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Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!

20 Feb 2018  #211
Hi guys,
I am having very hard time, i got admitted in SUT poland and i am still struggling to get an appointment date.Can you guys help me with some tips and what are procedures after getting the appointment,

Thank you
spooja21 - | 1    
21 Feb 2018  #212
Hi All

I am also facing problem in getting national visa for work . i received my work permit already

Please suggest

22 Feb 2018  #213
You can contact to miss shita sharma , she is a vet genuine one and will definitely help you in getting the work visa appointment date.

Her mail ID is shitalsharma972. She has alos helped me and my group members.
22 Feb 2018  #214
I had given my visa interview for student visa on 20th Feb, 2018. I have an extension for registering at WUT by 2nd March. I am a bit worried as there haven't been any updates on the visa decision status page of the Mumbai consulate after Feb 1st. Any ideas how we'll know if it is processed?
22 Feb 2018  #215
Let me know your mail id, I can help you
26 Feb 2018  #216
Hi guys,
i am happy to say that i submitted the documents for processing.I found this a bit difficult because no one is there to guide me. But in your case its not like that

Consider this as a walk through (Student visa) :

1. Book your appointment as soon as you get an invitation from university, (confirm your accommodation address and insurance coverage date: is mandatory for
visa application)
2.Apostle your required documents.
3.Get a travel insurance (should cover 3 months min., from the date of appointment)
4.Collect offer letter from university, also the accommodation letters
5.Arrange the supporting documents (for students with scholarship: Scholarship letter, amount of scholarship and letter from sponsoring organisation /college,
Without scholarship: Bank balance, Fee payment receipt)
6.Take 2 copies of all attachments (Apostile certificates, Passport, Id, IELTS, Admission letter, supporting document, and ...)
7. Take new Photo as per instructions (Take atleast 8 of them, 1 is needed in embassy, but need the rest for further process at university)
8. Book tickets before 1 day of the appointment (you can book one or take itenary, but dont go with a fake one, as if they found out while cross checking, it will crush your dreams...)

9. Make sure you only give the required documents as per check list.(Can download from mumbai poland consulate website>visa information)
10.On the day, Go to ADCB, pay 4400 + 200 as DD, (Visa fee + processing fee)
11.Go to the consulate and submit.

>Guys its an easy process, only you have to get an appointment slot to submit the document and i think you can do that all by yourself.

>Any corrections in your document, please strike it using pen and re-write and sign.

mail me for more info
thiyagu78 - | 1    
15 Mar 2018  #217
Hi all,
I recently attended the visa interview to get my student visa..After 3 weeks my visa got rejected.
The reasons they gave for rejecting my visa are
1.Justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided.
2.The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay on the territory of Republic of Poland was not reliable;the purpose of your stay cannot be considered credible due to available information or objective circumstances indicating the purpose of your intended stay is different than declared.

Do any one know abt this let me know..thanks
17 Mar 2018  #218
Hi Priya.

Please help me with the appointment date at the polish embassy.
19 Mar 2018  #219
I have submitted my Visa documents in Mumbai polish consulate on 14th March 2018 for National Visa work.I am seeing in Visa Decision status results till 16th March are given and my token ID is not present. I have not received any mail regarding the rejection of the Visa application. Can you kindly let me know whom can I contact to know the current status of my Visa application.
bintu - | 19    
23 Mar 2018  #220
did you get the visa alshashtr. in btwn what they ask in the interview ?is there any interview ? could you please tell me whats going on inside??

all my papers are clear but i am little bit tensed . what they ask inside embassy i dont know . is there any interview??

please anybody tell me what they ask for the interview?and i am so tensed guys anybody please tell
25 Mar 2018  #221
I didn't get my Visa yet. There was no Visa interview for me. You have to simply submit the documents in correct order with your original passport.
bintu - | 19    
25 Mar 2018  #222
yeah thankyou .and i wish you will get it soon god bless you
bintu - | 19    
29 Mar 2018  #223
did you get the visa???
bintu - | 19    
31 Mar 2018  #224
and i got appoinment date on 13th april..
bintu - | 19    
5 Apr 2018  #225
is anybody got work permit visa recently ????
rakhi - | 9    
5 Apr 2018  #226
hai everyone i got an appoinment for work permit visa and may i know what procedures has done inthe embassy all documents are cleared and am little bit tensed and i dont know what they ask for an there any interview for work visa?and i heard that a lot of visa rejection may happen in the mumbai embassy so guys tell me the details and help me thankyou
bintu - | 19    
5 Apr 2018  #227
on which day you got appoinment
6 Apr 2018  #228
Hi Rakhi, when did you get the work visa appointment ? in the e-cnsulate website, it is showing "Lack of available dates to 2018-04-27" for Mumbai consulate and "Lack of available dates to 2018-06-01" for New Delhi consulate. And for work visa, they generally don't conduct interviews. They just take your documents and give you a token number to check your visa decision status. Just make sure to have the proper documents with you.
rakhi - | 9    
6 Apr 2018  #229
yeah amritha i got my appoinment on this april .and am little bit tensed bcz ,i heard that a lot of visa i dont know amritha did you get your visa ???
6 Apr 2018  #230
I got it last year in September and it was smooth. A colleague of mine is looking for booking the dates, but it is unavailable. When did you book the appointment date and got it in April ? Is there any other way ?
rakhi - | 9    
6 Apr 2018  #231
i think all monday and tuesdays are open for getting the appoinment and i got it on april 13 and i heared that now a days embassy officers are very strict and they reject the work visa for no reasons
6 Apr 2018  #232
Any specific time on Monday/Tuesday ? Because, we were looking this week , but didn't get any .
bintu - | 19    
6 Apr 2018  #233
its open upto 10 am
10 Apr 2018  #234
As per Embassy website , the slots opwn Tuesday/Friday @ 3PM. I am trying for Work Visa appointment in new Delhi since last 1 month. Either the website goes down or they do not open slots for Student/Work. They only open slots for "other" category.
10 Apr 2018  #235
Yes, i noticed the same. Right after 5 minutes past 3 PM, the website was overloaded and it is not loading ever since. Have written to the embassy as well, let's see if they come back.
11 Apr 2018  #236
Embassy guys do not pick up there phone. On the email they just respond "Please check the website on Tuesdays/Fridays at 3 PM". I have been going through this from last one month. I am not sure whats wrong with them. This issue is largely with New Delhi consulate. I have seen slots being opened in Mumbai.
bintu - | 19    
12 Apr 2018  #237
is anybody got visa recently
13 Apr 2018  #238
And yet again, the website crashed.
rakhi - | 9    
14 Apr 2018  #239
is anybody got visa recently eh?i just submit the documents and am waiting for it so so tensed
bintu - | 19    
14 Apr 2018  #240
yeah meh too

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