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Temporary Residence Permit for Parents with a blue card in Poland

19 Mar 2015 #1
How one can apply for a temporary residence permit for parents (father and mother), if he carries a blue card in Poland.

The embassy website defines "Family Members" as "Spouse and Minor Children". However, it also states that "Parents can, however, apply for temporary residence permits issued due to other circumstances (family ties)."

Can someone guide me on this please,

Looker - | 1,120
19 Mar 2015 #2
I'm guessing it's about a situation when your parents are fully dependent on you, and there're no other family members who might give them support. I haven't seen any official confirmation for this, though.
OP Maverick123
19 Mar 2015 #3
This is a big worry for me, as I have to look after my parents as well without compromising on my career. :(

I'm clueless. No information is available on the internet as well.
Polsyr 6 | 769
20 Mar 2015 #4
If you are at present in Poland, I suggest you go with a Polish speaking person to the office for foreigners and ask, or try calling. Alternatively, if you're feeling rich, ask a lawyer.

I am aware of a case where someone was able to help her parents get a residence permit in Poland, however, she has a residence permit in Poland on the basis of being married to a Polish citizen. She is Filipino by nationality.

I am also aware of another case where someone helped their parents get a residence permit in Poland, however, they are Syrian nationals, and perhaps some humanitarian considerations were made.
8 Aug 2015 #5
Hi Maverick123,

I have the same problem of yours. And after searching the web for several days, I couldn't find any proper statement. Could you please get in touch with me? Maybe we can share our experiences this way.

Ksenia17 - | 5
2 Feb 2016 #6
Dear Maverick123, Dear Eldiablo14,

Polish legislation doesn't provide for family reunion with parents. They must go under their own scheme (i.e. as workers, students etc.).
If any further support is needed to bring them to Poland as well as to apply for residence permits for them - feel free to contact me.
Harry84 1 | 80
23 Jul 2017 #7
Did you able to invited your parents on TRC with your blue card ?

Firecat 1 | 1
7 Mar 2020 #8
I am probably taking a shot in the dark here, its 3 years later. Did you manage to get your parents over? I am also responsible for my parents as my siblings all have children to take care of, so the responsibility fell to me. Thank you

you can mail me at

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