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How strongly are Poles sure that president Duda defend Poland's interests ?

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,094    
21 Sep 2018  #31
Hes okay, not the best not the worst.

Poland is now looking to bring in people from phillipines as well now esp for medical and home care professions.

Also crow don't expect to poland be cordial with russia for a long long time, if ever. Too much bsd blood. Im all for a reset as were both slavs at the end of the day fighting against an encoaching west that wants to push things like gay marraige, migrsnts, multiculturalism and destroy traditional values, our culture identity etc, but most poles wont go for that. Honestly i could see Russia reaching their hand out to poland sooner than the other way around especially w pis.
Rich Mazur 5 | 3,018    
11 Oct 2018  #32
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A little off the subject...
Here is an example how one can take sides without knowing anything. From
Poland's President Andrzej Duda has appointed 27 new Supreme Court judges, despite internal and European Union pressure not do so.
Now, I have no idea if that number 27 is good or bad and why Duda did it. But I do know that what Duda did pissed off EU. Which simply means that Duda is right and that EU can go to hell.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,094    
13 Oct 2018  #33
It is a good thing. Rule of thumb: if it upsets the unelected commissars in the EU like Juncker, it's a good policy
OP Crow 143 | 7,416    
8 Dec 2018  #34
My Polish sisters and brothers need to have something in their minds. Ruling Poland`s politicians don`t have interests of Poland in their hearts.

Why I telling so?

Look how Spain behave regarding sovereignty of Serbia and separation of Kosovo? Spain don`t accept separation of Kosovo from Serbia for its own interests. FOR ITS OWN INTERESTS. It is so because Spain have responsible politicians who care for interests of Spain as a whole. Spanish politicians care for unity and sovereignty of Spain and in that regard they behave in international relations. And what doing President Duda and government of Poland? They harming Serbia. They were among first to recognize Kosovo. Lech Kaczinsky tried to prevent that but Tusk insisted. See, Poland is sold. No legal way for Poland to defend its own sovereignty after Poland recognized Kosovo.

Beware my sisters and brothers. Protect and defend Poland! Poland is under attack from outside and from inside. Those inside works for those outside.

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