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Modern F-35 bought by Poland. Good decision?

johnny reb 30 | 5,635
17 Feb 2020 #271
polish jets dont enter german airspace.

As small of country Germany is those F-35's will be there and gone before you can say, "Did ya hear dat Shultz ?"
Weimarer 7 | 414
17 Feb 2020 #272
@johnny reb

Nope, since they can go supersonic only for 50 seconds, before they desintegrate. They are 600km/h slower than Typhoons, infact they are the slowest fighter jet avaivable.

To cross Germany east to west the F 35 needs more than 50 minutes in her service speed.

Beside that, Germany and Poland are both NATO and follow IATA rules. Both nations follow the rules and would not enter each others airspace.
johnny reb 30 | 5,635
18 Feb 2020 #273
They are 600km/h slower than Typhoons,

And the typhoons are 725km/h slower then the SR-71.

Nope, since they can go supersonic only for 50 seconds

Nope, the F-35 can fly supersonic for twice that long which is plenty of time to shoot down a Typhoon.
Since the F-35 is stealth the Typhoon coffins can't even see them to engage.
Now let's talk about your repetitious words of crap and junk.
Unfortunately, the DASS pods on Germany's Typhoons have been failing because of coolant leaks.
And the supplier for the part needed to repair the leak is no longer in business.
As the rest of Eurofighters' customers are upgrading their DASS systems to the Praetorian DASS from the Italian defense company Leonardo, the factory for the part was sold and Germany, which did not opt for the upgrade, is now left without a supplier.

Now after pointing out that "minor fact" no wonder Germany needs to upgrade it's crap and have had to rob parts off their junk fleet to keep just a few typhoons combat ready.

Tells us Commandant, just how many of these typhoons does Germany have that are battle ready today ?
I heard a total of only four and maybe ten on it's best day.
If music was b.s. you would be a brass band.
Hey Buddy no need to fret as the U.S.A. has Ramstein there to back you up in a pinch with our stealth F-22's.
Weimarer 7 | 414
18 Feb 2020 #274
@johnny reb
F-35 are not stealth. We already proved that. Passive radar can show them light up like a christmas tree.
johnny reb 30 | 5,635
18 Feb 2020 #275
Oh, o.k., you did and SURE they do. lol (puts face in his palms and shakes his head)
And how many typhoons does Germany have that are battle ready ? Four ?
The only thing that would be lighting up are those typhoons when they get hit by a burst of laser.
Now that we have put that to rest can Poland move on without further ado from the Commandant Germ. ?
Weimarer 7 | 414
18 Feb 2020 #276
@johnny reb

What laser? 😆 Dude, that crappy plane cant be used against Industrial Nations. It can even be shot down with Flak.

It is for Afghanistan. Even in Syria it struggles
johnny reb 30 | 5,635
18 Feb 2020 #277
Sorry Commandant, we have already came to a conclusion that, in your opinion, it was a bad decision for Poland to buy F-35's for their Air Force and that the Germs don't want to buy any of them because they already have four functional Typhoons and the U.S. Air Force base Ramstein to defend Germany.

You have expressed yourself well here.

I have no respect for Poland - dumbfuck americans

Have you ever watched Hogan's Heroes on t.v. ?

that crappy plane cant be used against Industrial Nations

Oh and your grounded Typhoons can be ? lol
I think you may be projecting here with your annoying war mongering.
Poland and the United States have much more sophisticated unmanned weaponry to use on any threatening industrialized nation if the occasion ever arose.
Weimarer 7 | 414
18 Feb 2020 #278

In a case of war Polands F-35 would need Eurofighters to protect them. USA sees that problem itself, since F-35 cant operate without powerful fighter jets securing it.

As we see it, Polands F-35 jets weaken our security.

Our weak, poverty stricken neighbor should invest its tax money in its rotten infrastructure and not in F-35 rubbish.

That said, what value does F-35 have, when our experimental passive radar becomes the new standard and is purchased by other nations as well.

What does Poland have then? A slow aircraft that loses against 40 years old machines.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
18 Feb 2020 #279
In a case of war

What war? WW3? If Germany won't start it, there will be no WW3.
Miloslaw 9 | 3,134
18 Feb 2020 #280
What does Poland have then?

A lot more than Germany.

You mean that Germany have only four? You must be joking. How is it possible?

Because they won't spend but rely on NATO to protect them.

Polands F35's look pretty good compared to Germanys 4 typhoons..........
johnny reb 30 | 5,635
18 Feb 2020 #281
You mean that Germany have only four? You must be joking. How is it possible?

Go read my post #273 as I spelled it out very clearly and notice I did not get challenged on it.
And Milo just confirmed it again.
The Typhoons are crap.
Our comparable F-22's are three times the fighter the Typhoons are.

He was such a colorful figure.

I had much respect for the guy.
AntV 3 | 264
19 Feb 2020 #282
[Trump} said that he wanted the Europeans to foot the bill for the defense - a bill that doesnt really exist

Yeah, during the beginning of his campaign there was a lot of media reports characterizing Trump as not knowing how NATO was funded, but once he started detailing what he hoped to accomplish it was clear he realized it was 2% of GDP.

I don't know if you are aware, but the US military is under a sequestration that cut military spending by tens of billions USD each year since 2013. The military needed to boost spending to modernize and recover strength. Trump's spending is doing that.

Also, it wasn't Trump who started massive debts, that started back ion the 60's. The wild massive debt problem started in the 90's and has been compounding ever since. Recently, the Great Combover proposed a budget cutting $4.4 trillion--it won't be adopted, though.

Because America spends most of its' defense spending in Asia and the Middle East,

Not sure what you mean by this. US is, in part, modernizing and beefing up its military to counter China's defense modernization, for sure. But, it's doing it in a general way. The reality, though, is a huge sum of US defense spending is for day-to-day operations of the Dept of Defense, which includes Asian and Middle Eastern Operations, but that's just a sliver of the pie. A whole bunch goes toward non-Asian and Mid-eastern operations.

Furthermore it is generally in bad taste to complain about others supposedly not carrying their weight,

when those others are still fighting in a war that you started and in which you asked for their help.

Now you know what it's like to be an American. ;). All the bitching and moaning from across the Atlantic we've endured over the past 80 years to bring and keep peace and prosperity to your beautiful continent is voluminous, and all we ask for is you keep your promise to spend 2% of GDP and help us keep each other safer by fighting terror in the terrorists neighborhood (I'll concede that Iraq was a monumental blunder--Afghanistan is legit, although it needs to end). Are we really asking too much?

NATO nations--other than Turkey--should realize that China is a threat and it doesn't respect weakness. I believe Trump is right to prod NATO in that direction. The stronger each individual NATO member country is, the stronger the alliance is (and, yes, the less the US will need to spend to offset the defense shortcomings of other NATO countries).

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