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What impact will Donald Trump's election have on Poland?

26 Jan 2017 #301
Atch, I have only ever heard the older Polish generation speaking with warmth about PRL times. Most Poles will often remind you that throughout history Poland's geographical location has been its downfall , a long history of seeing improbable threats turning into very real ones they tend to take hypothetical limits on their power very seriously. They also tend to take gestures seriously, knowing that gestures often germinate into strategic intent. With Trump we have an unproven President on international affairs, the only consolation being the Obama administration was so inept and completely outfoxed by Putin through out his tenure. Poland sees a weak Europe which is unable to protect her against threats from the east , it also looks like the USA will spends its energies turning inward to solve domestic issues. If Russia have expansionist intentions then there could not be a better time than now, Europe has so many problems of its own, the EU is a house of cards which will inevitably splinter in the next ten years. Weaker nation relied on the USA for protection at a great expense to the USA, I cant see Trump rolling with the idea of USA being the global policeman anymore..
Crow 139 | 8,302
26 Jan 2017 #302

yes. Pumping. That`s the good one.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,117
26 Jan 2017 #303
The imminent impact of Donald Trump's election on Poland may come in a new American-Polish cooperation in exploring the Space.


Isn't our Great Dear Leader Jarosław Kaczyński hansome in that new American suit?
OP Wincig 2 | 222
26 Jan 2017 #304
I have only ever heard the older Polish generation speaking with warmth about PRL times

Do you come from a commie family??
26 Jan 2017 #305
Thats the opposite of anything Trump has said.
26 Jan 2017 #306
In reply to

My guess would be that the U.S.A. may be increasing imports from Poland and increase the U.S.A. military presence in Poland.

In short, pumping USD's into Poland's economy.

johnny reb 27 | 4,672
26 Jan 2017 #307
Trump is telling China and Mexico to get screwed.
The USA is going to have to turn to our alleys to meet the imports that we are going to lose.
Trump likes Poland for many reasons.
Great Ally
Pay their own way
No nonsense
And if Poland allows a huge US military base in Poland it will add Billions of dollars into Poland's economy.
Poland will not bite the hand that stimulates growth in their country.
(In My Personal Opinion)
26 Jan 2017 #308
(Not Trumps).
Marsupial - | 886
27 Jan 2017 #309
It's too early, he is busy with others for now. Poland doesn't pose him problems as such so it will not be a priority. Mexico is having their time under the Trump sun atm. Lol i bet they love it!
OP Wincig 2 | 222
27 Jan 2017 #310
And if Poland allows a huge US military base in Poland it will add Billions of dollars into Poland's economy

Lol. Unless they built a base with several hundred thousand soldiers (10 times the current largest US base in the world), it is unlikely to have a significant impact on the Polish economy
27 Jan 2017 #311
Apparently, johhny reb is unaware of the massive fall in the size of the US economy as a portion of the world total in the past sixty years.
27 Jan 2017 #312
Wincig, the very fact of US soldiers being on Polish soil is a boost to PL gov, FDI does not like uncertainty or geographical disputes. The reason Nato soldiers are on Polish soil is at the request of Poland. Theresa May said in her speech to the Republicans ' The end of the Cold War did not give rise to a New World Order. It did not herald the End of History. It did not lead to a new age of peace, prosperity and predictability in world affairs.

For some - the citizens of Central and Eastern Europe in particular - it brought new freedom' she also mentioned the Cold war was not won with weapons. it was won with the idea of change.Since 1989 the speed of change in Poland has been dynamic, the skyline of the city of Warsaw is littered with state of the art buildings a far cry from the post communist buildings I first encountered in 1990. Global politics are changing, new alliance's are being made, As the country which has achieved the most after ascension to the EU, I see Poland as a country which could bridge the gap between East and West, a country which has the opportunity to punch above its weight in Europe and Nato, but before Poland can fully achieve her place in the future, she must bring an end to her internal struggles and petty inward fighting amongst parties. The only thing which holds Poland back from achieving full potential, is Poland itself.
Marsupial - | 886
27 Jan 2017 #313
Our neighbors were always useless. Bowing down to powers instead of fighting. Bottom line is they can be trusted with having a drink together, some trade but nothing substantial of any type. Further allies , france, england, only very slightly useful. None of these idiots are true allies. That's why yanks are in there now. To be fair they were saving their own skin but plotting too. Too be fair none of us could handle russia/ german alliance only slow them down. The stupid russians got 20 million dead for their support of the nazis, backstabbed by their own pact but ofcourse that's nothing because the gyppo stalin killed more. So no Poland can't rely on any of them.
Crow 139 | 8,302
27 Jan 2017 #314
I think that would Trump support idea of new Commonwealth (ie Intermarium).
johnny reb 27 | 4,672
27 Jan 2017 #315
Crow you need to learn how to chill.
All your Russian propaganda in the world is not going to make Poland become part of Serbia.
The West has much more to offer Poland then Serbia does.
On a brighter note however, did you see how Trump is going to throw Putin a bone so they can play nice together.

President Trump is mulling lifting U.S. sanctions against Russia ahead of his first conversation with the country's leader, Vladimir Putin, since taking office, according to senior adviser Kellyanne Conway.

"All of that is under consideration," Conway said when asked whether removing sanctions is on the table.
Of Russia, Conway said, "if another nation that has considerable resources wishes to join together with [the] United States of America to defeat and eradicate radical Islamic terrorism, then we're listening."

So see Crow, before long you will be enjoying eating Polands apples again thanks to President Trump.
Marsupial - | 886
28 Jan 2017 #316
I live in hope Johnny/ crow that they will make some sort of peace!
Marsupial - | 886
28 Jan 2017 #317
Johny...looking at this Chicago thing .....its very frustrating. I see the murders i see the numbers i see trumpet saying send in feds. What is annoying none of these people are providing info? Who is responsible for the slaughter in chicago? Any stats? Who are these killers?
TheOther 6 | 3,818
28 Jan 2017 #318
Who is responsible for the slaughter in chicago?

Mostly gangs and some gun nuts.
johnny reb 27 | 4,672
28 Jan 2017 #319
Who is responsible for the slaughter in chicago?

I took your question to Random Chat to answer you as we are going off topic here.

gun nuts.

What a stupid remark.
TheOther 6 | 3,818
28 Jan 2017 #320
What a stupid remark.

Not really. Check the Murder Analysis Report of the Chicago PD for the motive of homicides, and you will find that only a little over a half of the altercations are gang related.
johnny reb 27 | 4,672
28 Jan 2017 #321
Why is it so hard for you guys to stay on topic ????????????????

Not really.

Yes Really......... unless your definition of "gun nut" is different than what it means in America.
I am a gun nut and I have never shot anyone in the U.S.
In America a gun nut is a law abiding person who enjoys collecting guns, shooting guns at paper targets, hunters and competition gun clubs.
So therefore it was a stupid statement to say "gun nuts" are the other half of the people who shoot people in Chicago.

Gun nuts do not go around shooting people.
I am sure however, for the sake of argument, that you are notorious for, that your definition will be justified to be something else in which it is.

Now stay on topic or take it to random chat.
nothanks - | 640
28 Jan 2017 #322
Mostly gangs and some gun nuts.

Gun nuts - as in people protecting their property?

Who is responsible? Democrats. They govern that city. I watched CNN the other day and congressman Luis Gutierrez came on. Whoa what a tap dancer. I've seen his act before but this was something else. Some goldmine statements by him

< on the topic of sanctuary cities, which is a freaking idiotic idea in this day and age > "We know President Trump calls them illegals. But we know them as our fathers, our sisters, our co-workers, our fellow church goers"

< on the topic of building the Wall. At this point the interview Erin Burnett was growing tired of his side stepping of questions and asked point blank: Trump will get the Wall passed. Will you fight Mexico to pay for it or will you make American citizens pay for it > "If we anger Mexico, it will push them into the hands of China. And then China will have 2 walls, one with Mexico to not trade with the US"

Completely **********. This is the sort of "leadership" you have in Chicago. More concerned with freaking illegals than American citizens. It is mindblowing that this sort of self loathing exists. People complain that Trump is taking away what made the USA great: i.e. openness to immigration, openness to liberal values etc etc. But that's the point. USA is badly lacking in fundamental problems such as safety. Trump will be spending the first 4 years just getting USA up to speed with the rest of the Western Civ.
nothanks - | 640
28 Jan 2017 #323
On a brighter note however, did you see how Trump is going to throw Putin a bone so they can play nice together.

As a fan of both: Trump is taking a gamble wagering that Putin will behave for the next 8 years. If Putin pulls another strong-arm it will reflect directly on Trump as he is the most powerful leader that has backed Putin.

I think it would be naive to think Putin doesn't have dirt on Trump/Republicans from the election. He might use this as wager down the line. Trump's decision to drop Obama's sanctions is how he's getting a date with Putin, not the other way around. Trump has far more to lose in this relationship.
johnny reb 27 | 4,672
28 Jan 2017 #324
Who is responsible? Democrats. They govern that city.

The Democrats govern all the big problem cities with the most debt, most welfare and highest murder rates.
Anyone besides me see a pattern to it ?

Trump has far more to lose in this relationship.

So true which could come back to bite Poland.
I think Trump will bully China into war before he will Russia.
Seems like he has a personal beef with China for some reason.
And like Mikhail Gorbachev said, "Looks as if the world is preparing for war."
Hate, Greed, Power = War !
nothanks - | 640
28 Jan 2017 #325
Trump has been against China from day 1 because of economics. The whole manipulating their currency and "stealing" our manufacturing jobs etc.

I don't see it. "World is preparing for war" is usually code for: White leaders are disagreeing. South America will remain on the sidelines, Africa is useless and China is not quite prepared yet. For a few years now I've argued China is sitting back quietly stock piling their chips while USA & Russia continue having a ******* contest. So I love Trump's "preemptive strike" on China. Those sneaky bastards have been hiding in the shadows far too long.

Unless another 9/11 occurs, Americans are tired of War. It's been nonstop for the past 15 years. The recent refugees might bring Europe into War but that is many decades away.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
28 Jan 2017 #326
Hate, Greed, Power = War !

Precisely the same formula is behind the Polish-Polish war. Ever since their 2005 defeat, PO became a toxic opposition and an equally toxic majority, interested only in promoting the selfish interests of the post-communist roundtable clique.
Wulkan - | 3,251
28 Jan 2017 #327

Notice how this dumb people don't know what to do when the Trump supporter is black so they can't play the race card.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,054
28 Jan 2017 #328
Hahaha.So true Wulkan. Think you're not supposed to publish stuff like that.
That white guy looks like crazy lol.

Love how this guy (main speaker)understans it's not about the race. It's about the deeds of subsociety. Nothing else.
TheOther 6 | 3,818
28 Jan 2017 #329
Trump has been against China from day 1 because of economics.

Trump is against the European Union, too, and is trying - together with his British poodles - to destroy it. Not because of the centralization in Brussels or the migrant crisis (that's a fairytale they tell you), but for the simple reason that the EU has become too powerful for the US as a global competitor. They cannot allow that. If they are successful to break the union apart, they will win big time while Poland and the other members will suffer economically. They won't care, or as president Trump likes to put it: "America first".

Gun nuts - as in people protecting their property?

No, gun nuts as in mentally unstable gun owners who insist on their right to own guns, but use their weapons to kill their friends, partners and kids in domestic disputes for example. A large percentage of homicides in Chicago and elsewhere are caused by these people.

I am a gun nut...

No, you're just nuts. LOL!
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,054
28 Jan 2017 #330
So to you European Union crisis is about EU being too powerful?

You think Brits plan to destroy it?

This guy is crazy. Totally mental.

I really really hope that no one listens to that Looney.

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