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Inheritance Law in Poland (protecting myself from in laws)
I bought car in Poland, but I can't register it in Italy!!
Money with ZUS - what happens to it when I leave Poland and come back home?
My Great GrandMother was born in Poland sometime before 1915 - any chance for Polish citizenship?
I applied for Poland's national visa for 2 times and I got refused without convincing reasons
Working in EU countries and in UK with Poland's Residence Card (Karta Pobytu)?  2
49 - Can poland perment residence card holder work in another eu country?...

Lawjworlledge - 9 May 2011 thumbucha - 18 Aug 2018
Temporary residence and work permit in Poland check
15 - Hi All, How much time it took for you to get the Work Permit?...

LawBlue lamp - 12 Dec 2015 Seeker01 - 16 Aug 2018
Second Poland's temporary residence permit via Marriage
Can I use European Health Insurance Card in my application for an EU citizen Polish temporary resident permit?
Change the residential address in an on going application - Poland's temporary residence and work permit
Stopped by the Poland's Police for no reason while walking at night  2  3  4
Is there is any Poland's bank which offers credit card to foreigners on work permit and visa
UK employer refusing to pay salary - working remotely from Poland
Polish Visa, Work Permit, Residency for Spouse of Polish Citizen  2  3
PESEL number, passport, and ID in Poland
Student Visa NON-EU Student (an entry-visa for a Nigerian citizen)  2  3
Cash loan in Poland without PESEL  2
49 - For sure. Loancompanies with a Gmail address arent fishy at all...

LawCMRC - 12 Jun 2015 Alexbrz - 25 Jul 2018
Temporary residence in Poland and other information; application from India, study allowance
Certificate of No Impediment Not Available for marriage in Poland
Taxes on savings transferred from overseas bank account to a bank account in Poland?
Applied for Poland's karta pobytu but voivodeship didn't stamp passport
Can I apply for Poland's Karta pobytu two times for 2 different purposes ?
4 - @dovla What do you mean ? My employer is ready to apply for me but do I have to...

LawHoneymoon55 - 17 Jul 2018 Honeymoon55 - 19 Jul 2018
Arabic guy - my wife left with my son away, she wants divorce. My rights to my son? Permanent residence card.
Settting up ''self-employed'' status in Poland
9 - Merged: How to move to Poland as a self employed IT person? I work as a self...

LawGoDfaTheR420 - 29 Dec 2009 Thinker - 16 Jul 2018
What's the deal with Polish Urząd and time scales in Poland (specifically for Karty Pobytu)
Beware of this website called
PAKISTANI marrying a Polish Girl
23 - yes you can marry in church...

Lawraxa - 28 Jan 2013 sha666 - 11 Jul 2018
Sign PDF file with EPUAP profile to create XADES file ?
Capital Gains Tax in Poland on sale of Shares abroad
4 - Yes but there is a separate form - pit 38. Ask an accountant to fill it in and If...

Lawjacekkaminski91 - 8 Jul 2018 cms neuf - 8 Jul 2018
Received confirmation citizenship was approved from Polish Embassy. What's next?
Temporary Residence card - Karta pobytu (negative result)
How /where to recruit workers in Poland?
Start a business in Poland - Tourism office, Arabian restaurant or other services
How long is the waiting period after applying for Polish citizenship via marriage?
29 - My wife and I were married in the USA 28 years ago. She was born in Poland. As a...

Lawagugu6210 - 17 Oct 2010 27 cms long - 24 Jun 2018
Exchanging a foreign / international driver's license to Polish ...
Ways of getting Permanent residency in Poland  2  3  4
Hiring a Polish Worker - Pros and Cons  2  3  4
Employment forms and ZUS help (contributions as a self employed company in Poland)
Registering Residence in Poland for a Polish Citizen
Acknowledgment of Paternity outside of Poland. Polish citizenship through grandparents
Tax treaties between Singapore and Poland
Poland's Work Permit for Non EU married to Pole
8 - Merged: Visa type 2 after marriage + Work permit in Poland Hi Folks, I am getting...

LawPolesKiwiWife - 16 Feb 2011 filipwierz - 7 Jun 2018
Can I work in Poland with another EU permanent residency? I'm a non EU citizen.
Regarding Schegen visa process and extending to karta pobytu in Poland while study
Will I need an apostille for my Australian birth certificate? Getting married in Poland.
Notary Cost Poland
8 - Yeah, i'm gonna have to ring around on this, I think i'm being ripped off....

LawBritboyByd - 1 Jun 2018 BritboyByd - 2 Jun 2018
Is work visa in Poland issued for the period corresponding to validity of a work permit?
Zamaldowanie (registration of residence) not unless the owner come with me to the urząd (registry office)
Importing cars into Poland
8 - I sent a car to a seller in czechy a little bit ago. When I'm back home ill look...

LawDirk diggler - 18 Jun 2017 Dirk diggler - 29 May 2018
I have D Type Cel Wydania 10 visa? What EU countries can I visit with it?
Lawyers in Poland
Am I Still A Polish Citizen? Born in Poland, adopted in the USA as a child.
3 - I can be 100 per cent sure on this. As long as you can prove that you were born...

LawSandyLinda97 - 27 May 2018 terri - 27 May 2018
Poland's National Visa D (am I allowed to land in Berlin first?)
Student. Looking for a way to extend my stay in Poland by study (to eventually apply for permanent residence)
19 - Merged: PR queries on study in Poland Hello Expert, Have a good day to you all, I...

Lawmaslanka - 19 Nov 2013 douglas21 - 23 May 2018
Poland's citizenship through grandmother in US
How do you set up a company in Poland?  2
Marriage celebrant question - considering trying to get married in Poland using a paid celebrant if possible
My USA citizen Girlfriend wants to get married/move to Poland and work online how can it be done? Visa?
My Karta pobytu in Poland is almost expiring - I need new visa! (I am South Korean)

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