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Waiting for karta niebieska... (blue card) - can I change my job in Poland?

fatihya 3 | 4
9 Jul 2016 #1

I am non-european citizen and i had karty pobytu because of the work. I applied for blue card at october, my decision date was on march however foreigners office still didn't decide about my card. I'd like to change my job however my karty pobytu is expired and i dont have visa, resident card or any other thing to proof that i am legally here. Actually , i am legally here until i receive the negative decision(no decision yet).

Is there any lawyer can help me to have the karta niebieska ? why it takes that long ? I wrote official request to foreigners office that i need explanation but they didn't reply back. What can i do ?

The other question is : Can i change my job even if i dont have any residence card at the moment ?

I am staying here because of work, i am not married with european citizen.

Thank you for the answers in advance .
14 Jul 2016 #2
Are you currently (legally) employed in Poland?
OP fatihya 3 | 4
17 Jul 2016 #3
I am legally employed in Poland. I have working permission because i am graduated from Poland.
Harry84 1 | 80
23 Jul 2017 #4
Did you able to received the decision from the government office ?

ankur129 - | 2
29 Sep 2017 #5
I need some information regarding Blue Card application in Poland. Does Bachelor of Technology degree in India is considered as "higher professional qualifications" for Blue Card application in Poland?

devil_storage 4 | 26
23 Oct 2020 #6

Work permit for Wife


My Wife recently got a Blue card(Stay+labor market) in Poland, Does she need a WP if she gets a job in Poland?


Home / Law / Waiting for karta niebieska... (blue card) - can I change my job in Poland?
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