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Temporary residence in Poland and other information; application from India, study allowance
Certificate of No Impediment Not Available for marriage in Poland
Taxes on savings transferred from overseas bank account to a bank account in Poland?
Applied for Poland's karta pobytu but voivodeship didn't stamp passport
Can I apply for Poland's Karta pobytu two times for 2 different purposes ?
4 - @dovla What do you mean ? My employer is ready to apply for me but do I have to...

LawHoneymoon55 - 17 Jul 2018 Honeymoon55 - 19 Jul 2018
Arabic guy - my wife left with my son away, she wants divorce. My rights to my son? Permanent residence card.
Settting up ''self-employed'' status in Poland
9 - Merged: How to move to Poland as a self employed IT person? I work as a self...

LawGoDfaTheR420 - 29 Dec 2009 Thinker - 16 Jul 2018
What's the deal with Polish Urząd and time scales in Poland (specifically for Karty Pobytu)
Beware of this website called
PAKISTANI marrying a Polish Girl
23 - yes you can marry in church...

Lawraxa - 28 Jan 2013 sha666 - 11 Jul 2018
Sign PDF file with EPUAP profile to create XADES file ?
Capital Gains Tax in Poland on sale of Shares abroad
4 - Yes but there is a separate form - pit 38. Ask an accountant to fill it in and If...

Lawjacekkaminski91 - 8 Jul 2018 cms neuf - 8 Jul 2018
Received confirmation citizenship was approved from Polish Embassy. What's next?
Temporary Residence card - Karta pobytu (negative result)
How /where to recruit workers in Poland?
Start a business in Poland - Tourism office, Arabian restaurant or other services
How long is the waiting period after applying for Polish citizenship via marriage?
29 - My wife and I were married in the USA 28 years ago. She was born in Poland. As a...

Lawagugu6210 - 17 Oct 2010 27 cms long - 24 Jun 2018
Exchanging a foreign / international driver's license to Polish ...
Ways of getting Permanent residency in Poland  2  3  4
Hiring a Polish Worker - Pros and Cons  2  3  4
Employment forms and ZUS help (contributions as a self employed company in Poland)
Registering Residence in Poland for a Polish Citizen
Acknowledgment of Paternity outside of Poland. Polish citizenship through grandparents
Tax treaties between Singapore and Poland
Poland's Work Permit for Non EU married to Pole
8 - Merged: Visa type 2 after marriage + Work permit in Poland Hi Folks, I am getting...

LawPolesKiwiWife - 16 Feb 2011 filipwierz - 7 Jun 2018
Can I work in Poland with another EU permanent residency? I'm a non EU citizen.
Regarding Schegen visa process and extending to karta pobytu in Poland while study
Will I need an apostille for my Australian birth certificate? Getting married in Poland.
Notary Cost Poland
8 - Yeah, i'm gonna have to ring around on this, I think i'm being ripped off....

LawBritboyByd - 1 Jun 2018 BritboyByd - 2 Jun 2018
Is work visa in Poland issued for the period corresponding to validity of a work permit?
Zamaldowanie (registration of residence) not unless the owner come with me to the urząd (registry office)
Importing cars into Poland
8 - I sent a car to a seller in czechy a little bit ago. When I'm back home ill look...

LawDirk diggler - 18 Jun 2017 Dirk diggler - 29 May 2018
Lawyers in Poland
Am I Still A Polish Citizen? Born in Poland, adopted in the USA as a child.
3 - I can be 100 per cent sure on this. As long as you can prove that you were born...

LawSandyLinda97 - 27 May 2018 terri - 27 May 2018
Poland's National Visa D (am I allowed to land in Berlin first?)
Student. Looking for a way to extend my stay in Poland by study (to eventually apply for permanent residence)
19 - Merged: PR queries on study in Poland Hello Expert, Have a good day to you all, I...

Lawmaslanka - 19 Nov 2013 douglas21 - 23 May 2018
Poland's citizenship through grandmother in US
How do you set up a company in Poland?  2
Marriage celebrant question - considering trying to get married in Poland using a paid celebrant if possible
My USA citizen Girlfriend wants to get married/move to Poland and work online how can it be done? Visa?
My Karta pobytu in Poland is almost expiring - I need new visa! (I am South Korean)
Poland child support - average support money paid by a spouse?
ID requirements when opening additional bank account in Poland - bank wants a second Polish document
How long does it take to process the confirmation of Poland's citizenship right now?
Having Job and About Law with company owner in Poland
Wish to start an Indian Store in Poland  2
Where to get certificate of family composition (gezinssamenstelling attest) in Poland?
Karty stałego pobytu (permanent residence card) for EU citizen in Poland
Poland's residence permit after marriage to a Polish citizen
24 - Great 🙂 thanks...

Lawagib1986 - 23 Apr 2018 agib1986 - 25 Apr 2018
Climate change/environmental businesses or NGOs in Poland  2
Obtaining National VISA - Poland insurance requirements
Rehiring a foreigner with EU Blue Card - Poland employment situation
2 - Hi, you can joined within 3months on same employer. BR, Harry84...

LawMnM - 31 Jan 2018 Harry84 - 22 Apr 2018
Polish child maintenance, possible Irish father, Polish mother
Investment advice - my options in Poland?  2
What to do after being denied a visa to Poland?
7 - I can help you with me...

Lawvalix - 23 Jan 2017 ROHIT2712 - 10 Apr 2018
Debt collection in Poland
Large Bank Deposits - Poland Banks report them to government due to anti-terrorism laws?
Polish immigration law - permanent residence euro cit
What do you think about the Gerlach company?
Exchanging Canadian Drivers License for Polish in Lublin needs Exam?

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