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How do I verify a Polish company's existence?

mahbub Hassan - | 1
27 Apr 2019 #181
Dear All,
Do you can confirm me the company mentioned below is authentic ?=====

Company Name: Agri-Food Processing and froestry Forest Sc.Jerzy Brostek Arthur Brostek.
Ul,Reymonta 23
07-430,Myszyniec,Province Mazowieckie.
Phone: 2977
Do you can find out NIP and REGON number for me? As one of my person asked them to file a work permit for me.

Waiting for your kind reply.
terri 1 | 1,655
28 Apr 2019 #182
You could have done this yourself by putting their name into google. But NIP is 7582313567 and Regon 142257973, business started 01-04-2010
14 Jun 2019 #183
hey guys i am from New York and wanted to start business with polish company called NDEVR SP. Z O.O. i am not sure of they are real, can any one please advice how to check if they are registered company and anything else you guys can help.
Atch 17 | 2,995
14 Jun 2019 #184
I just googled them. Here are their registration details. At the top of the page are their NIP, REGON and KRS numbers. NIP is the tax identifier and KRS is social insurance. It's KRS for agricultural /farmers and ZUS for other types of business. They seem to be genuine.

Here's a view of their location from Google street view:,21.717795,282.74h,-11.42p,1z

And this is their website:
gumishu 11 | 5,053
16 Jun 2019 #185
KRS numbers.

KRS is not social insurance number - KRS (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy) is an official register of - among others - all companies/firms - don't ask me why is it necessary but it is obligatory

social insurance office for farmers is KRUS not KRS
Steve87 - | 3
10 Jul 2019 #186
@Daury - I'm curious to know if you started the business with NDEVR, and how was your experience?
Steve87 - | 3
10 Jul 2019 #187
You mentioned it's a genuine company. Now, please check the below link. This page shows that a different company is registered with same KRS, REGON, etc. Please correct me if I am wrong:
Atch 17 | 2,995
10 Jul 2019 #188
You mentioned it's a genuine company.

I said it seems to be genuine ;))

a different company is registered with same KRS, REGON, etc.

I followed the link you provided and the Regon, Nip etc are not the same.

NDEVR SP Z O O (KRS: 0000524535, NIP: 7352861153, REGON: 123217508)

INTERNATIONAL RECYCLING COMPANY SP Z O O (KRS: 0000720061, NIP: 8133774058, REGON: 369677811)
Steve87 - | 3
10 Jul 2019 #189
@Atch: I re-checked. You are right. Thanks a lot :) .. TBH I wanted to be wrong here ;)
Atch 17 | 2,995
11 Jul 2019 #190
No probs :) business matters in foreign languages/countries can melt one's head a bit.

Just a note of caution, the International Recycling Company is owned by guys with Russian surnames, not Polish. Of course there are legitimate Russian entrepreneurs but the old Rooskies do have a bit of reputation. They might be Ukrainian of course. Lots of Ukrainians in Poland. I checked out the address and it's a business park with many different companies located there at number 5.

"BiznesPark is a complex of office buildings and business premises located in Rzeszów at ul. Przemysłowa 5. Within BiznesPark there are two office buildings, a warehouse with a ramp and a large parking lot. The excellent location provides ideal conditions for business development."

International Recycling Company also has another address at Stanisława Trembeckiego 11a, 35-235 Rzeszów but it's not clear what's there, looks light industrial neighbourhood.,22.015341,342.42h,-6.49p,0z

The fact that they've been in business a year and haven't got even a basic website raises a few questions, but they could be getting plenty of business locally and with Russia/Ukraine. Bear in mind that the "International" title was probably just selected to sound impressive, rather than having any actual significance.
12 Sep 2019 #191

Polish equivalent to the Better Business Bureau

Hello to everyone,
Can you please tell me if there is an equivalent in Poland to the Better Business Bureau? I wish to verify if a business is legit, what kind of rating it has, any complaints or actions against it etc...

Thank you,
22 Nov 2019 #192
hi guys
meed help.
this company realy exist ???

Holdin West Sp. z o.o.
Zimorodków 28, 40-534 Katowice, Poland
VAT PL9542640120
REG 0000308890
Miloslaw 6 | 2,889
22 Nov 2019 #193

Seems genuine.
Loads of mentions if you Google them, they are on Google maps and have a website.
Miloslaw 6 | 2,889
22 Nov 2019 #194
If you go on Google Maps Streetview you can see their office with the sign outside.
So they do exist.
wasdom - | 1
16 Dec 2019 #195
is this company trustworthy? did someone do business with them before? any experience.
18 Dec 2019 #196
I am dealing with this company. And they are fraud . Every now and then NDEVR SP ZOO and their shipping company ETAS LOGISCTICS are leving more charges on us of no reason . They are such a game player. Be aware of them.
13 Jan 2020 #197
I'm the owner of NDEVR Sp. z oo . My company data has been stolen by cheaters and the is the FAKE site.

My company deals with photovoltaic power plants only. This case has been reported to polish Police on the beggining of 2019.
14 Jan 2020 #198
Basically NIP and REGON, you can order publically information online

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