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Poland - Temporary Residence card - Karta pobytu - required documents

Hyacinthus 1 | 20
7 Apr 2010 #91
I don't know exactly,but as far as I know,you can leave all these documents to one person and write a agreement which prove you allowed this person to do so and blabla...and let this person go to the immigration office to hand in your documents.

Uwaga!when you come back to pick up thall these stuff(decision or card) you have to ask the same person for help to get the card,or they won't hand over to you.The other choice is that you write one more agreement to the office to show you are allowed by the applicant (the person who deliver your documents to the office)to take this card by yourself,which sounds a little bit stupid,and it happens to me last year,even though I have all kinds of documents to prove I'm the owner of the decision,it didn't work.So if you have your friend there, be sure take agreements with him or her and get the stamp on the agreement from the zero floor in one special room just for taking stamps.
7 Apr 2010 #92
I don't know exactly,but as far as I know,you can leave all these documents to one person and write a agreement which prove you allowed this person to do so and blabla...and let this person go to the immigration office to hand in your documents.

Yes but to avoid problems, you'll need to ask the foreigners office for the precise wording that they want on such document (so as to avoid problems with them saying that your power of attorney is not valid) and then, far more importantly, have the document signed in the form of a notarial deed (i.e. you signing it is witnessed by a notary and the notary both signs and stamps the document to prove that you signed it).
Hyacinthus 1 | 20
7 Apr 2010 #93
Anyone here is going to apply card next week ?
Would like to go together?
mail me,plz
missvenus - | 3
13 Apr 2010 #94
how was your trip?hope you had a good trip.
moe738 - | 2
26 Sep 2010 #95
Merged:Karta pobytu - Temporary Residence card, PESEL

im a non EU and my wife is polish

and i have got Karta pobytu Temporary Residence card for 1 year

please i want to ask about many things

1st can i work?

do i need to apply for a PESEL and NIP?

if yes where should i apply for PESEL and NIP?

and for after how long im going to recive my PESEL and NIP?

my PESEL will be another ID card!?

and about nip , do i need to apply for NIP 1st or find a job 1st !?

if i have got my NIP but i didnt find a job , do i have to pay anything!?

2nd if im going to travel outside EU and come back again

can i enter the EU again from any EU country with my Karta pobytu !?

can i travel to switzerland with my Karta pobytu !? or i need visa? what about romania and bulgaria!?

i want to buy a house or an apartment/flat can i!? or i can't!?

Thank you
nott 3 | 594
26 Sep 2010 #96
I'd say try to make it evident to your wife that it would be a good idea if she spoke some English. Then you might explain your problems to her, and she will ask in the relevant office. Best source of reliable information.
plk123 8 | 4,150
26 Sep 2010 #97
most of the answers would be Yes. however what nott said is the way to go.. also pesel is not an id, per se, but a #
moe738 - | 2
26 Sep 2010 #98
plk123... thank you so much

appreciate your reply

best answer ever, short , clean and clear

thanks man
panteatr - | 2
14 Oct 2010 #99

Hope people are checking this thread. I have an emergency situation. I am US citizen living in Wroclaw. My Schengen long-term D visa expires October 18. I had applied for Karta Pobytu (43 days before the expiration date of the visa) and the inspector said everything should be fine and all the documents are in order. But now she says it may take longer and I should leave the country, and she cannot give a provisional visa because I did not apply 45 days early. She advised me to go to Czech Republic or Germany. There she said I have to request a stamp from the police or border guards (because they are open borders of course) and then return with automatic 3 months as tourist to Poland to await decision.

This sounds fine, but I was suspicious about legality of not leaving Schengen. I called US embassy-Warsaw and they first said to leave Schengen. When I told him the advice from the Urząd Wojewódzki inspector, he was confused and then said maybe I should follow their advice and just make sure I have some letter from the inspector in case there are problems at the border.

What should I do? I am getting different answers from the government! The problem is I have a project I have to be here for next week, and I want to have the quickest option possible (i.e. go to Germany day of expiry, ask for stamp, return next day).

Advice appreciated! Dziękuję bardzo!
delphiandomine 85 | 18,274
14 Oct 2010 #100
Get it in writing from her. If she refuses to give it in writing, then you don't need me to tell you anything more.

Anyway, this situation is strange - once the visa expires, you still have an ordinary 90 day tourist period - and you shouldn't need a stamp to confirm this. What you might have to do is take a trip to a non-Schengen country to get the stamp after October 18th, but really, there should be no need to do so, because once the visa expires, you just revert to tourist status (90 days in 180).

I can tell you for a categorical fact that under Schengen law - there is no possibility of obtaining a stamp at the intra-Schengen border. The stamp doesn't actually confirm anything, it's the actual dates that count. If she wants you to get a stamp, it'll have to be a trip outside of the zone.

Or you can argue with her, but I'd recommend just following what she says.

I see you're in Wroclaw, so take a daytrip to the UK - it'll be the easiest way.
Olaf 6 | 956
14 Oct 2010 #101
Yes, safe choice if you missed the deadline is to go e.g. to Ukraine or the UK get a stamp and come back.
panteatr - | 2
14 Oct 2010 #102
Thank you for the prompt reply. So is this a fact. That as a US citizen, once my Schengen D visa expires (and I have been pretty much in Poland the whole time, and thus not using up my 90 day tourist time in other Schengen countries), I automatically have 90 days tourist time in Poland. And I will not have to leave out of Schengen or Poland to receive this?

THank you!
3 Dec 2010 #103
Merged thread:
Karta Pobytu !

hello Everyone ! I'm an Australian citizen married to a Polish girl and i was wondering whats the process and documentation needed to apply for karta pobytu in my case . All help be greatly appreciated !
convex 20 | 3,978
3 Dec 2010 #104
Have a look at section 5 at the Office for Foreigners site.

5) In the case if a foreigner is married to a Polish citizen, how can he/she obtain the right to stay within the territory of the Republic of Poland?

Richfilth 6 | 415
3 Dec 2010 #105
Karta Pobytu and Right to Stay are two different things. The first is a flimsy piece of photographic ID, the second is a paper document, passport-sized, that looks like it was designed during the PRL. If you've been here long enough, your KB is exchanged for this Right to Stay.

Process is to get Meldunek, then go to the office with four photos, Meldunek, proof of income, proof of medical insurance, passport, proof of date of entry into Poland (visa), proof of marriage, and then fill in the appropriate form. Then copy EVERYTHING four times, pay, and submit papers to the right woman. Then come back four weeks later to collect your card, find they've spelt your name wrong, and repeat the process once again.
3 Dec 2010 #106
Then copy EVERYTHING four times, pay, and submit papers to the right woman. Then come back four weeks later to collect your card, find they've spelt your name wrong, and repeat the process once again.

I once went back to find that they has rejected my application because a tiny part of my right ear was visible in the photo. I appealed the decision (on the basis that while their form said that the left ear must be visible, there was nothing about the right ear being entirely hidden) and they reversed their decision but again rejected my application, this time on the basis that my card had expired and so I couldn’t renew it. I appealed that (on the basis that it had only expired because they had incorrectly rejected the application in the first place) and they finally gave me my karta.
ertgrlbalveren - | 2
29 Mar 2011 #107
Merged thread:
Residence card of Poland

I have a question to apply the residence card of poland.
I have to get an helath insurence for one year to get residence card.
I konow a company which is called PZU. but fee of insurence is 370zl for one year.
Is there anyone who knows cheaper than this rate or the cheapest one?
immigration adv
29 Mar 2011 #108
as I know PZU have one of the cheapest insurance
Listen what kind of Residence card you are aplaying (student, work etC.), because maybe there is soloution not to pay for the insurance at all.

write me more details on my private e-mail: dardzinskimichal@gmail
Where are you going to apply, because I have Immigration Advisory office in Warsaw and maybe I can help you with your procedure.
let me know
deepfern - | 6
29 Apr 2011 #109
question -- can you travel if your Karta Pobytu is being renewed? I need to travel and my Karta is in the process of being renewed (you know how long it takes!)
21 May 2011 #110
Merged thread:
Temporary Residence Permit for Non EU spouse

I am an Indian guy married to a Polish girl, living in NY USA.
We have been married for over three years and have never lived in Poland after the marriage.

we will be in US in the foreseeable future - was wondering is it possible for me to obtain a temporary residence card; just want to avoid the hassle of obtaining Visa every time we travel to Poland. Till now I did not need a Polish visa as my company was headquartered in Paris and i had Visa to visit them. Have shifted jobs and my previous visa has expired.

also will the temporary residence card serve as a schengen visa Or will i still need to obtain a visa to visit other countries in Schengen.

Thanks !!
delphiandomine 85 | 18,274
21 May 2011 #111
just want to avoid the hassle of obtaining Visa every time we travel to Poland.

You don't need a visa - as the family member of an EU citizen, no visa is required for some (not all - be careful of the implementation of the EU Directive 2004/38/EC) EU countries. You must travel with the family member - but if you google about the directive, you'll find a wealth of information about the subject.

In general though, you have visa-free access to the EU.
21 May 2011 #112
Thanks for your reply!
Is there a Document we need to obtain to show that we are family members Or just the marriage certificate will do.
also i understood that the Visa requirement is waived,only if i am traveling with my wife- when i am traveling alone i still need a visa - please correct me if i am wrong?

littlestar11111 - | 1
11 Aug 2011 #113
hello sir
i came in poland third time as visito visa. i open an firm in warsaw since last two years but its sleeping mode some my health reason now i want start my firm . tell me please how i can apply residence carta.

thanks very much
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387
11 Aug 2011 #114
tell me please how i can apply residence carta.

u could start by reading all the posts in the thread rather than sticking a tag post at the end of it.
Mahdi1chitsaz - | 1
27 Oct 2011 #115
Hi...I'm new here .. and I Can't speak polish... I'm filling out the form of Residence card and this is 11 pages form .... and I don't know how should I fill out this ... need ur help
OP love_sunil80 14 | 127
15 Jan 2012 #116
All Documents has to be translated in polish by a sworn translator and form has to be filled in polish language.
Karta pobytu has to be applied atleast 45 days before the expiry of your visa or Residence card.
Meldunek (Registration of house address in poland)
Health Insurance (specially in case of students it is a must)
Bank Account statment (Balance depends cant say in particular how much, Mainly for students)
Letter from college that you are student or Marriage certificate or Business/ Employment Documents
4 colour photographs 4,5cm x 3,5cm
PLN 340 has to be paid when submitting application
PLN 50 has to be paid when collecting karta pobytu

There is possibility to face an interview. Interview is made in Polish Language so people who can speak polish need to have a sworn Interpreter English-Polish. Usually decision is made within 45 days but in case if it takes longer you might get 3 months visa D category.

One application is made applicant recieves decision stating that he or she has been issuded karta pobytu for specified time limit and after that arround 15-20 days karta pobytu can be collected. This is general procedure. Documents can be needed more for different purpose of stay.

I hope this information is usefull and if you have some query please post here and I hope some or the other person can reply and help with queries :)

You can only travel

question -- can you travel if your Karta Pobytu is being renewed? I need to travel and my Karta is in the process of being renewed (you know how long it takes!)

Depends if you have got a visa still valid while you are travelling and returning back to Poland. You need to be more specific in order to give u complete info.
nikki7 - | 1
6 Aug 2012 #117
Hello everyone.
I am sorry that I write my first post so urgently in this way, but I hope you will forgive me


anyway, here is my question -
I am not from EU.
in fact I am from the Balkans...
I am married with my wife, since May already and we are both currently in Krakow.
we got positive answer, after applying to stay in Poland, and therefore we got (in fact I got) that Decision, that allows us for one year to stay and live and work in Poland.

However, it has been one month already since we got that paper, but even now I still did not get the "karta pobytu" or residence card.

My problem is that within few days, it will be end of 3 moths (out of six months) that I have right to be inside EU.

I must travel back a.s.a.p, better to say tomorrow, if not today, in order to get to hospital, where my father is now hospitalized to help hm and my mother.

So, i would stay in the balkans 2, 3 weeks maybe and hopefully.
BUT, if i go out without that card, then i think despite that Decision, i will have to wait for another 3 moths, before being able to travel back here :/ .......???

any idea what to do
Mr_Wolcott - | 1
23 Aug 2012 #118
Hello everyone!

I am also in the process of applying for a karta pobytu and I have two questions that have not been answered.
First, my passport expires in January 2013. Do I need to first renew my passport before applying?
Second, I am currently living in an apartment in Warsaw. My landlord did not provide me with a contract; how can I make a meldunek if I do not have a contract with the landlord? Is it possible to have a friend write that I my legal residence is with them?

Thanks for any advice!
BlockeeR 7 | 4
6 Jun 2013 #119
I am a student and I have received positive decision for the temporary residence card. But I learnt that I have to register my adress once again and pay 50 zł to get card. I am staying in dormitory it means I will be able to stay and registered only until end of this month. In summer, it will be closed. But card is given until next year. What should I do to get card?

Merged: Karta Pobytu (Residence Card) without PESEL ?

I am a student. Finally I got my card. But I dont have Pesel. What does that mean? Would I have any problem?
jkb - | 198
18 Jun 2013 #120
Interesting. Everyone who gets meldunek usually gets their PESEL. They usually assign it to you after around 2 weeks from the time of your first meldunek. Go to your local town hall and ask them if they have it ready for you. You don't need a NIP anymore.

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