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How do I verify a Polish company's existence?

13 Feb 2009 #31
I also received that email, can i start like making jokes to them, asking for a higher salary, at least $300K a year, to see what they say or it's dangerous?
PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104
13 Feb 2009 #32
I'd probably not reply to them even if it's jokingly. Your email is just on a list of email addresses they spam out too. If you reply you just open yourself up to problems I feel.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,430
14 Feb 2009 #33
If you reply you just open yourself up to problems I feel.

I don't know, sending them several million messages could be amusing... :)
15 Feb 2009 #34
They seem to be fishing the Careerbuilder site.
22 Feb 2009 #35
Yup! That's how they found me.
22 Feb 2009 #36
I get the same mail today but it's look like employee manager get change
now scams are sending by:
Maria Bowman,
Poland Investments
2 Mar 2009 #37
I replied the "letter" from Poland Investments, Inc before came to this forum. I'm curious and careful. When someone did call me, I told her that I need to verify the source of the money and legitimacy of the company. I was sent a metal trading licence belonging to PI INC, which is the only words that I can understand. I also see the expiration date I assume.

Can anyone read Polish and authenticate the doc for me? Let me know what you think?
my email: rrjc6560@gmail
10 Mar 2009 #38
I recieved the same email today from a..."Jennifer Glass". Sounds like a crock. Have not seen any emails from happy and satisfied applicants.
10 Mar 2009 #39
apparently "Jennifer" has two last names, her other last name is "Glass", is the name she used to send me an email, yet all the rest of the very words used in this email is precisely exactly the same way I read my email by Poland Investments inc.

It sounds like a scam to me.

LondonChick 31 | 1,133
10 Mar 2009 #40
Come on... if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
Krakowianka 1 | 243
10 Mar 2009 #41
Poland Investments sounds like that dead Nigerian uncle with the multi million inheritance.
15 Mar 2009 #42
got one too! it's a scam.
15 Mar 2009 #43
ya i got the same email.. for once i thot this cud be the email tht wil change my life.. but as i read thru it.. it became too glossy.. n then i noticed tht the name of the sender's email is different from the name of the person who signed at the bottom! But anyway, I guess being jobles is beter than to get caught up in such scams!!
15 Mar 2009 #44
now it is Julia Glass

15 Mar 2009 #45
Poor girl... she must be on the run.... Her name and email address keeps changing..... Maybe some ex-KGB boyfriend is after her for running away with his Rubles? She can't even send her employment offers from the same email address each time. Her email was sent to me as Shreenivasa Bortard [shreenivasabortard57@hotmail] - then in the body of the email she tells me to reply to her as Julia Glass, Poland Investments - She also told me I can reach her any time by phone (from 8 am till 6 pm, Monday-Friday)... but conveniently forgot to include her phone number.
z_darius 14 | 3,968
15 Mar 2009 #46
How do I verify a Polish company's existence?

You order something from them.
If the product doesn;t arrive they don't exist.
15 Mar 2009 #47
I got the very same email but it had a different persons name listed but other than that its was exactly the same word for word
16 Mar 2009 #48
Yes, I received the email from Julia Glass today. I am glad I research before I attempted to respond. This does sound too good to be true and seems like It IS!!!!
16 Mar 2009 #49

Can somneone tell me if Poland Investment Inc exists or not. I have a tempting job offer from them.... Please tell me how do i check the authenticity.
16 Mar 2009 #50
Thread attached on merging:
I am looking to verify a company in Poland called Poland Investments Inc.

How can I verify if this company is valid and is doing business in Poland in metal certificates? Experian did not come up with any information.
16 Mar 2009 #52
thanks, they offered me a job and I wanted to check them out before I went into any lengthy discussions with them.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
16 Mar 2009 #53
16 Mar 2009 #54
I received it too..... lmao but, From: Audrey Brogoitti <audreybrogoitti37@hotmail>
Google Polish Investment, Inc. _minority_stake_in_Telewizyjna_Korporacja-298793

Cox Poland Investments Inc acquires a minority stake in ...
POLAND - US-based Cox Poland Investments Inc acquired a #.##% stake in Telewizyjna Korporacja Partycypacyjna SA, Warsaw-based television broadcasting ... ity_stake_in_Telewizyjna_Korporacja-2987... - 21k - Cached - Similar pages

and my fav... :: Poland Investments
Absolute report apropos Poland Investments. You could dig up some facts regarding ... inc. there are productivité clear profits and use neighborhoods and, ... - 12k - Cached - Similar pages
Guest in VA
23 Mar 2009 #55
I got the same email today too. I started laughing with my son and wife about it assuming it was an identity scam...from your posts looks like I was right. My email originated from Boccardi Cornwell and the contact person was listed as Madeline Morris.
23 Mar 2009 #56
i gotthe same line of crap 125.000 a year. yeah right im a machinist not a huxter.
25 Mar 2009 #57
thank you for all the info, i just got the e-mail of poland investments and yes, i reply it but thank you all again for all the info, now i know i just scam
25 Mar 2009 #58
I got an e-mail from Madeline Morris. I wanted to know if it was a scam....thank you for your help on this topic.
25 Mar 2009 #59
It is a scam. I responded and they send a wordnote document that asks for a copy of your passport, your SSI# and your bank account number, so they can send you your checks. I specifically asked for a phone#, yet one was not provided. Funny thing is, she wrote both times that I may call her.

Mine was from Madeline Morris, promising $125,000 as a base salary, $250,000 if I had an MBA.
25 Mar 2009 #60
Me thinkum white lady speak with fork-ed tongue.


An Indian

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