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Flight Reservation Question for National Visa D Type - appointment in Poland's embassy
UK Citizen resident in Poland dying intestate - inherited debt issue
Form of Polish Driving Licence
14 - Poland driving licence bomber 92122417528...

Lawtaximan - 13 Dec 2006 Arnaudov - 9 Nov 2018
British citizen requesting polish criminal record check
Can I travel to other EU countries with my Polish Karta Pobytu?
19 - hi if I ever you have Karta Pobytu and valid for 3 years and you want to travel to...

Lawamine2007real - 14 Jun 2011 jaru22 - 8 Nov 2018
Not able to pay credit card loan from Polish bank.
PESEL for EU citizen working for a EU company (not Polish) in Poland  2
42 - If you will be paying taxes in Poland, you need PESEL or NIP....

Lawlucas77 - 5 Jan 2015 dovla - 5 Nov 2018
Foreigner getting Divorce from Polish Spouse
Non E U. looking to retire in Poland, seeking permanent resident permit.
Can Zus be declared as a cost in Poland?
6 - Everyone in Poland seems to do it....

LawRichthecat - 30 Oct 2018 dolnoslask - 30 Oct 2018
Recognition as a Polish citizen on the basis of marriage with a citizen of Poland
While working in Poland - How get permanent residence?
If I have a work permit, what are the chances that my visa application will get rejected?
Polish citizenship by petition to the president of Poland?  2  3
Debt in Poland - inheritance after relative death?
Polish car insurance and how it compares to England
EU citizen and marriage in Poland - legalization difficulties?
National D type Visa application clarifications - employer address, arrival/departure date. Early visa?
Voting in Poland - Rights and Registration
11 - Of course you can. All you had to do was declare that you live in that location and give...

LawRichthecat - 9 Oct 2018 delphiandomine - 21 Oct 2018
No Minors Allowed To Leave Poland Without Parental Legal Consent?
Healthcare for foreign Students in Poland (permanent resident for a fixed period) - How to get the insurance?
Company (Poland online store) not honoring warranty
My partner is Polish lives in UK more than 10 years
P2P Lending in Poland
Obtain Poland's Citizenship for Adoptive Daughter
6 - Why wouldn't it work?...

LawZefiro - 13 Oct 2018 Zefiro - 15 Oct 2018
Closing a business in Poland and keeping phone contract.
Bought some pesticide from China to sell it in the UK - Poland's police came - advice?
Polish Business Immigration and TRP/TRC
Citizenship of baby born in Poland - Foreign Parents
Technical inspection for an American Mustang in Poland
Poland three year residency
Karta Stałego Pobytu - Polish heritage and permanent resident permit in Poland
Using Paypal to send money to Poland
Archives said there are no records that confirm my ancestor's citizenship, is a petition my only option?  2
Applying for Polish citizenship through marriage in middle of divorce proceedings
Unemployed Wife - Maternity in Poland / Parental leave for Father
Questions regarding pregnancy laws / maternity and paternity leave in Poland
18 - Good day, This is Shantanu from India. I have received a job offer from Poland. This is a...

LawSoon-to-be Papa - 24 Mar 2015 smancharkar - 26 Sep 2018
Non-Polish Fathers rights for child in Poland
Selling 'imported' car within first year in Poland
Setting up a sole trader business and becoming a resident in Poland - Procedure?  2
What documents are required for dependant visa for Non-EU citizen holding work permit in Poland?
6 - I am a Christian and got married in church so if my name is added in my wife passport...

Lawavigoel - 16 Oct 2014 Leon Fernandez - 18 Sep 2018
Family law in Poland - want the Polish children back to the Irish courts  2
Non payment of child maintenance & court in Poland
Poland's citizenship with Georgian passport
How to apply for Poland and Ukraine visa?
Inheritance Law in Poland (protecting myself from in laws)
I bought car in Poland, but I can't register it in Italy!!
Money with ZUS - what happens to it when I leave Poland and come back home?
I applied for Poland's national visa for 2 times and I got refused without convincing reasons
Temporary residence and work permit in Poland check
15 - Hi All, How much time it took for you to get the Work Permit?...

LawBlue lamp - 12 Dec 2015 Seeker01 - 16 Aug 2018
Second Poland's temporary residence permit via Marriage
Can I use European Health Insurance Card in my application for an EU citizen Polish temporary resident permit?
Change the residential address in an on going application - Poland's temporary residence and work permit
Stopped by the Poland's Police for no reason while walking at night  2  3  4
Is there is any Poland's bank which offers credit card to foreigners on work permit and visa
UK employer refusing to pay salary - working remotely from Poland
Polish Visa, Work Permit, Residency for Spouse of Polish Citizen  2  3
PESEL number, passport, and ID in Poland
Student Visa NON-EU Student (an entry-visa for a Nigerian citizen)  2  3

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