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What impact will Donald Trump's election have on Poland?

NoToForeigners 10 | 1,054
22 Jan 2017 #241
As long as Poland doesn't bow down to EU stuff like letting Moslems in, and the correct person in charge, I think Trump may actually groom Poland for a economic power, outstripping Germany, possibly.

Everytime in our history when we picked one side of the global power struggle terrible things happened to Poland as a result. Today we have to finally realise that our geopolitical place doesn't have to be cursed. Poland should be independent from both The West and The East. Poland should see both as economic partners and stop taking part in their muscle flexing. Poland should make firm connections with Eastern European countries that are familiar to us. Thankfully both Pis and our President Duda seem to understand that USA isn't crystal clear as well.
22 Jan 2017 #242
CMS: excuse me...but the affirmative action bastard (of unknown origin or parentage - just a brown face) couldn't even find Estonia on a map, while talking to Estonians. I'll betcha Trump could show you Batorz on a map.
22 Jan 2017 #243
CMS, Ronald Regan and Lech Wałęsa had no experience of Political office. Calling Trump a moron is very offensive, the man is obviously very gifted not only in business, but also as a communicator. Trump completely outwitted Clinton and the democrats in the run up to the US presidential. The man is clearly not a moron and anyone suggesting he is, lacks knowledge of the English language. As for your attacks on Nothanks,,being a white supremacist. for being a Polish patriot and anti economic migration on the grounds of security... There are a bunch of people on this forum who believe they have the right to beat down views which are opposite to their own. As an add-on I suggested you read the book Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile. The book is more about the industrial rise of German after WW2, it links into the Treaty of Paris and the creation of the ECSC ( the EU). Peter Manning the author is a highly respected WW2 journalist.
22 Jan 2017 #244
Dont think its a coincidence but after the election there have defeintely been flows in Poland. Often PLN has seen good if not strong real money buying. This has been reflected in part on the stockmarket and, less easy to indentify, in property flows. The fact that Poland pulls its weight re defence spending is also an important issue.
cms 9 | 1,271
22 Jan 2017 #245
Well you are right - apart from being governor of the largest state in the US for two terms Reagan had no political experience. Walesa had 8 years experience in a leading role in Solidarity.

Trump has none of those abilities - changes his mind literally every day.

And I am not goung to read a book about Martin Bormann because it is probably tripe - he was never in exile and they identified his remains in the 90s in Germany.
22 Jan 2017 #246
Trump beat Hillary Clinton against odds you'd probably never perceive. 50% of people (mostly because they get $230/month in food stamps or are out and gay, or are living on a trust fund, or all three) voted for stumbling, ascerbic, obviously crocked HRC. Even the coloreds told her to get lost (coloreds don't like the gay thing). But most of all, Trump got all those votes because, in the end, he's not a politician (or a lawyer). That's what did it. And for good reason. Paying US$ 1500/month for fricking health insurance? A bill 1800 pages long that nobody read? A bill that had 287 hidden percs (last count), having absolutely nothing to do with healthcare got passed, on a weekend? Duh?

Even the most fervid bowler, "up Nort," beer drinking, hunter gatherer, high school dropout, UAW member got it (they are normally D voters).

Trump clearly stated that he owes nobody anything (particularly in that Capitol Bldg), nor the dozens of lobbyists swarming the doorway, daily, while voters have to go to work. Imbecilic legislation does have a limit. November, 2016 proved it.
nothanks - | 640
23 Jan 2017 #247
Bejma and Johnny,

One major problem in this scenario (that I would love): and it's Russia. Trump will need to bend on some issues with Russia a.k.a. "Reagan is turning in his grave". More accurately I would argue Trump is re-aligning long pre-decided American alliances. Poland, as every other nation is now placed on a tipping point. Join or be left behind. I like the opportunity but fear our leadership is too stubborn when it pertains to Russia. But hey, this could finally be the opportunity those of us that envision a future with Russia as a partner or at-least neutral footing.
Marsupial - | 886
23 Jan 2017 #248
Oh come on the high guru of pis is only ever going to aggrovate russia.
23 Jan 2017 #249
CMS, Solidarity was a labour movement Wałęsa was a labour activist, although I have respect for Wałęsa and the hardship he went through, he was no statesman and was lucky to have Balcerowicz by his side. Anyway the situation between USA and Poland (1990) have no comparison. You seem to believe Trump is ill equipped and lacks experience, I disagree I believe he has great man management skills and has the knack for surrounding himself with a loyal team, as well as being successful in business. Now I don't know what your background is CMS or where you originate from, although I can access you are not of Anglo Saxon origin. as you are quite closed, my guess is you are from somewhere in Eastern/southern Europe maybe Ukraine, Romania or Slovakia. I would also ask you to expand on your comment that Europeans have not been at war since the end of WW2, as I understand European armies have been involved in a number of conflicts since the end of WW2...
Atch 17 | 3,265
23 Jan 2017 #250
my guess is you are from somewhere in Eastern/southern Europe maybe Ukraine, Romania or Slovakia.

Not a very good guess.

Polish emigre parents, born in the UK, teens and college in the US and in Poland/CEE for the last 20 - if someone asks where I'm from I normally say British

Our dear CMS is quite the well travelled, well educated,cosmopolitan, international man of mystery.
Crow 139 | 8,283
23 Jan 2017 #251
With Trump in the game, Poland`s mass media would be more objective.
23 Jan 2017 #252
Itch, Our dear CMS is quite the well travelled, well educated, cosmopolitan, international man of mystery. If someone has lived a privileged life, you would expect them not to complain about paying their workers 15 PLN per hour. Moreover if someone was born in the UK and holds a UK passport, you would expect them to respect the outcome of a democratic vote on the EU referendum. The one issue all children of migrants have is coming to terms with which place is home, the place they belong, what they stand for. Always being a foreigner in a place you call home.
OP Wincig 2 | 221
23 Jan 2017 #253
That's the ticket for becoming an economic power.

Like China for example?

Trump has none of those abilities - changes his mind literally every day.

Indeed, but he always falls back on his four legs. Have you heard how he explains his complete change of tack re Paul Ryan, the Speaker, once viewed as worse than evil and now almost a genius? It is not that DT was wrong, it is that Paul Ryan, like fine wine, improves as every day goes by..
johnny reb 27 | 4,620
23 Jan 2017 #254
Like China for example?

Trump is hell bent on a huge trade war with China to level the playing field.
This will cause China to start dumping U.S. debt.
Foreigners are dumping U.S. debt at a faster rate than we have ever seen before and U.S. Treasury yields have been rising.
This is a massive problem because our entire debt standard of living is dependent on foreigners lending us gigantic mountains of money at super low interest rates.

If the average rate of interest on U.S. government debt just got back to 5 percent we would be paying out about a trillion dollars a year just in interest on the national debt.

If foreigners keep dumping our debt and if Treasury yields keep rising a major financial implosion of historic proportions is an absolutely guaranteed within the next four years.

Buckle your seat belt for the economic crisis looming world wide.
OP Wincig 2 | 221
23 Jan 2017 #255
@johnny reb

Congratulations JR, at long last a post making sense from you!!
johnny reb 27 | 4,620
23 Jan 2017 #256
Thank you for your approval my friend.
The only way that America can continue is to have the world keep lending us money.
In reality just the opposite is happening because of obama's determination to destroy America.
During obama's eight years, a staggering 9.3 trillion dollars was added to the national debt.
When you break that number down, it comes to more than a hundred million dollars every single hour of every single day while Obama was living in the White House.

In just two terms, Obama added almost as much to the national debt as all of the other presidents before him combined.
(The debt went from about 9 trillion to 19 trillion in eight years of obama.)
When the official figure comes out I think it will be close to $34 million, of tax payers money alone, that he spent on personal vacations !

Someone EVENTUALLY has to pay the Piper.
The Liberal Socialist just don't seem to get this part of economics 101.
If it wasn't for Capitalism the Liberals would have nothing to "redistribute".
This is WHY the people elected try and clean the Dems mess up.
Unfortunately in my opinion, it is to late to fix what the obama administration has purposely and permanently destroyed.
(Remember Bin Laden's infamous words to America, "My goal is to destroy America's economy.)
23 Jan 2017 #257
johnny reb : True. I noticed in the media pro Obama : they talk how low is unemployement in USA.
It might be true but in the same time the USA debt is at all time high.
I guess it is a ticking bomb for USA.

I have the impression Trump is a good business and will know how to tackle the problem.
We will see in four years time.

Liberals do not want to aknowledge he has a chance of success just because he said he does not want muslims in USA.
To my mind since he said he does not want muslims , media are against him.
johnny reb 27 | 4,620
23 Jan 2017 #258
Liberals do not want to aknowledge he has a chance of success

Of course not.
They will whine, cry, riot for the next four years trying to impeach Trump.
They are scared to death that they may have to trade in their obama phones for an alarm clock.
Under obama's tenure, average annual food stamp enrollment has risen by more than 15 million from when obama first took office in 2008.
Home ownership rate is the lowest it has been in over twenty years when records first started being kept.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports more than 590,000 Americans say they are not in the labor force because they are discouraged, a figure that's 26 percent higher than even the worst annual average under George W. Bush.

Plus the employment population ratio has been continuously below the 60% threshold under obama.
The last time it was this low was 1985.
Nothing demonstrated the end of the obama Error and the beginning of the Trump Era more definitively for me than Trump's saying three simple words, "Radical Islamic Terrorism."

For eight years obama treated our enemy with fame..... 'He who must not be named'.
Trump not only named the enemy, he declared, in no uncertain terms, that "we will eradicate 'them' completely from the face of the Earth."

Which brings me to, "Can you believe that such 'educated idiots' could vote for obama TWICE !
Can you believe that obama received the Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING while being at war throughout his entire 8 year term !"
I am so glad that guy is gone and thank my God every day that it wasn't a continuation with a Crooked Hillary.
Lyzko 25 | 7,009
23 Jan 2017 #259
And the kicker is, Johnny, if the shoe were on the other foot and our Lady HILLARY had won instead of this buzzard, you people wouldn't have been rioting and rantin' till the cows came home??!!

Quit handin' us a line:-)
johnny reb 27 | 4,620
23 Jan 2017 #260
Oh B.S. with your kicker.....I just posted facts Jack. (and noticed you wouldn't dare dispute any of them)
I can never in my life time remember Conservative Republicans rioting in the streets, burning an American flag and destroying personal property when a Democratic President got elected........can you ?

Now stay on topic as this thread is running very smoothly without your meaningless cry baby rants.
Lyzko 25 | 7,009
23 Jan 2017 #261
I can never in my life time remember Conservative Republicans rioting in the streets....

Then you haven't lived, my boy:-) If you look back in history, in fact, that statement is incorrect, although your memory might only extend as far back as EisenhowerLOL

Indeed, my remarks about the Bully-in-Chief pertain most definitely to this thread topic, as Poland is one of the very few European nations (except for the "neutral" UK, thank you, PM May!!) which supports Trump! I'm referring to the PiS, not the KOD, naturally.
nothanks - | 640
23 Jan 2017 #262
Our dear CMS is quite the well travelled, well educated,cosmopolitan, international man of mystery.

So his allegiance lies in Polska opening it's borders to more "international men"
nothanks - | 640
23 Jan 2017 #263
Liberals do not want to aknowledge he has a chance of success just because he said he does not want muslims in USA.

There are countless reasons why liberals don't like him, some justified and others not

But they are digging themselves a deeper hole with the scaremongering. In 2020 the argument will be: "But you already spoon fed me he would destroy the environment, in-prison gays, deport ethnics and give nukes to Korea but it didn't happen. Why should I believe you this time around?"

They are setting the bar so low Donald only needs to accomplish a few relatively easy goals and he will be regarded as successful. Trump plays into this all the time. It's how he did business. Start off with an outrageous offer/statement and then steadily move closer to the center but he ends up getting his intended result: agreement in his favor even if just slightly.
johnny reb 27 | 4,620
24 Jan 2017 #264
They are setting the bar so low

They are beneath contempt to put it mildly.
Never mind the Russians.
It was Hillary Clinton who was actually trying to sabotage the 2016 Presidential Election, according to a WikiLeaks release.
The information released shows that the Hillary Clinton campaign staffers bribed six Republicans to "destroy Trump".
The evidence includes an email from John Podesta to Huma Abedin discussing diverting Clinton campaign funds to various Republicans who were secretly on the Clinton payroll.

Liberal left narrative is so important to them (religiously important) that they will do "anything" to ensure their big government socialism becomes a reality in America.

This impact on Poland would only hurt any economy recovery while with Trump Poland has hope.
24 Jan 2017 #265
Maybe the Trump effect is gaining ground in the Netherlands, the Dutch PM has told Turks to integrate of f@@k off back to Turkey. It now seems the mostly liberal Dutch are seeking an alternative from openness to tradition. here is a link The Dutch PM has also published a open letter in one of the main Dutch newspapers stating its time for immigrants to accept Dutch values or go home. WOW.
johnny reb 27 | 4,620
24 Jan 2017 #266
Trump stated that once ISIS is defeated that there is no reason why they can not ALL go back to their homelands.
Problem solved.
There, was that so hard to figure out ?
Trump will make a great president if the Liberal Snowflakes would just give him a chance which I don't see happening in the next four years.

The Dems will be trying for impeachment next......... just watch and see.
They still really think that Crooked Hillary won.
Crnogorac3 1 | 316
24 Jan 2017 #267
When Donald Trump won the US presidential elections it was the first day of a new era... If I would have to say something about this, first and foremost it is not only a political victory of Donald Trump, this is possibly the most significant date for the world since the time when Vladimir Putin took the helm of Russia.

All who attacked and also those who praised Trump always pointed out that he is an opponent of the establishment. Behind this phrase is in fact hidden the whole secret about the importance of his victory. He really won against the establishment - one system that was lying to the American people and to the whole world about it's true intentions. And which behind the story of American peace, Pax-Americana and the Global System in fact behind itself left rivers of blood, worse and worse situation in the world and a hint of a future World War.

It means altogether this now ceases to be actual and we have a position in which America stops being an Evil Empire and becomes a State.
Crnogorac3 1 | 316
24 Jan 2017 #268
The Dems will be trying for impeachment next......... just watch and see.


Well, the opponents of Donald Trump this time were not only the members of the Democratic Party, instead it was one wide coalition of people for which is not suitable change of the situation and the return of America to itself - to it's own identity.

We practically since Woodrow Wilson and WWI did not have a president who was that much interested for America to be American and to deal with infrastructure, improving the life of their people, reducing the sensless deaths worldwide and by this intimidation of the world in which America behind all those mild and nice words was becoming some sort of a dictator that is pressuring the whole world and imposing it's will. Meaning alltogether this now has gone in a fade-out just because Trump succeded to do the impossible, as in some miracle practically. 80% of the media were pronouncedly against him, (which does not mean that those 20% were for him), to overcome them, repudiate and deconstruct them, and that for the first time reality won against hyperreality, it was a victory of truth over marketing, and that the silent majority of the American people finally liberated themselves from those constraints that kept them until now in the trap of high politics and all that which was carried with itself by the administration of the previous president and several more before him, even regardless of whether they were Democrats or Republicans.
24 Jan 2017 #269
opponents of Donald Trump this time were not only the members of the Democratic Party, instead it was one wide coalition of

Bolshevik satanists, recycled communists, black lives matter terrorists, LGBT extremists & feminists...

What moral right do they have to protest against the will of the majority and to destroy public property?!
cms 9 | 1,271
24 Jan 2017 #270
But Hillary got more votes than Trump so he is not really in the majority. Not arguing with the result or the electoral syste, but save the histrionics - there are enough nutjobs on here already. You do know that you can be a white, conservative, straight, male and still think that Trump is dangerous and unfit to govern ? The consequences for Poland could be severe but lets see how it goes.

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