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How do I verify a Polish company's existence?

13 Jul 2009 #121
Glad I read the reviews. Just received the same email today. I am a company owner and honestly do not need a job offer. How that fool got my email address and wasted my time reading her email to me is bothering me. Scams. Oh, I hate them. These idiots will burn in hell. That's why they belong.
13 Jul 2009 #122
Please don't fall for this scam...I can actually sense longing in some of your postings, as if you want someone to verify that this true! I got the same email and although the subject line english wasn't good I still opened it out of curiousity - my eyes looked for the email address first (google mail? come on!), then a phone number. Just out of curiosity again I googled the "company's" name and came across this forum. Notice also that the sent email address ( is different from the one listed in the body of the email:

Your resume was found on the job site. We examined your candidacy and want to offer you a position in our company. If your resume changed, please send us an updated version to email, indicated at the end of the letter.

My name is Deborah Cox, I am a employee manager in the company Poland Investments Inc.

Poland Investments

szarlotka 8 | 2,208
13 Jul 2009 #123
I can actually sense longing in some of your postings

True.... but not over this particular thread;)
13 Jul 2009 #124
victno: You got to be kidding right? If this is true that you "fell for" the scam (your words), why are you asking what to do? You are grown up - you should know to report it to the local police. Sounds to me like you are appealing to people's greed, if they follow instructions they can get checks for a lot of money - get money for nothing. People should know if they cash out such checks and the checks eventually bounce, they can spend a lot of time in jail for fraud, especially if they spent the money and cannot repay it.
27 Jul 2009 #125
You can verify by google the nam Poland Investment, if there is such a company which I say there isn't, you can open their web page, get the contact info. and call the company to verify they are sending out nthese emails of job offers, which I will gaurentee is a fraud.

Any company of this nature would for sure have a web site. "You think?!"
10 Sep 2009 #126
Hello, i'm Pietro, from Italy, i've recived the same mail. It's from Italian name Marta Fazio, she told me that found my name in a job site (i think carrerbuilder) and she offered me "only" 60000 Euros!!!!! Unbeliveble!!!! Why they offer you much more?!?!?! hehehehe I answered to her asking more information and she sent me copy of job contract to compile with name, scan of passport and bla bla bla.......It was in a very terrible italian spoken. I told that i can compile a job contract by mail, also because i couldn't find any site, anything about that company.....she answer me to check on i done and i found a site speaking sell a certificate of metal!!! ok, but i wasn't sure....(also because i already have a job) i told to her that i should go i varsav to sign a contract direct in the company, and she told me that i sould to do it, but it was better so compile and send by mail.......I don't know if it's a scam, but for sure i will ask for much more money!!!!!hehehehehehe
Infotimes - | 19
18 Sep 2009 #127
"GALACTICS" Regon - 014910100still exist according to registers

and Poland Investment Inc. is an obvious scam


I have made a little guide - How to verify a Polish company's existence:
cangarooo - | 1
9 Feb 2010 #128
Hi, I need your support.
I've a new supplier and I need to check if it's reliable or not, especially because they are asking for 100% pre-payment.

Company details are

ANWA Sp. Z o.o
02-384 Warszawa
ul. Wlodarzewska 59 A lok.8
NIP 526-27-35-219
Reg. 015574821

Thanks for your feedback
jonni 16 | 2,485
9 Feb 2010 #129

It's a Ukrainian couple (that would be a warning sign for some), very little info about them, similar name to a car dealership in another city. Registered on a residential street. Most companies in PL would not pay 100% in advance, unless they really had no other option. You can check them for credit history at the KRD for a small fee.

And their product is hardly an unusual one.

It would help to know a little more.
9 Feb 2011 #130
"I hate them" "they should burn in hell that's what they deserve" that's too offensive. However just check the regon of the company and the problem is solved.
17 Jun 2011 #131
interprint sublimation is probably the best company in the world !!
9 Jul 2012 #132
I need to know if scrapeks is a genuine supplier as they claim the following details:

number of business activity: 46.77.7( wholesale of scrap)
Register license REGON:5932218326
Tax Number NIP :221588077

I dont know how to check?

Please advise
19 Oct 2014 #133
Hello everbody.i searc a company in jelenia gora 58500.the name of this company is codetwo spolka z beverages.

Somebody know is this a real company?
Looker - | 1,139
19 Oct 2014 #134
codetwo spolka

Yes it is real company, lawfully registered in Poland - Jelenia Góra,.
3 Nov 2014 #135
Is it possible to know the name of secondary owner of a polish company
cms 9 | 1,255
3 Nov 2014 #136
If they are registered in poland, then yes. If they are registered in cyprus, malta etc then it is possible but very difficult
18 Nov 2014 #137
Hello Every One!
I think I've did a mistake. I've transferd advance payment a Polish company in krakow named "ANDRZEJ KOC Group" . Now this company doesn't answer any of my e-mail.

Before I order and tranfer money I've checked it has a valid Vat Number. and a valid adress.
My questen is , Is here anyone who can give me a suggetion what to do now.
I've a transfered money with a leagle bank transfer againt the comapnies Performance Invoice.
Please reply me if some 1 has knowldge what to do.
legate - | 46
20 Nov 2014 #138 --> official registry of polish companies --> official registry of polish individual entrepreneurs

if you need additional help, please contact us:
30 Mar 2015 #139
I would like to check this company. may I ask you for a help?
Firma Traktor
ul. Sucha
32-353 Sucha
NIP: 637-20-06-516
REGON: 120782857
Bonn - | 1
6 May 2015 #140
Merged: company verification.

I was contacted by an escrow company in Poland for employment. How do I make sure they are a legally operating company and not a scam ring? I don't have a company email just a person in charge of hiring so to say. They sent a pic of a business license but I have idea how to verify it. It says majesty finance. But the emails list Crown finance as the company in the description.
jon357 72 | 21,192
6 May 2015 #141
This is a link to the database of all companies registered within Poland. You should exercise the usual caution though - just because someone's registered a business doesn't mean they are respectable or not.

You should also be aware that Polish companies are sometimes registered elsewhere, usually for tax/compliance reasons.
Polsyr 6 | 769
6 May 2015 #142

That gives an extract of KRS with some of the most essential information, including tax ID number (NIP) for example. This website tends to update records rather often but still some records can be out of date.

If a full version is needed, then use:

To see the full KRS, select the option to print, which will automatically download the full KRS in pdf format. This way you will also know the person(s) authorized to sign on behalf of the company, registered commercial activities and paid up capital among other things.. Keep in mind, records can be out of date.
30 Jun 2015 #143
I need help guys, i need to know if this company exist in Warsaw,Poland.they offer me a job as A Safety Officer,they give me a good offer compare of what i have now.

Gostav Energy Inc.
Add: Skylight Building, 14th floor, Zlota 59 Jerozolimskie Street, Warsaw Poland
tel# +48223071297

Allergy Safe Travel
Address: Aleje Jerozolimskie 45, Warsaw 00-692 Poland.
tel # +48128812348
Polsyr 6 | 769
30 Jun 2015 #144
Gostav Energy Inc.
Add: Skylight Building, 14th floor, Zlota 59 Jerozolimskie Street, Warsaw Poland
tel# +48223071297

Ask if they are legally registered in Poland, and if so, ask for KRS. There is no "Inc" in company names in Poland. I cannot find a legally registered company under this name in Poland.

Allergy Safe Travel
Address: Aleje Jerozolimskie 45, Warsaw 00-692 Poland.
tel # +48128812348

The address is in Warsaw but the phone number is another city (Krakow, 300 km away). Sounds fishy. Ask for KRS. I cannot find a legally registered company under this name in Poland.
CTB Fashion
8 Jul 2015 #145
Merged: Information on Company in Poland.

Hi Greetings from Ireland. I am hoping to do business with the company below. I am hoping to find out if this is a reputable and honest company if anyone knows or could do a check on it i would really appreciate it.


Adres:ul. Parkowa 9 - Luboń
Kod pocztowy:62-030
Powiat:powiat poznański
Województwo:wielkopolskie - Polska
Data Rejestracji:2012-06-18
PKD:(PKD 47.91.Z)
PKD(nazwa):Sprzedaż detaliczna prowadzona przez domy sprzedaży wysyłkowej lub Internet
Informacje dodatkowe:
delphiandomine 88 | 18,430
8 Jul 2015 #146
Looks legit enough, the company is registered in the self employment database.

I'm in Poznań, so if you want something done in person, I could help :)
CTB Fashion
8 Jul 2015 #147
Thanks for replying to me the company name is

LZ group that might help. I just hope that they are a trading business and not a scammer.
6 Apr 2016 #148
Can anyone tell me if they know of Anet Leather and if it is an existing company in Poland with a good track record?
GuestL - | 5
19 May 2016 #149
Merged: How to vertify it is an existing company is Poland?

Hello! I want to do business with the following company, but I can't check the company is an existing company and reputation in Internet. Any website can check it? Anyone can help me? Many thanks!

KMS Food Sp. z o.o

Address Office:
Wielicka 114 M
30-663 Krakow
Małopolskie - Poland
VAT: PL 679-310-35-53

Address Warehouse:
Gdańsk, Poland 80-601

Phone: +48 12 396 60 94
jon357 72 | 21,192
19 May 2016 #150
It was registered as a company in 2008 and advertises extensively online as a food wholesaler. The owners are Jakob and Marek Scholz.,Food,Krakow,Raport,biznesowy,KRS,0000522406.html?language=en

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