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-ski/-ska, -scy/ski, -wicz - Polish surnames help

9 May 2020 #181
My Surname is "Jaskiewicz", I am completely clueless as to origins, or meaning. All I know is that its Polish, can anyone give further insight?
kaprys 3 | 2,249
9 May 2020 #182
Just a guess but if it was Jaśkiewicz it might be son of Jaśko/ Jaś (John /Johnny).
6 Jan 2023 #183

My name is Marek and my grandparents' surname was Orlenkowicz, and my great-grandfather went to New York around 1931 to live with his brother, his name was Konstantyn Orlenkowicz. If it is correct, please write an e-mail:
Garczek123 - | 1
21 May 2023 #184
From the entries here, I gather that my fathers name of "Roslanowicz" means son of Roslan. Does anyone know what "Roslan" means or refers to? Is it Ross? Also my grandmothers maiden name was Morawa. I gather from this site that that means daughter of Mor? Is that correct? What name would "Mor" translate to? Last, I haven't read much in surnames ending in "czek." My mom's maiden name is Garczek. What can anyone tell me about its meaning? Thank you
Looker - | 1,134
26 May 2023 #185
Roslan is a name:
Morawa - it may refer to Moravia, the name of geographical land (Czech region)
Garczek - small pot - regional spelling of the word 'garnek'

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