobic ( which is not factual at all) little yapping dog, that is sometimes useful for a one of other big power to sic on Russia just to pull it back at the right moment just to score some points in a pollical game.

Being played rather than being a player - that issue should be addressed. Unfortunately in Poland voices of wisdom are seldom to be heed.
For complex reasons that has nothing to do with the topic.
OP Crow 160 | 9,212
13 Jul 2018 #14
Cause that's what they want to be?

Do they want that? Even those who want that, their reasons are mostly for practical safety at the moment.

You think like when player for Croatian football team says he is Croat no matter that he is Serbian, because of fear for his life and existence?

Or when Croatian touristic organizations present centuries old Serbian Orthodox Church in Dalmatia as Croatian Catholic Church? Or when centuries old heritage of Catholic Serbs of Dubrovnik is presented as Croatian?

Or when Nazis in Croatia in dark suits celebrate `ustashe` and threaten new pogroms over Serbs?

Well, I suppose, over NATO solidarity, official Poland would itself act against Serbs when they rebel against Croatian rule. If you ask me, what feelings that raising in me, I would tell that its feeling that official government of Poland have to be put down and Poles liberated and re-install of Slavic government in Poland supported. I see Poland as country occupied by western Europe, ruled by puppet regime.

That's the population as a whole, any kind of slavic fellowship or pan-slavic feeling is all but non-existent in Poland.

We know that its not the truth. Serbian patriots are in contact with Polish patriots. But, what we also see is that those voices are silenced, its truth.
Tacitus 2 | 1,362
13 Jul 2018 #15
I see Poland as country occupied by western Europe, ruled by puppet regime.

And how would you call the Polish government until 1989?
Lyzko 42 | 9,138
13 Jul 2018 #16
I agree, only the puppeteer has changed; pre-'89, Poland was a puppet of the former Soviets, today, Duda is correct seen as a puppet of Kaczynski's very home-grown PiS. It's all the same punch-and-judy show! The audience hasn't changed, merely the players aka puppets:-)
OP Crow 160 | 9,212
13 Jul 2018 #17
And how would you call the Polish government until 1989?

Period of Communist yoke? Puppets of Soviet Union? What else?

I agree, only the puppeteer has changed; pre-'89

Exactly. Only period when Poland was independent in last 100 years or so (!what was arranged in plan of Adam Mickiewicz, Prince Czartorisky and others from the group that closely worked with Serbians around Kardjordjevic dynasty to achieve two aims- independence and avoidance of domination from both- from western Europe and Russia), was period during venerable brat Marshal Pilsudski and later to the 1939. And interestingly, that Poland was in alliance with Serbs and Yugoslavia and that Poland was, same as Yugoslavia betrayed by Britain and France, left to Nazis and to communist yoke.

And look Poland now? In alliance with pro-German `Zagreb Croat` clique to whom Catholicism serve as synonym for germanization. Clique that with German support massacred 1 million Serbs during WWII and pledge to totally destroy Serbians on the right side of Drina river. When we are at it, pro-German Nazi Croatia isn`t problem only to Serbians. Croatian-Hungarian and Croatian-Slovenian relations are on the verge of open war. And Hungarians and Slovenians are Catholics. I already said that official Poland failed to show solidarity even with Catholic Serbs. So, obviously, puppets in Warsaw abandoned even Catholic solidarity, considering that formation of Croatian state and new Croatian nation represent western European project (of pro-Islamic Protestant-Catholic magnates; I know, sound totally mind-blowing), Poland obviously serve solely to western Europe. So Poles should now expect problems even with USA. By betraying Slavdom entirely, official Poland may expect only problem with Russia, too. And this time puppets ruined even relations with Vatican, while Serbs and Russians manages to improve relations with Rome (Vatican opposing Nazi Cardinals in Croatia, have serious problems there; Vatican also refusing to recognize Kosovo separation).

With puppet regime in Warsaw, that collaborates with western Europe, Poles would face only period of real misery. Then sure, freedom shall come. It must come.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,361
13 Jul 2018 #18
puppet regime in Warsaw, that collaborates with western Europe

I have quite a different impression, namely that the "puppet regime" in Warsaw is in disagreement with the EU on many issues. Or, to put to more correctly, the EU tends to be in growing disagreement with Warsaw on those many issues
OP Crow 160 | 9,212
13 Jul 2018 #19
I know brate for those differences but, those differences are logical. I mean, Poland already have 1 mil Ukrainian refugees and EU wants to add Muslim Arabs to it. How to accept more? even if we disregard Islam, how? To ruin economy of Poland just like that? But EU pushing for it. This only shows that western Europe starting to behave as crazy nympho which can`t be satisfied. They used to it that Poland blindly follow and they push and push, simple can`t stop.

Then also, sure, Serbians have their friends within Polish society. Its not just easy to cut those relations with really long warm history. After all, Poles ARE Slavs and Christians. So, official Poland needs to balance increasingly many factors.

But what worries me is that official Poland already, by its actions, set Poland on direct collision course with Serbia. For we must try to restore unity of our people, no matter are those Serbs, Orthodox, Catholic or Muslims. Its our people. And there are voices already from within even Catholic circles in Croatia that calling Serbia not to forget them. In Croatia all Serbs live in fatalistic fear for life. That strong Zagreb have support from western Europe for its actions against Serbians.

What I want to tell you, collision with Serbia would bring much more misery to Poles then collision with Russia. Around problems with Russia you can homogenize Poland. Around ruining Serbians one can never homogenize Poles. On the contrary. So, don`t get me wrong. Misery won`t come as intention and by doing of Serbs. Problems with Serbians already indicate that something is amiss, that Poland went wrong, that Poland distancing itself from its civilization and, to make it worse, nobody knows where Poland going, while only certain thing represent official Poland`s loyalty to western Europe. Prolonged and serious collision with Serbia would absolutely isolate Poland firstly from Czechs and Slovaks, from Bulgaria and Romania, maybe even with Hungary, threaten Visegrad itself. Then, internal problems within Poland would start. It would weaken Poland severely. Anybody then can use opportunity to harm such a weakened Poland.
Tacitus 2 | 1,362
13 Jul 2018 #20
Poland has only accepted a handful refugees from Ukraine. The rest are not acknowledged as refugees and thus are not receivibg the benefits of this status. I do not know why some posters insist on making this argument when it has been disproven again and again on this site.
mafketis 36 | 10,388
13 Jul 2018 #21
Poland has only accepted a handful refugees from Ukraine. The rest are not acknowledged as refugees

Yes, they're economic migrants who work for a while and then go back home (some percentage will surely stay on for good but no one I know is concerned about that). Where I live there are about 10 buses a day going to and arriving from Ukraine (and you can't walk down the street for 10 minutes without hearing someone speaking Russian). Again, this bothers almost no one.
OP Crow 160 | 9,212
13 Jul 2018 #22
Only the dead have seen the end of the war. So, I do believe, ultimately, Poles and Serbians would stand side by side, on the same barricade. As have to be.
TWPOscar 1 | 10
29 Jul 2018 #23
Where I live there are about 10 buses a day going to and arriving from Ukraine

Yes, but Poland has now decided to start a seven-year program to encourage immigration from; Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Armenia and Georgia. Not to forget that money is also being put forward to encourage foreign-students - mostly Indians- to study and permanently stay in Poland as well.


As wonderful as people from all over the world can be; you're not going to like it when there are cities where everywhere you look, you see foreigners.

There are many Turkish people living in The Netherlands in their ghetto's waving the Turkish flag from outside of their home. They're not integrated. The same will happen to Poland this way, even though these immigrants might be Christians.
mafketis 36 | 10,388
29 Jul 2018 #24
Poland has now decided to start a seven-year program to encourage immigration from; Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Armenia and Georgia

All former Soviet countries where Russian is a first or second language. Russian speakers learn survival Polish with very little effort and there was a long history of Armenian immigration (which everybody forgets because they assimilated so thoroughly even taking Polish names*).

Poles worrying about Russian speaking immigrants is like the Dutch worrying about German (or Afrikaans) speaking immigrants.
Georgians are another kettle of fish but I'm not expecting many to show up in Poland.

I'm not expecting most Indian students to stay in Poland. A big difference between Poland and the Netherlands is that there's not much of a social safety net so non-western immigrants (for the time being) have to stay on the good side of the local population. Infrastructure and skimpy housing options make the formations of ghettos very unlikely.

Immigration from predominantly muslim countries is not and most likely will never be encouraged, despite historically good relations with Turkey and some Arab countries (esp Syria, there's long been a small Syrian minority in Poland who are largely in medicine and building if I'm not mistaken).
TWPOscar 1 | 10
29 Jul 2018 #25

Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks for the info!
Well, as long as they keep it controlled, and the government/country acts out on its Polish culture, meaning that the newcomers know that they're in Poland and have to adjust, and that Polish culture is the dominant culture on which the country is being 'run' unlike The Netherlands - . Then I'm sure Poland will be fine :)
Ironside 52 | 11,774
29 Jul 2018 #26
Poland has now decided to start a seven-year program to encourage immigration from; Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Armenia and Georgia.

If only. They are being in people from Pakistan, Tajikistan and India and no one is screening those people if they are not Muslims.
How is that for anti-Muslim immigration party? Apparently PiS lied to the people about its real stance on the issue of Muslim immigration.
As to this program - staring now - that is some kind of propaganda. It started at least in 2016/1015 - in three years in Poland appeared out of the blue about 3 millions Ukrainians.

What more gov exacted even a merge as it is a social welfare program including so called 500+ that had been advertised by the very same gov as a remedy for people not having children or for having them too few.
TheWizard - | 236
29 Jul 2018 #27
Pis reminds me of the Tory gov in uk but not quite as bad. What they have in common is the destruction of their countries reputations.
Ironside 52 | 11,774
29 Jul 2018 #28
What more gov exacted even a merge as it is a social welfare program including so called 500+

What it should read - what more PiS gov extended a social welfare to those Ukrainian guest workers, and that include 500+ a program that was advertised as an incentive for Poles to have more children due to the demographic dip that coming.

Also some gov circles are considering to grand to Ukrainians (or all guest workers) an easy access to the Polish citizenship. Which is the next level stupid.

I knew that Polish politician are not the brightest but only a complete moron could have came out with something like that.
OP Crow 160 | 9,212
21 Aug 2018 #29
These days brat Putin coming to Serbia on military parade to celebrate with us liberation of Serbia in WWII.

I expect brat Duda to come, too.

I want to see all relevant brothers and sisters here.
OP Crow 160 | 9,212
21 Sep 2018 #30
You know people, I contemplated on this. I think that Duda works for Serbian government. How he works Belgrade would be Capital of Intermarium, not Warsaw.

I also thinks that Duda don`t like Poles. He maybe have sense for business but he don`t like Poles. His actions suggest such a conclusion.

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