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Polish Nursery Rhymes about a mouse hiding under a rock. Anyone know this song?

22 Sep 2015  #151

A ciyest a ciest nasha mishka vkolle
niema yei niema yei bo ucekua vpolle

Uciekaj, myszko, do dziury,
niech cię nie złapie kot bury!
Bo jak cię złapie kot bury,
to cię obedrze ze skóry!

30 Jul 2016  #152

My grandfather used to take hand and recite a polish nursery rhyme to me as a child. I cannot remember the words correctly but the movements went as follows:

open palm stroked twice in a circular motion while repeating the same phrase or word twice.

Then beginning with the pinky lightly squeeze the tip of each finger saying a different word or phrase of each. (Though the words may have just alternated between fingers)

Finally he would raise his arm up high harassing me to look up resulting in a tickle. Sometimes he would say the last phrase in english: Look at the birdie.

Anyone know this rhyme? I would love to teach it to my young children.
Chemikiem 4 | 1,009    
30 Jul 2016  #153

Anyone know this rhyme?

It might be this one:-
6 Dec 2017  #154

This thread is amazing! You all inadvertently helped me figure out the words/spelling of kotki dwa. But there's another nursery rhyme my babcia used to say. This one was kind of fast and she would bounce me on her knee. It started "tak pan jedzie po obiedzie" but I have no idea if that's the right spelling or how to spell the rest of it. I think it was only about four lines long. Can anyone help me out?
kaprys 1 | 1,043    
6 Dec 2017  #155

Tak pan jedzie po obiedzie (bounce the baby slowly on your lap)
Sługa za nim ze śniadaniem (bounce the baby faster)
Tak pan, tak pan, tak pan (slow)
Tak sługa, tak sługa, tak sługa (fast)
7 Dec 2017  #156

Thanks! Can you translate that please?
Dirk diggler 6 | 2,064    
7 Dec 2017  #157

literally it would be...

(this is) how a man drives (but 'moves' would be more appropriate in the contact) after dinner (meant to imply he is slow after eating)

a servant follows him with breakfast
yes sir, yes sir, yes sir,
yes servant, yes servant, yes servant

it sounds retarded in English but parts of it rhyme..

Arguably the most popular poems/kids books is called Murzynek Bambo. Every Polish child has read it and every Polish adult still remembers it
kaprys 1 | 1,043    
7 Dec 2017  #158

It's a 'patataj' so basically the bouncing part is to imitate horseriding.
Pan - (here) master
Sługa- servant

so ...

That's how the master rides after dinner.
A servant follows him with breakfast.
That's (how) the master (rides) (x3)
That's (how) the servant (rides) (x3)

Home / Life / Polish Nursery Rhymes about a mouse hiding under a rock. Anyone know this song?
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