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Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!

DominicB - | 2,640    
  30 Nov 2017  #151

A super-fantastic way to get banned from the EU for the rest of your natural life is to present to a consul documents that are not genuine or valid. If you do, you will be entered into the diplomatic databases and will stay there forever. Whenever you apply for a visa in the future, all consuls from all Schengen countries are required by law to check those databases, and they will see why you were denied.

Never, but ever, think for a minute that you are smarter than a consul or that you can fool them. They have lots of experience with people who are hiding important information, and they will see right through you.

Also, any consul in India is going to assume that any documents presented to him are fake until proven otherwise. Indians have a stupid habit of presenting counterfeit or altered documents. It's not a big deal in India. To a European, however, presenting false documents is like raping your wheel-chair-bound grandmother.
Mayur21 - | 9    
  30 Nov 2017  #152
@KnightHawk - Yes if you r having type A permit j will need to buy a travel insurance for u for atleast 30000 euro and it should be for atleast 2-3 weeks.(it will take just 2-3 thousand)

Also u need to have flight reservation.
We need to submit a insurance & reservation ticket to the consul.
Don't take any risk just prepare all documents as mentioned in the checklist. If u follow the checklist exactly ur visa approval chances will increase.
KnightHawk 1 | 13    
30 Nov 2017  #153
I have contacted my HR and asked the same question and her reply quote " You have letter of intent- it says that it will be regular employment contract so it covers insurance from first day of work."

Now im confused. Where can i get the insurance? Can I do it online?
Mayur21 - | 9    
30 Nov 2017  #154
@KnightHawk - yea u can buy it online, hdfc ergo travel insurance is good.
KnightHawk 1 | 13    
30 Nov 2017  #155
As im applying for work visa, 2 weeks of insurance should be fine or should i get it for longer period?
KnightHawk 1 | 13    
30 Nov 2017  #156
My intention was not to fool the embassy and get banned. I know how embassy work and how strict they are with the documents. As in the consulate website, they say that they don't want the applicant to buy the actual ticket and they only expect a reservation, I have contacted the airlines directly, not the travel agencies. The airlines said the mentioned service was not available anymore, so I have approached the travel agencies if they can provide me the itinerary. I need to find someone who can provide me the genuine itinerary.
ImHarrykrish 3 | 12    
1 Dec 2017  #157

I don't know which travel agency you approached, but typically the reservations can be hold up to 7-15 days, which means they are valid for 1-2 weeks max. So better make your reservation two days before your visa appointment. Considering your visit is on Dec 4th, it's quite surprising to know that you haven't already figured out all these details. Nevertheless, it isn't too late either.

Even for my full time studies, i had to show both onward and return itinerary. As i said, it doesn't cost much.
You can book the original tickets once your visa will be ready.

Again, just go through this page:

You will find all the details.

There is even a information of which insurances one should buy. Bajaj Allianz and Royal Sundaram are few good ones.
You can buy it online, take it for a period of one month for your safety. It costs only around 1500 - 2500 INR.

Don't risk your chances by providing fake documents.

ImHarrykrish 3 | 12    
1 Dec 2017  #158

"Indians have a stupid habit of presenting counterfeit or altered documents. It's not a big deal in India"

I quite agree on that part. But stereotyping the whole nation because you encountered or known such kind of people by coincidence or through some medium isn't fair.

*Stereotype is a disease and a brother of racism*

Mentioning 'Few, Some or even More' before you begin a sentence wouldn't take long, man.
DominicB - | 2,640    
1 Dec 2017  #159

Point taken.
Nethra - | 3    
8 Dec 2017  #160
Hello All
Greetings of the day !

Soon I am applying for a National type D work visa at Mumbai consulate. My husband is accompanying me as a Dependent. I have a few questions to clarify before we gather all our required documents for submission. Anyone can please help me out.

1. Should we include his CV ?
2.Proof of financial status- Should we show his bank statements for 3 months or should we submit my bank statements since he is applying as a dependent ?

3. Do we need to attach his graduation certificates ? and his employment letters from India or simply we can attach a copy of my work contract from polish employer?

4. Will there be an interview for dependents? I heard that there will be no interview for work visa submissions and I wonder if they are interview for dependents.

Best regards
KingIT - | 1    
8 Dec 2017  #161


Hello all,i have my college in Poland starting from 1st of march and i am not getting the visa slots from pasts 2 months.When can i expect the embassy to open the visa slots in mumbai.
KnightHawk 1 | 13    
  8 Dec 2017  #162

I had a appointment for National type D work visa at Mumbai consulate recently. Yes, I had a interview with the consulate. He asked me various questions related to my work and experience. So be prepared for the interview. There was a girl for Internship who had a interview as well. AFAIK, interviews are all based on case by case.

Good luck
Nethra - | 3    
8 Dec 2017  #163

Good to hear that you finished submitting your documents and hope for the best. In previous messages in this thread, I read your questions regarding flight reservation.Can you explain what process did you follow finally so that I can have an idea.And also can you please PM me covering letter template if you don't have any obligations.

OP Abhian 1 | 29    
8 Dec 2017  #164
1. You don't need his CV to be included.
2. There is no proof of financial status required for work visa. So you don't need even your bank statement.
3. You do not need any educational or experience documents of dependents. You just need marriage certificate for spouse and birth certificate for child if any. Make sure to apostile them.

4. Typically there are no interviews for work visa.

Nethra - | 3    
8 Dec 2017  #165
Thank you Abhian
9 Dec 2017  #166
How do I check that my visa decision status? At the Consulate's visa decision status website only token numbers are mentioned. How do i know that whether my visa is approved or rejected?

Sada - | 15    
10 Dec 2017  #167
Walk there 😉😉😉😉
OP Abhian 1 | 29    
11 Dec 2017  #168
It's always better to call them and ask. Typically it takes 2 weeks for decisioning.
Ancy rose    
18 Dec 2017  #169
I am looking for visa dates in Mumbai. It got opened today( Monday). But I missed it . Will the visa dates be opened twice a week ? . If so , please provide me the days .
18 Dec 2017  #170
Indians are very welcomed in Poland, although Poland is formally Catholic but now days it's closer to the Romans before they converted to Christ! I mean everything just to look like they are cool!
Ancy rose    
18 Dec 2017  #171
How many days will Poland Embassy mumbai takes to mail visa application form ? ( after I have submitted my form with visa slot )
ImHarrykrish 3 | 12    
18 Dec 2017  #172
Consulate of Poland in Mumbai will not mail anything to you. Once you have registered for the date and filled the form, it will automatically go in their system.

During your appointment, you have to take the printed application form with the supporting documents.


If you are talking about their visa process, it will take maximum of 14 calendar days (30 in rare cases). You have to go and collect the passport by yourself or by some authorized person.
thecodergeek 5 | 31    
18 Dec 2017  #173

If you have submitted but not received the application form . Please mail , they will send your application.
Ancy rose    
18 Dec 2017  #174
I received visa application form last time through mail from mumbai ekonsulate .

Thanq so much.
Ravindra - | 2    
19 Dec 2017  #175
@ Hello Members :)

1. How long will take to get the Work Permit from Poland ... Wroclaw...
2. What are the required documents to be carried or Submitted for National type D work visa at Mumbai consulate ( both for me as well as my Family Wife and 4 years Old Kid )

Please PM me regarding this

Ancy rose    
21 Dec 2017  #176
I have mailed to poland embassy mumbai for visa application form printout . It's been 3 days and there is no reply from them. How should I proceed now ?
terri 1 | 1,557    
21 Dec 2017  #177
You must remember that during this time, not many staff will be working. They have families and have probably gone home for Christmas.
The only thing is to wait - you will get your turn, when they decide to look at your case. Do not expect people to move heaven and earth because you are waiting for 3 days....
ImHarrykrish 3 | 12    
22 Dec 2017  #178
@Ancy rose

I didn't understand your previous question, my mistake!

Yes, they typically send the application form sooner but since it's the time of Christmas, it may take a while.
I'm sure you have time for your appointment. Mail them again after 27th/28th DEC, or call them until they pick up if your date is nearing and let them know your situation.

Meanwhile, you can arrange other documents which are required and once you get this application form, you are ready to go!
This shouldn't be a thing to worry ;) Keep your fingers crossed.
26 Dec 2017  #179
Darshan here from Gujarat. I am working at Rajasthan for last 8 month. I am applying go national D type student visa.Now the problem is that rajasthan is under delhi embassy and gujarat is under mumbai embassy. So can I go through Delhi embassy with the address proof of rajasthan? Please help me.

Mark sheet should be appostille for student visa?
Jeevan Reddy    
27 Dec 2017  #180
As per the law Embassy will Consider your address located in Passport , As per your passport adress you have to submit at Mumbai ,

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