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Polish Swear Words

Eurola 4 | 1,902
6 Sep 2009 #1,021
Swearing, when used in moderation, spices up any language. It would be pretty boring without some good, dirty swear words said at the right time! :)
Kamil_pl - | 59
6 Sep 2009 #1,022
She then burst out laughing kinda like she realised there was a 2nd meaning to the word and was too embarressed n refused to tell me the other meaning, my friend has no clue.

Yes, there is second meaning of this word. Basically it's slang saying for liquid from pussy, when woman is excited. Now you know why she didn't tell you? :)
Kapitan Bomba
16 Sep 2009 #1,023
I'm doing some hobbyist translation of polish film dialogs that contain a lot of swear words. For most of the time it's quite difficult to find an English counterpart that would be short and up to the point but still possible. But there is one world for which I can't find a good translation: "napierdalać".

To root word here is "pierdolić" (to fuck). The meaning I'm looking for is to start doing something hardcore. For example "Slayer! Napierdalać!" is shouted on the Polish death metal band (Slayer) concerts, to encourage them to start playing.

"Napierdalać" means also to continuously hit someone/something. So the Slayer drummer "napierdala w bębny" (is hitting the drums) or "Andrew Gołota napierdala się z Riddickiem Bow" (is fighting with).

In my specific case, "napierdalać" is used as an order to soldiers to start shooting at the enemy - "żołnierze napierdalać!". Which means this is not a practice (serious shooting) and there's not a second to waste (have to start shooting immediately or somebody will die). Now, what would be a phrase in English with similar meaning?
grzybami 4 | 27
16 Sep 2009 #1,024
Maybe something like, "Fucking fire!" or, "Fucking shoot!"

"Fucking Slayer!" can also be used in the concert situation, but it is more often used to show appreciation rather than encouragement.
19 Sep 2009 #1,025
One of my friends was teaching me swears and she said something like "nydoyeb" ... i forgot what it means...does anyone know?
pgtx 29 | 3,146
19 Sep 2009 #1,026

niedojeb :)
19 Sep 2009 #1,027
niedojebek faszystowski ;)

Ulubiony zwrot mojego ślubnego ...
19 Sep 2009 #1,028
but what does it mean?? lol
19 Sep 2009 #1,029
One of those expressions which make no sense to foreigners :)
Eurola 4 | 1,902
19 Sep 2009 #1,030

It comes from the ugly word "niedojebany". Jebac = fuck, but uglier.
It means that the conception "f**k was not 'finished' completely, the result..a retard.
When you say about someone: he/she is 'niedojebany' it means they are not all there.
27 Sep 2009 #1,031
My father always used the term shakunka (spelling?) I think it means pee pee pants???Can anyone help? TIA
frd 7 | 1,399
28 Sep 2009 #1,032

That doesn't sound like any Polish swear word.. szklanka - means a glass and it sounds kind of similarly or
skakanka - skipping rope..
28 Sep 2009 #1,033
My father always used the term shakunka (spelling?) I think it means pee pee pants???Can anyone help? TIA

hmm... maybe it was SIKAWKA (she-cuff-ka) for wienner....

pee pee pants would be:
ZASZCZAC GACIE - zash-chu-chi ga-chai
NALAC W MAJTY - na-latch vmy-tee
POPUSCIC - po-poosh-chichi
SPIERDOLIC SIE W GALOTY s'pierre-doyle-ichi shi-en vga-lo-tee (if a shit)

Polskiej_Dumy 18 | 66
8 Oct 2009 #1,034
So basically how do you say
fuck you
fuck off
fuck face

and not swears but how do you say like
Oh my God!
and do Polish have a word like we have gosh to not use God in vein?
cable 3 | 42
8 Oct 2009 #1,035
O mój Boże! = Oh my God!
sledz 23 | 2,250
8 Oct 2009 #1,036
So basically how do you say
fuck you
fuck off
fuck face

Pierdolec - Fu-ker
Pierdol się kurwo - f_ ck you who_e
Pierdolony zasraniec - you motherf - -ker
spierdalaj - F_ -k off
Ty dupku żołędny - You Kuunnt
Tępa cipa - stupid biaaaotch
Trzymaj się swojego fiuta,,Ty zasrańcu- mind you own f,,,ing business you prick:)
9 Oct 2009 #1,038
and do Polish have a word like we have gosh to not use God in vein?

For 'oh my gosh' you can say:

O kurcze!
Kurka wodna!
O ja piernicze!
Motyla noga!
Ja nie moge! (Ja nie mogie! if in rural area)

Fuck you/off - pierdol się, odpierdol się, jeb się, idź się jebać, wypierdalaj, spierdalaj, skurwiaj, wykurwiaj, na drzewo, idź w chuj, w pizdu, etc.

You can use all of these words with a noun insulting a person like 'fuck off' phrase + noun.

Nouns for men: śmieciu, pizdo, chuju, waflu, ćwoku, pedale, cioto, skurwysynu, skurwielu, dydku, dzyndzlu, fajfusie, farfoclu, dziadu, kurwo, pojebie, zboczku, pojebańcu, alfonsie, stara pomywaro naczyń, szmaciarzu, dupo, kutasie, kulfonie, zdebie, debilu, ciołku, rzygowino, cieciu, nygusie, kupo gówna, fagasie, pierdolcu, bolcu, małpo, pawianie, etc.

Nouns for women: kurwo, szmato, pizdo, cipo, lampucero, dziuro, lodziaro, obciągaro, spermołyku, zruchana japo, ropo, krowo, świnio, suko, małpo, ździro, niedojebana pizdo, etc.
13 Oct 2009 #1,039
What would you say in Polish if you wanted to exclaim, 'Finished!' or 'That's enough!' or 'It's over!' - kind of like 'Finito!' in Italian? Could be a swear word or just an expletive. Would be really grateful for any answers!
19 Oct 2009 #1,040

KONIEC KURWA, KONIEC!!!! (ko-nee-ets koorva, ko-nee-ets!) - It's over!
MAM TEGO (koorva) DOSYĆ! (mom te-go do-sich) - I had enough! Putting koorva inside you will strenghten the impression.

20 Oct 2009 #1,041
omfg can i just say the description of the polish swear words are a lot of shite i think half of use should actually stop trying to tell other people how you say this and that when actually yous dont know how to spell or say or in fact even know the meaning of the word(s)

przestać mówić dużo śmieci i zacząć myśleć przed działających!!!!!!!
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
20 Oct 2009 #1,042
przestać mówić dużo śmieci i zacząć myśleć przed działających!!!!!!!

have a chat with your boyfriend and ask him to correct the above.
Ced 1 | 54
20 Oct 2009 #1,043

it means gosh? olaboga:D
24 Oct 2009 #1,045
I guess "Co jest, kurwa?" would render it quite closely.
4 Nov 2009 #1,046
i would say :co jest do cholery :
kowai - | 3
7 Nov 2009 #1,047
stopień niegrzecznoĹ›ci od tych łagodniejszych do bardzo ostrych co znaczy "fuck you"
sorry że po polsku ,ale angielski słabo znam wiec moze ktos anjwyżej przetłuamczyć ;)

idĹş stÄ...d
Macduff 9 | 69
8 Nov 2009 #1,048
Why have some of the Polish now say in Polish "Kurwa much" or at least it sounds like this!
9 Nov 2009 #1,049
"Coorva Much" has 1000+ meanings, it can show fear, anger, happyness, orgasm, dullness, virtually all emotions. Depending on usage, it will have slightly different meanings. Next time if you hear "coorva much", please ask em pollacks what do they mean by this in this situation, rite? Cheez
ShawnH 8 | 1,497
12 Nov 2009 #1,050
Kurwa mac? Not mac, how 'bout you?

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