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-ski/-ska, -scy/ski, -wicz - Polish surnames help

Nickidewbear 22 | 561    
10 Oct 2014  #151
"stsi"? Or could that be a form of "ski" or a Polonized form of the Italian "schi", which could come form "ski" in the first place?
16 Oct 2014  #152
Surnames ending in "owicz" are typically Polish and Catholic. It was the advent of the Josefinian Laws in the mid 1800's that required Jews living amongst gentiles in Eastern Europe to adopt a Germanized Surname. "Owitz" was the German spelling and thus most Jews were indeed required to adopt this Germanized Spelling Variant. Of course there are always exceptions and some were able to retain their original spellings of "owicz" if they had limited contact with the enforcers of these laws (ie. Tax Collectors, Federal or County Officials and Immigration Inspectors).
Nickidewbear 22 | 561    
16 Oct 2014  #153
I did read somewhere that "Czyk" is typically Polish, "Owicz" typically Yiddish.
7 Nov 2014  #154
I am searching for any information on the surname Matykiewicz. My father-in-law said the name was polish but he never told my husband any more about his ancestors. It is possible he did not know. We don't know and cannot ask him now. What does the name mean? Where should I look for more information, which province, etc?
Nickidewbear 22 | 561    
7 Nov 2014  #155
I could be wrong, though it looks to be an equivalent of "ben Mattityahu" (in others, the patronymic for "Matthew").
gumishu 11 | 4,895    
7 Nov 2014  #156
I am searching for any information on the surname Matykiewicz.

it is a Belarussian or Ukrainian surname originally and a patronymic one - my guess is however Matyka is not a given name but a nickname (Matyka = Hoe)

there is however a possibility (but i think not very probable) that Matyka is a corrupted form of a given name Matthew (Matyj)

there is a new excellent thread on Polish and Eastern European surname suffixes by our long time user Paulina - read here
8 Nov 2014  #157
Thank you. This has been helpful. Still need a voivodeship or province to start looking for more information. But this is quite enlightening. Thank you
Nickidewbear 22 | 561    
8 Nov 2014  #158
Try JewishGen. e.g.,

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland and JewishGen All Poland Database
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland and JewishGen
All Poland Database

Searching for Surname (phonetically like) MATYKIEWICZ

Run on Friday 7 November 2014 at 19:10:25

Description Press the Button to view the matches
JewishGen Family Finder List 17 records
Index of 1890 and 1891 NY Immigrants from Austria, Poland, and Galicia List 1 record
Borislav-Drohobycz Delinquent Water Bills 1941-1942 List 1 record
19 matches found for that search.

3 Dec 2014  #159
I was wondering if anyone could help me identify the following names.


I would greatly appreciate any and all help!

Mostly just interested in Żółkiewicz.
12 Oct 2016  #160
Your story sounds so similar to mine,
I am researching (sieniszkiewicz) my late Grandfathers name.
As he died when I was quite young I knew nothing about were he came from, but by going through shipping records,i found a photo of him.

His mothers name was Stanislawa and fathers name was Josef,
could this be a relation to you?
10 Nov 2016  #161


Feel free to contact me too, as we all might have links to this family tree.

My name is Quustyn and my mother Sharon was the eldest daughter of Kazimierz Sieniszkiewicz who is your brother.
I have a family tree album with all these information you state, which you have might even wrote as your past was 2 years ago.
Feel free to get in touch with myself.

DO NOT spam please.
2 Jun 2017  #162
My family name is Jurewicz, and we came from Lublin, Poland. We are a very Catholic family, but there were rumors of some Jewish ancestry. Wow! Thanks to you all for your input.
5 Jan 2018  #163
maiden name Habrylewicz ......meaning ??
DominicB - | 2,640    
5 Jan 2018  #164
Habrylewicz means "son of Gabriel".
5 Jul 2018  #165
My surname is sosinowicz, I'm curious to find out more about my roots and why when my dad came to the uk after the war he was called sosinovich
Jos. Abucewicz    
15 Jul 2018  #166
"...wicz" is probably from proto-indo european evolved to the German "...witz", the Russian/Ukrainian "...vitz", the Anglo-Saxon "...wick(and variants like "...wykke", etc. These all imply a notion like "house of..." and/or "clan of...". There are many more similar suffixes derived from this essentially unknown(in modern times)language responsible for many modern linguistic anomalies in a great number of "modern" European-type languages.

Joseph Abucewicz (eipi01@yahoo)
Nickidewbear 22 | 561    
20 Jul 2018  #167
Abramovich is a good example. :)

I'm not the only one whom cited that, then. :-) I still can't refind that article re "-owicz", though.

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