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Lots of paperwork to apply for temporary residency card in Poland..

joda 3 | 24
20 Jul 2007 #1
I can't believe the amount of papers we need to apply for our temporary residency card but I suppose it's the same in all countries. Not only birth certificates, marriage license, passports, proof of sustainable income but FBI and IRS clearances also. We're moving from the Chicago area in 12 days and finally have all the papers. Is there anything else I missed?
hello 22 | 891
21 Jul 2007 #2
I guess it's normal.. They want to make sure you don't owe the gov anything before you leave the country ;).
sunhp 4 | 23
23 Jan 2009 #3
Merged: Why students in Poland get temporary residency card hardly?

College student who have get 1 st resident card, And applied for next TRC card getting hardly Why?
some students' who have not cleared few subject and repeating those subject are getting negative decision. Why?
For who have negative decision what is solution? if somebody know. please feel to write.
WooPee 1 | 124
23 Jan 2009 #4
Maybe they simply don't want to study, or the officials received some information about their illegal work in the country. There's hundreds of possible reasons..
pawian 213 | 22,259
28 Jan 2022 #5
Not only birth certificates, ....... but FBI and IRS clearances also.

Wow? Even FBI? Today the red tape has given up on them FBI clearances - they are no longer needed.

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