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Polish Swear Words

ndrew - | 12
17 Jul 2008 #841
Yeah I guess its 'ozorek' and 'sisiorek' but I don't know what she meant but she was laughing with her friend when she said it.
Bondi 4 | 142
20 Jul 2008 #842
thank you. is there anything that sounds like pina linda ?????


Yeah, there is, but I think you've mistaken the forum. "Pina Linda" would mean "Linda Cunt" -- in Hungarian! Wouldn't be the nicest name for a girl.

plg 17 | 263
31 Jul 2008 #843

CHUJU(DICK) i think you missed out the 'c' at the start
pojebany.......i dont know this word but i think FUCKING
JustysiaS 13 | 2,239
31 Jul 2008 #844
"Ty huju pojebany"

u fecking d*ck/u fecked up pr*ck
glamrockxx - | 36
31 Jul 2008 #845
What's funny is that in my language, we say "hoy" for like hey, and it sounds so similar to "chuj" !! I always have to watch when I say hoy, especially around my boyfriend's parents. haha I don't want them to think I'm calling their son a d*ck.
free spirit 1 | 37
10 Aug 2008 #846
This popped up (no pun intended) last week during a terrific fun garden party near Wadowice. The lesson from what occurred, is, when a mixed group are conversing in Pol-glish, the question "who are you?" (spoken quickly) can cause confusion. Happily, it caused peals of laughter.
Theo_pianista 1 | 11
14 Aug 2008 #847
How about "pizda" and "huj"? I think those are "useful" words, too.
cjjc 29 | 408
14 Aug 2008 #848
Here's a nice text I recieved when my girl was mad at me....she gets like this....

Fuck U. Im not going anywhere with u. I was talking with you and you fucking hung up. Pierdol sie cioto


She does have a temper! :)
Bartolome 2 | 1,085
17 Aug 2008 #849
In Glasgow it would be '', often in connection with 'wee' :)

How about "pizda" and "huj"? I think those are "useful" words, too.

'Cu.nt' and '', respectively.
21 Aug 2008 #850
I recommend you polish dictionary of slang -
I found this dictionary terrific, just try to find some funny phrases and Poles surely and with pleasure would translate it for you ...

There is one word commonly used in Poland, while it originates from Russia - I mean "swołocz" /(svoloch - singular) , more polish is "hołota" (plural) - riff-raff, rabble and so on. A to swołocz jedna, gad ! / How mean he is, rabble, reptile !

Less or more offending are : łachudra, łajza, pipa, łamaga, pierdoła, lamer, lafirynda.

£achudra/ lakhudra and łajza/layza mean usually dirty and unpleasant people, probably menels(bum, tramp) and without home(łajza).

Pipa is another word for "cipa", "pizda", "ciota", not very offending. Popular : ty głupia pipo ! you stupid c.unt !

£amaga, pierdoła/pyerdola - that's how you would call a person, who can't do anything correctly or without hurting oneself (muff ?).

Lafirynda - women of easy virtue, much lighter than "kurwa".

There is also "dupodajka(female), dupodajek(male)"- those, who have a sex with everyone wanting it (not exactly a wh.ore, rather sl.ut).

Lamer - person who pretends to be very smart and knowning on computers, but in fact who's sucker. You would call "lamer" sb who writes like that : hI eVerYYYboDy and generally is "zajebiście" annoying. Contemptuous.

Cap (Tsap) - very old, stinky goat/male. Quite popular;
Ty durny capie ! - You stupid, old, stinky goat ! ;
A paszoł won, capisz jak stare kapcie! Go away, you stink like old slippers ![A pashol von (like in russian), tsapish yak stare kapche !

Pizdun - scornful, for male. Derivative from "pizda". To define how pathetic this male is.

And a pearl - "lachociąg" - cocksucker.

Hope you liked it. And there is much more :]. But don't be deceived, we have also another words, not only these ;p
osiol 55 | 3,921
28 Aug 2008 #851

Just felt like saying that.

Is it that time of night again?


It's time to change your flat mates. You're swearing to much.

I don't make a habit of insulting people, but...

Kurwa świnia-fncking pig\bastarb

Ty pierdolona świnio
Jesteś jebaną świnią

It's mainly the a in bold I'm wondering about. Is it right?
Yes, I know it's wrong, but is it grammatically correct?

One correction I just made was posting this here rather than in Word Association.
McCoy 27 | 1,269
31 Aug 2008 #852
is it grammatically correct?

absolutely perfect.
King Sobieski 2 | 714
11 Sep 2008 #853
more polish is "hołota" (plural) - riff-raff, rabble and so on

how do you pronounce this?

my dad, when we were younger, used to drop a word pronounced as holeta (but similar to cholera). never told us what it meant.
osiol 55 | 3,921
15 Sep 2008 #854
what does "ty chuju jebany" mean?

You flipping willy!

Only substitute flipping for a slightly stronger word and find a more grown-up yet more coarse thing to call the male member.
I'm just interested (ever-so-slightly) how you knew how to spell it correctly.
15 Sep 2008 #855
"tsic heinsbah"

cię jebać? - Fukc you
cjjc 29 | 408
16 Sep 2008 #856
From my experience with Polish people these are the "main" swearwords that are used:

K*rwa mac
K*rwa masz
K*wa y*bana
Ja p*erdolę
Ja j*be

Most significant of course is K*rwa which is used as a F*ck/S*it substitute.

I'd like to know the translations of the rest or at least the ones which are unlisted in this thread.

sarbear - | 2
19 Sep 2008 #857
my best friend is polish and he tried to teach me some words a few years ago and some were slang or swear words. i think the one word was pronounced 'zee a bach', but i have no idea how to spell it or what it means. can somebody help me. thanks.
Bartolome 2 | 1,085
20 Sep 2008 #858
zee a bach'

zajebać = to effin' kill someone
Eg. Zajebię cię za to ! - I f..n' kill you for that !
sarbear - | 2
20 Sep 2008 #859
thanks bartolome! i think my friend taught me that so i'd know it in case i heard it when we were out one time with alot of polish speaking people. i felt stupid asking him what it meant again so thank you.
osiol 55 | 3,921
20 Sep 2008 #860
P****ielec, anyone? (I'm not going to say that again.)
McCoy 27 | 1,269
20 Sep 2008 #861
P****ielec, anyone?

everybody P****ielec
osiol 55 | 3,921
20 Sep 2008 #862
everybody *izdz*****?
BeetFarmer - | 1
20 Sep 2008 #863
My grandmother used to say (English phonetic spelling:) "Stroonge Baba" when she wanted to put a curse or hex on something. Is it like 'help me, grandmother' or something?

This has been a great thread. Thank you all for contributing.
3 Oct 2008 #865
A friend of mine told me how to say "What's up?" or "How's it Going?".
He said it was something like (Tsoh tahm) or so tam?
He's the kind of guy that likes to play tricks so I want to know if I am really saying Hello or using an explicative. Any insight would be appreciated.

Bondi 4 | 142
5 Oct 2008 #866
I'm browsing through this topic but I can't find the answer. Are there any common swear phrases (not just words) in Polish?

The other day my colleague asked me which swearing I found most offensive in Polish - well, I don't know. Do you often say things like "F*** your (wh*re etc.) mother (etc.)" when you're really pissed off? 'Cause one day I accidentally whacked me head in something and managed to shout out like that (po węgiersku), and she went, "Wow, that sounded so long." :)
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
7 Oct 2008 #867
But where to insert the swear-word?

You already know the answer to this. K**** is the first word in the sentence and every second word thereafter.
sledz 23 | 2,250
13 Oct 2008 #868
Ciepłe kluchy - wimp,wuss,gutless
Ptasi móżdżek - stupid, idiot, s**t for brains
Pierdoinięty - Insane , stupid, fkd up, crazy

latawica, slut,bimbo
Sasha 2 | 1,083
16 Oct 2008 #869

Interesting. Russians use this word in the same meaning as Poles but I've never thought before of its origins. Seems like we borrowed it from you with "kurva".
16 Oct 2008 #870
kurwa means fuck

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