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How are electric cars doing in Poland?

Miloslaw 6 | 2,900
13 Jan 2020 #181
@cms neuf

Hybrids are really taking off in the UK.
Not so much total electric cars.
Electric "refuelling" stations are springing up all over.
I think we need to make one more jump on battery power for electic cars to take off and a British inventor may have just done that.
Dougpol1 32 | 3,296
13 Jan 2020 #182
I've never even seen a 'tesla' in Poland,

One was parked outside my house last winter.
600,000 zl...took a photo, and it mysteriously disappeared from my phone 😂
Vlad1234 15 | 581
16 Jan 2020 #183
At present the cost of Lithium-ion batteries is prohibitive. Possibly, too few investments are made in cheaper varieties of a batteries.
johnny reb 21 | 3,833
16 Jan 2020 #184
How much coal does it take to make electricity to charge one of those batteries ?
cms neuf - | 1,250
16 Jan 2020 #185
I don't know - most but not all of our power is coal. The cost for 100I'm is about 30 percent of the petrol cost.

Ultimately it will happen - coal has problems but better that than relying on Putin and Saudis. Once other energy sources are viable I think electric cars will take off

One of the problems is that Poles who could afford the cars either live in expensive flats where they can't charge them or down unpaved roads 20km from cities in new mansions but don't want to break their axles in winter
gumishu 11 | 5,142
16 Jan 2020 #186
coal has problems but better that than relying on Putin and Saudis.

wait for Timmermans to make electricity in Poland twice as expensive as it is now
cms neuf - | 1,250
16 Jan 2020 #187
Well our own government is already doing a great job of increasing power prices. Basically whatever kind of fuel is used the price will go up but with electric at least it can be produced domestically
Vlad1234 15 | 581
16 Jan 2020 #189
@cms neuf
Does Poland still have plans to go nuclear?
johnny reb 21 | 3,833
16 Jan 2020 #190
tesla as cab

My buddy has one where he can sit at his kitchen table in the morning with his coffee and with his cell phone he can start his Tesla in his garage, open the garage door, back his car out of the garage, close the garage door and set the air condition or heat to any temperature he wants while he sits at the kitchen table eating his breakfast.

He just got the latest computer upgrade module (for a price) that increases his acceleration up to 96 kilometers per hour from 4.3 seconds to now 3.8 seconds with the new upgrade.

That's smokin' my friend.
Cargo pants 2 | 196
16 Jan 2020 #191
Yeah,I bought Model x in 2015 but missed lexus lx 570 and went back to it in 2018.I booked Cyber truck which will come out in 2022 maybe earlier in NJ with SUMMON feature,AWD and 500 mile range on full charge.LOL paid over 2000$ to install super charger at home also which will finally be handy again.Even though it comes with free life time charging at Tesla charge points.Plus Tesla cars a basically maintenance free,no oil changes etc main expenses are tires & brakes. and 8 year warranty on battery.

I see maybe 15/20 electric chargers under Plac Kultury in Warsaw and all are always busy and people waiting in line to charge there cars.There are more electric cars in Poland then anyone here thinks of.There are all kind of models.Almost every manufacturer has a electric vehicle or coming out with one.

Your Tesla stocks will hit 600$ for sure as Musk will get 12 bil shares(or $ in shares as bonus i forgot).Maybe after it reaches that mark shares might fall or maybe keep shooting up.

Good luck pal.
Spike31 2 | 1,237
16 Jan 2020 #192
Electric cars are like solar panels: the technology is not quite there yet
johnny reb 21 | 3,833
16 Jan 2020 #193
Please tell us what technology they are lacking if you would.
Spike31 2 | 1,237
17 Jan 2020 #194
Battery capacity. Same size battery pack as compared to a regular car tank full of petrol delivers much less energy.
Miloslaw 6 | 2,900
17 Jan 2020 #195
But it is coming.............
johnny reb 21 | 3,833
17 Jan 2020 #196
compared to a regular car

Do you mean 'full size' or 'compact' car ?
Since the Tesla is a full size car then we have to compare it to a full size petro burner.
The Tesla has about the same range as a petro burner of the same size. (550 kilometers)
And the electric vehicle actually has much more energy then a petro vehicle as we saw when they hooked up a Tesla pick up truck to Ford pick up truck (same size) back bumper to back bumper and the electric Tesla truck pulled the Ford truck down the road with the Ford truck helpless to the Tesla over powering torque.
Spike31 2 | 1,237
17 Jan 2020 #197
But it is coming

And when it become economically reasonable to get one I'll think about buying it. For now, I will let those ideologically inclined customers to be an early adopters of a half baked technology :-)
gumishu 11 | 5,142
17 Jan 2020 #198
Well our own government is already doing a great job of increasing power prices.

our (Polish) government is bound by the EU law to sell rights to CO2 emissions - this is the rights that make electricity more expensive and the decision was not made by this government
johnny reb 21 | 3,833
17 Jan 2020 #199
By the amount of low grade coal your Country burns I can understand why they couldn't afford to sell rights to CO2 emissions.
It's going take a lot more than electric cars to fix Poland's CO2 emissions problem.
A couple of nuclear reactors would be a hell of a start.
gumishu 11 | 5,142
17 Jan 2020 #200
the problem is noone wants a nuclear plant in their vicinity in Poland after the Chernobyl case
johnny reb 21 | 3,833
17 Jan 2020 #201
Nobody in the world wants them in their vicinity however the conclusion is that they are a necessary evil.
I am sure nobody wants to breath cancer causing coal emissions either but nobody seems to care about that or how it effects the rest of the world.

Now let's get back on topic.
Spike31 2 | 1,237
17 Jan 2020 #202
A couple of nuclear reactors would be a hell of a start.

At last we agree on something
johnny reb 21 | 3,833
4 Feb 2020 #203
I still believe that Tesla stock could hit $1000 per share in three or four years.

That was two years ago when the stock was at $243 per share and did I get laughed at.

I see this morning that Tesla stock is now at $905 per share.
That puts $122,800 in my pocket for my original 200 shares and another $54,500 on the 100 shares I bought later at $312 for a total of $191,700 profit so far in just two years.

With this said, it shows that with this kind of growth that it will be a very short time before Poland will be introduced these cars at an affordable price.

The first sign of electric cars in Poland will be when their charging ports start showing up everywhere.
Miloslaw 6 | 2,900
4 Feb 2020 #204
You are right.
Here in the UK we have gone more the hybrid route for now but the charging ports are springing up all over London.
pawian 167 | 10,991
6 Feb 2020 #205
A few years ago PiS Prime Minister promised 1 million electric cars in Poland in 2025. He lied blatantly and knew about it.,Million-electric-vehicles-in-Poland
Spike31 2 | 1,237
29 Feb 2020 #206

A new take on his biography was published in Poland last year. It's a very interesting read

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