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Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!

29 Dec 2017  #181

I made a mistake while filling the application form. I got the appointment date also in the mumbai consulate. I sent a mail to the consulate regarding what to do to correct the mistake but no reply from them.

Can anyone please tell me what to do or should i have to cancel the appointment and fill the application again and take new appointment?

If so what is the procedure to cancel the appointment made at mumbai consulate?

30 Dec 2017  #182

hi bro just make the correction in the print out and will be enough they say..

31 Dec 2017  #183

How to cancel the visa appointment at mumbai embassy?

Someone please reply
3 Jan 2018  #184

Someone please reply how to cancel the appointment made at mumbai embassy. Its urgent because my classes will open in february and i need to take a new appointment before that.

Hi.. can you please tell me how to cancel the appointment made at mumbai embassy?
sarav_es - | 4    
3 Jan 2018  #185

I am currently looking to schedule visa appointment at Mumbai. There is no slots available till Jan 25 2018. can anyone please tell me that, will slot open tomorrow morning?
3 Jan 2018  #186

Hi.. most probably it wont be opening tomorrow. Still check in the morning from 8.45-10 and in the afternoon from 1.45-3 every weekdays.
Good luck
sarav_es - | 4    
3 Jan 2018  #187

Thanks @Nightrider .. Could you please confirm which day in a week it is opening mostly?

I can see the above your message that you are going to cancel your appointment. Like that if anyone cancelled their appointment slot will open. Am I right?
sarav_es - | 4    
9 Jan 2018  #188

I made one small mistake on visa application How can I correct them. Can anyone clarify me?
9 Jan 2018  #189

Soo u got ur visa or not?

U can make changes in the visa application form. I did same.. but this is applicable in mumbai consulate.. idk about delhi
10 Jan 2018  #190


Regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa

Hello all..I need some help regarding Poland's National 'D' student Visa.I have got an admission for the February intake and i am waiting to get an appointment.

When the slots open? I heard that they are selling the appointments for money..Is it true..?if so it's pathetic..

And finally do anyone here got a visa for poland especially student visa.??

any help would be appreciated thank you..
sarav_es - | 4    
11 Jan 2018  #191

How can we change.. could you please tell me the procedure?
Ancy rose    
11 Jan 2018  #192

If reference number in my token is displayed in the visa decision status of Poland Embassy mumbai, will it mean that I have received Poland visa ? .
Mayur21 - | 9    
11 Jan 2018  #193

@Ancy rose - Best wishes with you, hope ur visa has approved.
Answer of ur question
In both cases(approve as well as reject)they publish ur reference number on website.
14 Jan 2018  #194

When you go for the interview show the application at the counter and correct it manually with a pen. Remember do it only after showing it at the counter.

Even i have 4-5 mistakes.. the guy at the embassy told me the same
15 Jan 2018  #195

Hello I got an admission for February intake but couldnt select the slots for students..Instead i got a slot for work visa and filled it up.

Shall i attend the visa interview for students with my work visa application..?
Ancy rose    
9 hours ago  #196


Thank you so much for your positive reply . Still awaiting for the visa decision status !!!

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