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Polish slang phrases - most popular.

9 Oct 2009 #271

Pięknie wygladasz! - proun: pee-anch-nee-a vee-glong-dash
Jesteś piękna! - proun: yes-tesh pee-anch-na
Stanął mi jak Cię zobaczyłem - proun: stan-all me yuck chi-en zobah-chi-lengh.


przypał means something cool or something shitty. ALE PRZYPA£! - you can say when seeing something crazy/nice or when your friend got busted.


oobzz-drin-go-leech shee-an -> not so hard I guess, RUBASZNY CHRZĄSZCZ W CHASZCZACH NASZCZA£ NA STÓL Z POWY£AMYWANYMI SZCZOCHAMI is harder.

very nice thang, very nice. id say ZASADZIĆ KLOCA.
10 Oct 2009 #272
Thank you, appreciated (Dziękuję, docenione)
rigonman - | 1
13 Oct 2009 #273
Czesc! Mam jeden pytanie. Jaki jest a typical answer for the question "co tam u cebie?"
dziekuje :)
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240
13 Oct 2009 #274
"co tam u cebie?"

co tam u ciebie?

depends what you wanna say, you do know what itmeans don't you? there's no typical answer, you can always say 'nic' (nothing) lol
learn polish - | 46
15 Oct 2009 #275
"jajco" (lit. 'a big egg') is always a 'nice' answer to that question ;)
jendi - | 9
17 Oct 2009 #276
-Co tam u ciebie?
-A, Nic or spoko or do dupy.
17 Oct 2009 #277
I like some of the slang which apparently originates in jail... don't ask me why I grew up learning stuff like this... lol.

trafić do pudła/trafić do pierdla (end up in jail)

wszadzić do paki (Nothing to do with Asians - it means "put someone in jail" :) )

dupodajca ("one who gives up the a**"; passive homosexual)

bujać (not to sway, but to cheat someone)

taka ćma (what a wh*re)

Or others which may or may not, such as...

Walić konia (bang the horse, er... no, not really... actually means to "have a w*nk" :) )

Zrobić komuś loda (make someone an ice cream, er I mean "suck their c*ck" :) )

Ciemno jak w dupie u murzyna ("dark as up a Black's a**" - somewhere really dark)
19 Oct 2009 #278

- Chuj. (hooy) - lit. nothing

- Nie twój zasrany interes (nee-a tfooy zas-rah-nee een-te-wres) - lit. not your fucking business.

- A wjeb chciał? (av-yebb k-ciao)? - sth like I'll beat a shit out of you. It is stronger than one above.
31 Oct 2009 #279
How do I say "you are fascinating" in Polish? And would it be percieved as a compliment?
gumishu 12 | 6,007
31 Oct 2009 #280
don't tell a girl she's fascinating - stay a bit reserved (even if you have to pretend that) ;)
31 Oct 2009 #281
Perceived perhaps

Gumishu, I am very very reserved and that is why i ask the question here, is it a nice thing to say, or not? Language barriers aside, we keep doing walks together laugh a lot through hand signals and much "flapping about" I've known this lovely lady 9 month, many many months and just want to give her a compliment,
gumishu 12 | 6,007
1 Nov 2009 #282

I'd say it is too much of a compliment if you really have crush on her - if you just like her then it is all right - though then she can get hmm interested in you more
3 Nov 2009 #283
Thank you (Dziękuję, which phonetically to me is ""Jen coo ya"" I live in a cave near Scotland, harsh accent etc, pronunciation difficult), for the advice, its not a crush. We have done about 9 or 10 walks in the mountains / Coast / farm land. I just want to give a nice compliment.
1 Dec 2009 #284
just wondering if the word kokarooka is the word for a babys hair spike
asik 2 | 220
1 Dec 2009 #286
just wondering if the word kokarooka is the word for a babys hair spike

The closest word for the one you mention is:

kokardka but it means little hair bow
kokarda - is a big hair bow/or just hair bow

When someone is born with a natural piece of spiky hair we used to call it kogut or kogucik (in English means "rooster" and "little rooster") .
ShortHairThug - | 1,103
1 Dec 2009 #287
When someone is born with a natural piece of spiky hair we used to call it kogut or kogucik (in English means "rooster" and "little rooster") .

Also referred to as kukuryku by some. Hence no cigar.
frd 7 | 1,401
1 Dec 2009 #288

I agree, heard that planty of times - little doddlers hair-do
2 Dec 2009 #289
I know it's been a year since someone wrote the last post, but maybe someone will read it some day so,

we REALLy do not use 89 % of the words mentioned above. Maybe they were in use by a very small group in the remote past , but you simply won't hear them on the street. There is a difference between coloquial expressions and some idiotic neologisms used by 5 disco polo fans.

Keep learning Polish ( colloquial as well) but forget about so called slang, noone who learns English learns cockney or prison argot.
kowai - | 3
13 Dec 2009 #290
o lol
ż ( lub "żal")

ale odjazd
o stary/stara
ale czad
16 Jan 2010 #291
what is "sma (smu) SHUSH-key"?

musicwriter 5 | 87
16 Jan 2010 #292
jarac fajki-to smoke ciggies

I thought fajka is a pipe. ???
strzyga 2 | 993
16 Jan 2010 #293
generally, yes.
still what Aga said is correct.
MrHedon - | 1
22 Jan 2010 #294
How to translate from polish "luz, potem blues (mieć chandrę)" to english?
I mean to be relax and next to have blues. Is it english phrase oposite 'to have blues'?
learn polish - | 46
22 Jan 2010 #295
When you say "luz blues" you mean that generally everything is fine (sth like A-OK maybe?), so usually it's nearly an exact opposite of English "to have the blues". In this case, this "potem" part is somewhat strange (never heard this exact phrase in my life), but I guess it boils down to the same thing as "luz blues".
nicszlu - | 9
24 Jan 2010 #296
polish pickup lines for a good looking chick please?? dziekuje
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
24 Jan 2010 #297
Not in Polish but maybe someone can translate. You can always try the classic (and seldom working :) line

- Do you have any Polish/American/Swedish in you? (as in heritage). If she says No

– Would you like some? LOL
strzyga 2 | 993
24 Jan 2010 #298

Sky, sorry to confirm your suspicions: it's NOT going to work.

You did much better in the other thread...
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
24 Jan 2010 #299
I know, I've seen "dumbest pick-up lines" thread before (not on PF) and this one came to my mind... Women are smart no matter what country they live in... LOL
strzyga 2 | 993
24 Jan 2010 #300
Women are smart no matter what country they live in... LOL

Some are and some aren't... LOL

But this line is a definite no-win.
What if she says: yes?

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