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Polish Swear Words

Arien 3 | 719
12 Nov 2009 #1,051
Kurwa Big Mac, very mac!

martha c
15 Nov 2009 #1,053
this was funny to read.

I'm not polish.. just boring native english speaker...

but i do love the sound of angry polish talk!

very expressive!!

thanks for this :)

I will practice on my polish friends here in Ireland.
scrappleton - | 829
15 Nov 2009 #1,054
but i do love the sound of angry polish talk!

lol.. turns you on , martha? women always like an angry man ever notice that?
martha c
15 Nov 2009 #1,055

yeah it must obviously be that :P
angelbina000 3 | 8
16 Nov 2009 #1,056
I heard that bitch is pronounce in english as spip-shy
McCoy 27 | 1,269
16 Nov 2009 #1,057

spieprzaj means bugger off
angelbina000 3 | 8
16 Nov 2009 #1,058
im not sure my fiance tells me his polish friend from poland told him that was bitch but my babcia and my mother said they had never heard it. My fiance just thought they didnt want to admit to a curse word haha.

I do know he says spip-shy though
steve smith 89
21 Nov 2009 #1,059
I'm polish from poland and it's so fucking funny to see americans struggle with our beautiful yet fucking stupid language. If anyone wants to know what anything means in polish or vice versa write it here.

speed meter = szybkościomierz

spell that mister ;)
jonni 16 | 2,482
21 Nov 2009 #1,060

bitch (as in lady dog) is 'suka'
steve smith 89
21 Nov 2009 #1,061
that'a right
30 Nov 2009 #1,062
My sis and I have been able to translate most of my Grandmothers (RIP) sayings except one. I will take a stab at spelling it, it may not be too close:

Tine( or maybe tie) soon-yet. Been searching for years. Anyboody have ideas?
katarina - | 17
4 Dec 2009 #1,063
I'm from Poland and I've no idea... in what situations did they use this?

some cases of using "kurwa":

*When sth hurt you, e.g. when you hit in sth or sth fell on your head, you say:
O kurwa!
Kurwa mać!
Ja pierdole kurwa!

* What the fuck are you doing?! [ what=co you=ty ]
Co ty kurwa robisz?!
or Co ty kurwa odpierdalsz?! (more strong)
or Co ty robisz do kurwy nędzy?!

* We use "kurwa" when something bad or sad happens, e.g. when a student gets a bad mark in school:
no kurwa... [in english it could be "oh no.." haha]
no nie kurwa, znowu pizda*... - means "oh no, fuck, the worst mark again..."
Or when you broke the glass - you just say "kurwa!"

But "kurwa" is used in positive meanings as well, for example:
* You won a million dollars in the lottery and you say "Kurwa nie wierzę!" It means: Fuck, I can't believe in this!

*During the match you saw a briliant action made by some football player so you said "no kurwa widziałeś to?! to było zajebiste" it means: "damn did you see this?! It was fucking awesome!"

Or when you want to express your enthusiasm
* After wathing a good film:
- Podobało ci się? [Did you enjoy it?]
- no kurwa! [Fuck yes!]

*[little explanation: "pizda" means a bad woman: bitch, slut, or pussy, but in student slang it is used to call the worst mark ]
14 Dec 2009 #1,064
Not sure about the first part, but the "shull cleff" is most likely "Psia krew" which means "dog's blood", roughly equivalent to English "dammit" or "bugger".
Mark basalygo
14 Dec 2009 #1,065
Kutasem hkwova. Koo-tadge- quova. I think would mean dick head:-P.
Mark basalygo
15 Dec 2009 #1,066
Kutasem = dick.
Jestes seksowna = you're sexy. I cannot rember the polish language very good as i lived here long time but i am learning and happy to translate:-).
15 Dec 2009 #1,067
Tine( or maybe tie) soon-yet.

Ty się nie .... as part of longer sentence
f stop 25 | 2,507
15 Dec 2009 #1,068
Funny.. I can curse in English like a sailor, and it doesn't affect me at all, they are just words like any other. But I hear it in Polish, and there's still a bit of a physical reaction, a jolt.

When Americans ask me to teach them Polish curses, I tell them some unrelated, innocent phrases, like, for example, "spokojnie" for "go fvck yourself".
15 Dec 2009 #1,069
Ty się nie

Maybe it was:
Ty się nie + pierre doyle tack - 2 meanings: You shouldn't care so much // Please hurry up a little
f stop 25 | 2,507
15 Dec 2009 #1,070
Kurva also can be an exclamation of high praise, depending on circumstances.
Just as "suck my d!ck" can mean "wait a moment, please" if you ever worked in a New York kitchen.
15 Dec 2009 #1,071
Curva (well thats how you pronunce it)
I am Aussie but my Parents and family are Polish.
Ive been there 3 times in Warsaw And Gdansk!
He blew up tanks

OK now if you think i can't spell im 14...
BrutalButcher - | 389
15 Dec 2009 #1,072

How cute! 14...

I know some POlish swear words:

Spadaj, ja pierdole ,pierdolic something (for example, pierdolic H1tler) ,spierdolaj(?) ,Kurwa, chuj, pipa, byc sie wkurwi, dam ci w dupe, dupa...and so on.
drow21 1 | 35
15 Dec 2009 #1,073
soeties i here boujia (i think its spelled like that )wich is like saying oh christ or jesus or for gods sake (as it was explained to me ),

and i think i heard baba yaga, wich i guess means wich
jonni 16 | 2,482
15 Dec 2009 #1,074

Sounds like 'bujaj wory'. Rather vulgar, but funny.
frd 7 | 1,399
15 Dec 2009 #1,075

'bujaj wory'

I don't think it sounds like bujaj whatever, you'd need another word, it's closer to "bujaj się" or just "bujaj" if anything, and it'd mean "spadaj"/"feck off"/"piss off" then.

Any if it is supposed to mean something along the "christs sake" lines it could be "boże" - "oh god"/ "oh gosh"
drow21 1 | 35
15 Dec 2009 #1,076
well it was my mother in law when i made tea with milk, so honestly which fits better?
frd 7 | 1,399
15 Dec 2009 #1,077
so honestly which fits better?

The second one. It's actually not a swear word without some proper intonation while saying it. It's just a case declination of word god ( bóg ) believe me or not but it is declensed to "Boże" in vocative case. In this form it is usually used a swear word ( if that's how you call calling your god when you're in trouble or worried or angry or amusement or... just as english "oh god") :)

Your mother in law most probably used it.
jonni 16 | 2,482
15 Dec 2009 #1,078
Bujaj wory, something like 'swing your balls' ;-)
Seanus 15 | 19,674
15 Dec 2009 #1,079
Or the best burger our there, the Kurwa Mac. I wonder if McD's could get off with that as it isn't kurwa mać but, then again, kurwa is in the title. The mind boggles!
15 Dec 2009 #1,080
Halo, this is probably an awful translation but would
Jestem nędzny pierdolenie gnój
be I'm a lousy fucking bastard? It is only a word by word attempt. Ja spierdolić, and I can't even apologise to her.


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