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Abortion still under control in Poland

OP polonius
12 Oct 2012 #61
powder? What ya talkin about? Cocaine? Talcum powder?

Apparently you're not a native speaker of English. To take a powder means to split, disappear, vanish or make like a tree and leave! Or wziąć nogi za pas....
12 Oct 2012 #62
powder? What ya talkin about? Cocaine? Talcum powder?

He's trying to sound like a 1930s American gangster. Appropriate really that he should use such language, most of his social opinions come from that era too.
12 Oct 2012 #63
How is it legislated in your country ?

I'll answer your question when you answer mine. I fully expect no response. But seeing as I asked mine first, it's only fair isn't it?.

If you think a woman should be forced to go through bodily trauma because she "behaved like an animal", what traumatic equivalent should the man be forced to go through? Possibly paying 50zl a week for a child you didn't want doesn't come near the same scale as having the equivalent of hormone treatment for 9 months, then having to push out a watermelon through a hole the size of a saucer.

Surely a man should suffer an equal punishment for his reckless behaviour, seeing as you are quite happy to force this onto a woman? Or do the man's actions somehow not count?

You told me I was a "quasi-human", so tell me, what have you done to make the world a better place recently? Given up months of your free time working at the Red Cross washing wheelchairs? Perhaps you've given up a few Christmases for the homeless? Visited any orphanages recently and given these unwanted babies the emotional attention and love they so desperately crave, I mean, you wanted them born in the first place, perhaps you've helped these poor children? Given your time to any mental health charities? I mean, you're quite happy for women (but not men) to acquire a whole set of mental health issues.

At the moment it seems that you're all for dishing the dirt to the vulnerable in society but seem to give back very little. I wait with baited breath.
12 Oct 2012 #64
Abortion needs to be legal in every country and easily available up to 16 weeks!
Availability of the procedure prevents much distress for the woman concerned and goes some way towards safeguarding against late and illegal abortions!
People need to be aware of the need for contraception and know how to use it correctly but when you have ridiculous religions telling people it's a sin to use contraception, it can be hard to get the message across! Ideally we should be more careful about sexual relations but people are people and mistakes happen!

For those people who say abortion is a 'sin' well it's a far bigger sin to bring a child into a 'sh-t' life and possibly condemn several generations to 'sh-t lives'
12 Oct 2012 #65
Apparently you're not a native spekaer of English

Far more of a native-speaker than you are boy.

To take a powder means to split, disappear, vanish

OK, so I looked it up

To take a powder means to leave quickly in 1940's slang.
It can also mean to suddenly disappear/run away, especially to avoid something unpleasant.


I think you've been watching too much Boardwalk Empire :P

Abortion needs to be legal in every country and easily available up to 16 weeks!

100% agree
OP polonius
12 Oct 2012 #66
Abortion needs to be legal in every country and easily available up to 16 weeks - claims kaz200972

Why stop at 16 weeks. Wouldn't partial-birth abortions up into the 32nd and 34th week be even better. That way some of the organs could be used on the human body-parts market and the unmother and her partner (if she can find him) would have themselves some extra drug and drinking money! Those unfamilair with this more 'progressive' form of abrotion, read on:

* Registered nurse Brenda Pratt Shafer witnessed several partial-birth abortions while working for an Ohio abortionist. She described one of these abortions in a letter to Congressman Tony Hall:

The baby's body was moving. His little fingers were clasping together. He was kicking his feet. All the while his little head was still stuck inside. Dr. Haskell took a pair of scissors and inserted them into the back of the baby's head. Then he opened the scissors

up. Then he stuck the high-powered suction tube into the hole and sucked the baby's brains out.
12 Oct 2012 #67
Wouldn't partial-birth abortions up into the 32nd and 34th week be even better.

No, because after that time there's a chance the ball of cells might live if taken out with care.
OP polonius
12 Oct 2012 #68
And then they could be sold on the human-organs market. Maybe an even better solution is to deliver the chiild after the full 9 months and then murder it, taking care not to damage any of the potnetially marketable organs.
12 Oct 2012 #69
Perhaps a better solution is for men to simply stop talking about the issue.

I'm sure it's not only me that sees the irony in some old American living in Warsaw telling Polish women what to do and what not to do.
12 Oct 2012 #70
to deliver the chiild after the full 9 months and then murder it, taking care not to damage any of the potnetially marketable organs.

Yawn. I see that you have given up trying to make any coherent points and have resorted to building straw men. How predictable.
OP polonius
12 Oct 2012 #71
Yes, do tell Harry to stop. It's always the same old libertine mumbo-jumbo: easy prn, easy sex, easy condoms, easy abortions, easy infidelity, easy divorce, easy deviation, anything goes, let it all hang out, you only live once, bla-bla-bla...
12 Oct 2012 #72
If you feel mature enough to have sex, you must be prepared to take responsibility for the result of it, even if "it" was not planned,

You didn't, rather tellingly, answer the 2nd part of my question. Post#36. But i doubt you will answer that part, because we both know what the answer would be,don't we?
12 Oct 2012 #73
The baby's body was moving.

Load of boll-cks that is not how abortions are carried out!!!

Why stop at 16 weeks.

Unfortunately druggies and alcoholics rarely have abortions as they know there is money to be made from having kids!!!! I have spent many years dealing with the kids from these scumbags, it's not a nice life for the kids and sometimes the next generation suffers too!! These bits of sh-t come from all walks of life and most nationalities and some of them are Catholics too! Don't you dare preach about 'sin' and criticise abortion, just go and see how some kids have to suffer!!!
OP polonius
12 Oct 2012 #74
Load of boll-cks that is not how abortions are carried out!!

But late partial-birth abortions are. Here is the medical description:
Partial birth abortion, medically known as intact dilation and extraction (IDX), is a method of late-term abortion that ends a pregnancy and results in the death and intact removal of a fetus from the uterus. In the United States, as of late 2008 the procedure was illegal.
12 Oct 2012 #75
It is a simple question...choice.....
Choice is whether to have fries with your hamburger.....
Choice is whether to wear a pink blouse with your jeans....


People how hard is this??
12 Oct 2012 #76
People how hard is this??

Who taught you that you could speak for all women, Patrick?
12 Oct 2012 #77
I Speak for Human Beings!!!

Like the little chlidren being murdered that CAN'T SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES
13 Oct 2012 #78

Yes, you've convinced me now.................., I lied.
terminatinga FETUS isnot KILLING achild

See how annoying that is? No need to capitalise, I'm envisioning you screaming at your screen & life is too short to get upset about something on the internet.

little chlidren being murdered that CAN'T SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES

Who made you their spokeman? And sure anyway kids can't speak properly until they are about 2 years old. Newborns can't talk. You must be a man, men don't know much about giving birth, so it's ok dude, calm down, get a pint and don't be worrying your head about abortions, you'll never need one.
Wroclaw Boy
13 Oct 2012 #79
when you all, "people" will be close to kicking the bucket, you will be all so little then, so quite and so scared of what is going to happen after...

we might if we had been brainwashed by the biggest scam on the planet as you have.

Like the little chlidren being murdered that CAN'T SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES

What about all those poor little sperm cells? millions of the little helpless buggers blasted into a tissue and murdered.
13 Oct 2012 #80
Like the little chlidren being murdered that CAN'T SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES

Oh Patrick, you're making it oh so easy. In fact, it's so easy that I'm not even going to bother, except that it's funny that an American should see fit to interfere in Polish debates.
13 Oct 2012 #81
So easy to terminate a life-Wow....please......
13 Oct 2012 #82
Murder is an illegal killing. Abortion is not murder in the United States because the Supreme Court ruled that abortion is legal. Now whether abortion is moral is another matter but that is up to the individual. Morals are how individuals conduct their lives, civil law is the rules for society as a whole. You cannot legislate morality as for the most part it's unenforceable. The moral of the story is, if you think abortion is morally wrong don't get an abortion. If everyone thought that way there wouldn't be any abortions. For those women who think abortion is moral or believe they need an abortion, it's none of your business... if it's a sin it's their sin.
13 Oct 2012 #83
Making abortion illegal isn't going to stop abortion - woman are going to get them either way but if it is legal it will be safer for them. Not many women WANT an abortion and it is hard enough to get one without people screaming in your face. Usually it will be because they feel they won't properly be able to raise the child. Why force the mother and child into a hard life?

This quote by George Carlin is often relevant - "They’re all in favor of the unborn. They will do anything for the unborn. But once you’re born, you’re on your own."
13 Oct 2012 #84
dictate women what to do with their own bodies

I am a woman, and have been pregnant three times, so I can tell you with absolute certainty that: abortion is not about what you do with your own body - it is about what you do with the tiny little body whose life has been entrusted to your protection while it has no chance of protecting itself.

Woman actually CAN'T choose what happens with their bodies - lots of things happen to women that they have no control whatsoever over. They menstruate. They give birth. Even pregnancy itself is a huge example of something taking place within the woman's body, and she is not in control of that process. Nor is she meant to be - it is a natural process.

At the end of the day, she will live with her secision, no one else.

And that is as huge a problem as the termination of a life. Everyone around her will suggest abortion as the sensible option, but then they will all go home to their warm beds and families. And she will be the one left with the responsibility, and grief for the rest of her life, of never having seen her child's face.

Abortion is the biggest maltreatment of women around that I can think of. A significant number of women, however well they hide it, are very seriously affected emotionally, and many have problems with anxiety and other disorders to the end of their lives as a result of having gone ahead with a termination.

This isn't a simple subject. The woman's role as a mother, protector and nurturer of life, is completely undermined and trashed by abortion. This doesn't only have a catastrophic effect on the child, but also on the mother - and she is the one who has to go on living.

It is an unjustifiable act of, to my mind, extraordinary double standards, and it will no doubt be outlawed in decades or centuries to come, and looked upon as the grossest barbarity.

And, to be fair to Catholicism, this is exactly how the Church views it. The 'liberals' will work it out one day.
13 Oct 2012 #85
No European country has death penalty as crime punishment. So a criminal that raped and murdered will not get killed. ( we do not kill because it is not human) but a little baby that had no chance to do anything wrong can be killed and in most European countries is legal.

God appointed a day when Christ will come back in anger and He will judge in righteousness. you better get right with God before He is here.

Abortion is always unsafe, mother hurt, baby killed.

A baby starts to be a person in the moment God has placed it in the womb of the mother and she should care to see this blessing, instead of sinning against the Most High.

God is the only One that gives life and the Only One that has the right to take it away.
Did the mother that aborts give herself her own life? Then she has no right to take away someone else's life.
Such women should think better and more in depth, how it happened that they came to live. And that their life can end any moment, if God so wills. He has the control over everything He created. And this tiny innocent baby will be with Him in Heaven, but if the mother does not repent for what she has done and keep on sinning will burn eternally.

“I notice that all of the people who support abortion are already born.”
― Ronald Reagan
13 Oct 2012 #86
A foetus is not a baby, terminating a pregnancy is killing nothing but an assembly of unconscious cells. However much god-botherers try to pretend otherwise.
13 Oct 2012 #87
In effect, abortion underground will be blooming and women will put their lives in jeopardy.

According to that logic in order to eradicate theft people should be allowed to take whatever they want.

no one, not even the rcc, has the right to tell anyone, especially women, what they can do to/with their bodies.

Well Mr Medic could you expelain to me why do you regard a child as a part of women body?

nd men in black dresses

is that even means anything?should the decision be left to women in red strings and power hungry activists?lol(mods what was that new thingee about banked statements)

What this is really about is the Roman Catholic Church legislating morality

#The RCC do not take part in the legislative process.

LOL at the people (mainly men, I presume) wanting to force women through unwanted bodily trauma.

lol back at your presumptions, nobody want to force anybody to do anything, just to face consequences of their voluntary actions, if your activities lead to "trauma" you can only yourself to blame.

Nobody is forcing you to become sexually active and if you do I presume that you are aware of the consequence and also that nowadays you can enjoy said activities without having to go through such "trauma" - snip, snip! If you choose to do otherwise than there is only one person to blame - namely you!

If I were to ever become preganat whilst I'm living here, I'd be on the 1st flight back to the UK to expel the unwanted parasite feeding off my body.

If? you can make sure that you will never become pregnant - snip!(at least reasonably sure)!
13 Oct 2012 #88
Abortion is always unsafe, mother hurt, baby killed.

Not to mention that abortionists don't give a rat's rear-end about father's rights. As if the baby developing in a mother's womb is "her" property and hers alone. The abortionist mentality is a plot to depopulate the West. Also, it's disgusting that those who suggest abortion saves someone from this "horrible" world happen to be those living in the wealthiest countries on the planet, where we have technology, wealth and food in abundance but are so pleasure-oriented we'd rather not allow the conceived to partake in this "horrible" world.
13 Oct 2012 #89
The abortionist mentality is a plot to depopulate the West.

Would that be by the Zionist Occupation Government or aliens?
13 Oct 2012 #90
No European country has death penalty as crime punishment.

Loads of them do, they just don't use them.

God appointed a day when Christ will come back in anger and He will judge in righteousness

No, no, no, no, no.

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