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Polish Swear Words

chris22hyde - | 1
29 Apr 2008 #811
can any one help me i have a friend who is polish and he said something to me last night and i need it translated......... the phrase was pier dolce schmoto

i do not know if i have spelt it correctly he would not tell me

thank you
Krzysztof 2 | 973
29 Apr 2008 #812
pier dolce schmoto

probably "pierdol się, szmato"
"fuck you, slut/bitch"
4 May 2008 #813
i don't know why, i just thought of that:

Ja pierdole to przedszkole
misia, lale też pierdole
tylko jeża nie pierdole
bo skurwysyn w dupe kole.

4 May 2008 #814
to nie sztuka zlapać kruka,
albo gapę trafić w ciapę,
ale sztuka calkiem świerza,
gołą pupa siąść na jeża.

I learned it from my neighbour many years ago:)
4 May 2008 #815
Ja pierdole to przedszkole
misia, lale też pierdole
tylko jeża nie pierdole
bo skurwysyn w dupe kole.


Ja pierdole to przedszkole, nasza pania tez pierdole :D
19 May 2008 #817
"hull-yet-ah" - nothing has come to my mind so far - sorry

i think that's cholera.

Staddi baba nieme gache ali bujima

I know the 'staddi baba' bit is old woman and the gache part is underwear, so i'm going to take a stab at it and say this is something about an old woman who doesn't wear underwear.
3 Jun 2008 #818
well, if a guy says ex 'niezła dupa', he needs a face slap ;)
Ewilina 4 | 13
3 Jun 2008 #819
:) gruba dupa also deserves a face slap doesnt is? never been said to me though ;)
5 Jun 2008 #820
how to say "fuck it "

mild version - pieprzyć to
5 Jun 2008 #821
so i guess kurwa jego mać is not right..
Puzzy 1 | 150
6 Jun 2008 #823
I heard the following curse in Poland (the Podlasie, rural Poland): 'Zeby cie byk wyruchal i po polu pognal.' [May a bull screw you and chase through the field].

Eurola 4 | 1,902
6 Jun 2008 #824
"pieprzyc" is much milder than "f*ck it". You can say pieprzyc anytime. "F it" will raise some eyebrows immediately.
osiol 55 | 3,921
7 Jun 2008 #825
gruba dupa also deserves a face slap doesnt is?

What's the Polish for "childbearing hips" then?
8 Jun 2008 #826
thank you Seanus ^^

soo, i also need some phrases for today's euro football game "Ger - Pol".
Maybe some1 knows some good 'verdicts' that polish people often shout :)

11 Jun 2008 #827
my girl says it means that somebody that is really stupid like clown like fucking stupid
z_darius 14 | 3,965
15 Jun 2008 #828
"skoosh paba/baba na jada."

skuś baba na dziada

It's a kids' riddle, used mostly in some games, and sometimes as a tongue in cheek expression - it's a wish for someone to fail in whatever they are doing or trying to do.
16 Jun 2008 #829
maybe useful - but for whom? Not for ladies I hope.. :}

no, polish women use this word a lot too. its more like "fuck" than "whore" though. It usually means "whore" only if you are calling someone a "kurwa".

but "kurwa" and "kurwa mac" pretty much means "fuck" (like when you say "fuck" when you're angry)
25 Jun 2008 #830
'Macz' is an ancient word for 'mother' Literally "Whore of a Mother"

'Kurwa' being whore and 'Macz' being mother. Maybe rally it is like 'Whore Mother'
Seanus 15 | 19,674
25 Jun 2008 #831
It's kurwa mać, not kurwa macz
Moonlighting 31 | 234
5 Jul 2008 #833
Do both words mean "fucking off" (wypierdalać and spierdalać) ?

Is one a perfective form and the other one an imperfective form ? (which one)

Is it written "spier..." or "śpier..." ?

Thanks for these precisions. They are necessary if I want to learn the language correctly...
rafik 18 | 589
5 Jul 2008 #834
there is a slight diffrence between these 2 words as in what situation they are used.basically,they mean the same.i can't tell you about them form the grammatical side.

spierdalaj is spelled with s not ś.
i heard spierdalaj used as english " off" during a conversation between friends/workmates(arguing and laughing) but i'haven't heard anyone using "wypierdalaj" in such way.

i'd say that wypierdalaj means that you want somone to leave a certain place e.g. your house "wypierdlalaj z mojego domu"(from my house).

i may be wrong though
randompal 7 | 306
5 Jul 2008 #836
you are right, the rafik , the distinction is that wypierdalaj means something more like "get the F&%K out of here" like as in get out of my room. Spierdalaj is a simple F&%K OFF.
9 Jul 2008 #837
hey my dad used to call me something in polish and id like to know how to spell it...pinalinda???? pain in the ass is what he said it meant..can anyone help me?
9 Jul 2008 #838
Don't forget huj!
Wredniak - | 7
14 Jul 2008 #839
how do you say:
fucking hell they are so annoying!" in polish???

In Polish you can use "kurwa mać" as nearly any swearing so "kurwa mać, oni są tacy denerqwujący" or stronger "oni są tacy wkurzający/wkurwiający" or "do jasnej cholery, ..."

how do u say pain in the ass??

Wrzód na dupie
17 Jul 2008 #840

ozorek?? like a tongue??


sisiorek??? like a....????

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