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Polish EU Drivers Licence - can I get one the easy way (by paying for it)?

delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
21 Feb 2018 #181
but they insist on keeping the cone test....

It actually makes a lot of sense when you get an instructor that explains it to you. It's not a real world test, it's rather a test of car control. The idea is that it weeds out those that can't drive before the test, while it also gives the examiner a chance to see what you do when you get in the car. My examiner taught me to check everything and make visible adjustments to everything to show the examiner that I was competent and knew how to operate a car correctly.

I'm sorry to disagree with you here, but the driving test these days is fair. They've all got cameras in the cars and microphones, and the test environment is monitored at almost every step. I passed first time, but that was partially due to spending hour after hour doing recce's on every single potential route - I would take the bus, and then get out and observe major junctions, potentially tricky side roads, everything. When the test came, the examiner tried to get me with two tricky turns at the very beginning - but because I'd scouted them in advance, they were a doddle. After I nailed those two without the slightest hint of stress, he settled down and let me drive for most of it with only a couple of easy parking moves.

Many people don't even bother to scout out the general area around the test centres, which seems like madness.

The theory test is also fair - you need to know the kodeks drogowy, but...well...shouldn't you?

There were major problems in the 1990's with bribery and so on, but it's almost unheard of today.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
21 Feb 2018 #182
the kodeks drogowy,

Mmmm - the sheer number of signs, a lot of which are actually rarer in the wild than a bison, and what is the pass rate....? What about the lunacy of the pedestrian crossing, and when it is safe to proceed? Getting the sineage bang to rights is a lottery, if you don't happen to have a trained memory.

As for the test content, I'm only going by what we actually do day to day when driving. I've never had the need to reverse round a tight corner between two hazards, so I'm sticking to my assertion that it's a load of bull. No emergency stop? No hill start? But nonsense like avoiding tightly packed obstacles when reversing?...... :))

The idea to suss out the route is a top one - as long as the test follows a prescribed route. Mine didn't in Womble don...
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
21 Feb 2018 #183
A lot of signs are just common sense though, I can only think of one that is genuinely odd - the one indicating restrictions on parking during odd/even days of the week. The rest are fine, I think. Maybe also the snowflake one that indicates a risk of ice, not snow?

The pedestrian crossings are easy - you stop if someone is next to / on the crossing, and you can proceed when the crossing is clear. If it's during the exam and the person isn't making an attempt to cross, you verbally ask for permission based on the situation - and the examiner directs you accordingly. It's actually the correct thing to do in the exam - because it's an ambiguous situation that needs to be clarified.

The cone test is testing more than just reversing skills though - you also need to have a great ability to judge distance and the width of the car, while checking all the mirrors simultaneously and being aware of the car's position. Try it sometime, it's actually quite a fascinating thing to practice when you realise how many skills you need to have to complete it successfully. I thought the same as you before starting the driving course, but when I realised just how much it forced you to be able to control the car in a very confined space, I started to respect it much more.

There are hill starts on the test - it's the second part of the test in the test center. My instructor also pointed out to me that the drive from the cone test to the hill start was being assessed, so you had to use your indicators within the centre and be aware of your surroundings from the very beginning.

The idea to suss out the route is a top one - as long as the test follows a prescribed route. Mine didn't in Womble don...

It's pretty predictable - they only have 45 minutes (I think) for the test, so they have certain features that will always come up. For instance, in PoznaƄ, there's a roundabout that almost everyone gets, and you're expected to either turn left or turn back on it. But there's plenty more things near the test centre that can catch you out, like a road with a 70km/h limit where you're expected (if safe) to get up to at least 60km/h.

What really made the difference for me was the time spent looking at road markings. A common thing they use is "turn left when you can" - often when there's a no entry at the first left turn. Endless amounts of idiots will take the first left, and automatically fail in the process.

Just to stress: my examiner was a grumpy old man ;)
19 May 2018 #184
hi folks, just a few questions for sitting the written test, How many questions, what is the pass mark, time allowed,and is the legal alcohol limit .2 or exceeding .2

bholey - | 1
4 Dec 2020 #185
Need polish driving license, anyone can guide in the right direction, pls email.

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