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Hołownia - a rising star in Polish politics?

Lenka 5 | 3,524
11 Mar 2024 #91
Hołownia was hiding his views on abortion

I don't think he really did. I think people assumed his stance.
OP pawian 223 | 24,571
11 Mar 2024 #92
I think people assumed his stance.

You mean his voters, of course. The recent poll proves 90% of them demand free abortion.
OP pawian 223 | 24,571
16 Mar 2024 #93
This is war!!! Polish women again united against their mysogynist enemy! Like in the old good times when PiS ruled in Poland. Amasing!!!! :):):)

Hołownia leads a two party coalition called The Third Way/Road.

Here is a placard which exploits the name:

(Going along) the Third Way/Road over women`s dead bodies.

OP pawian 223 | 24,571
26 Mar 2024 #94
The latest trust ranking:

Szymon Hołownia fell from the leadership position in February and his chances for a quick comeback are decreasing. Currently, 42.8% of people trust the Speaker of the Sejm - this is 5.3 percentage points less. compared to February. This means that in two months he lost as much as 11.6 percentage points. Lack of trust in the leader of Poland 2050 is declared by 43.3% of people in the latest survey. 13.5% have a neutral opinion about him.

That is why he isn`t going to win the presidential elections next year.

Ph.D. Renata Mieńkowska-Norkiene, in her commentary for Onet, primarily points to a clear drop in Szymon Hołownia's ratings, who, in her opinion, paid the price for the row related to projects liberalizing abortion regulations. - He disappointed his progressive voters, who express their opposition to his decisions in the trust ranking. He probably gained favor with conservative voters, but he definitely lost more than he gained. The Hołownia effect is a matter of falling from the position of a great, brilliant Speakerl to the position of such an old grandpa with a mustache - says the sociologist and political scientist.
Ironside 50 | 12,461
27 Mar 2024 #95
It is clear now that Tusk uses Holownia as his condom.
OP pawian 223 | 24,571
20 Apr 2024 #96
Memed Hołownia:

Carp before Christmas, seeing your dirty bathtub:

OP pawian 223 | 24,571
1 day ago #97
. He thought he would wait it out, that he would escape from it until after the local government elections, and preferably also the European parliamentary elections, but you can't escape forever.

The poor results of Hołownia`s party at the latest EU elections, only 7% contrasted with 14% last October, make it clear that his good days in politics are gone. His previous voters have turned to other parties - 34% to Tusk, 8% to Konfederacja, 5% to PIS. It means he lost more voters of liberal stance who voted for him last year coz they were reluctant to support Tusk for various reasons. Now they have seen through Hołownia and dumped him.

He can kiss goodbye to his presidency in 2025 of which he has been dreaming for years.


This is war!!! Polish women again united against their mysogynist enemy!

Women refused to vote for Hołownia. Serves him right!!! hahahaha

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