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Nice Polish words to say to a girl

dolnoslask 6 | 3,074
22 Mar 2016 #121
I was being literal .

In English You are a nutter my black/dark one.
Ironside 50 | 11,260
22 Mar 2016 #122
'wariatko ty mojo czarnuszko

you're crazy my chocolate muffin - that better convey meaning

najsldszy czrnuchu'

sweetest darky.
22 Mar 2016 #124
@roz @iron @dol

I think the person was trying to convey a message combine with all your translation.
Wulkan - | 3,243
23 Mar 2016 #125
Just ignore roz's translation as she's not native Polish speaker, her translation with "nigger" is completely wrong. Ironside's sounds the best to me: "you're crazy my chocolate muffin"
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,845
23 Mar 2016 #126
ah but Wulkan - you live in an English speaking country - have you ever actually heard any native speaker say 'chocolate muffin' in any context that doesn't involve cakes? Has a Polish person ever said 'chocolate muffin' meaning 'black person'?.

I can guarantee that your answer will be no.
However you are correct I really shouldn't have used the N word, it is really offensive.
I was being flippant and using it in a 'rap' sense which probably doesn't come over well on the screen.
Ironside 50 | 11,260
23 Mar 2016 #127
'chocolate muffin'

Fair enough roz - a cute chocolate girl.
Can we all agree as to - You're crazy my cute chocolate girl?
Here a perfect translation:
Loca, me negrita!
Jay Indus
20 Sep 2016 #128
So she asked me to figure this out as homework for our long distance chat :)
What does it mean?

In polish we say "sza po ba".. it's probably from the French You have homework
swap1990 1 | 5
20 Sep 2016 #129
Use any of these.
najpiękniejsza - most beautiful
misio - teddy bear
słoneczko - sunshine
mawa myszka - small mouse
moja zabko - my froggy and many more :)
Wulkan - | 3,243
20 Sep 2016 #130
mawa myszka - small mouse

That's incorrect
Mr Floppy - | 2
27 Sep 2016 #131
What can I say in Polish to my girlfriend her husband is polish so she knows a few words and I want to surprise her
19 Dec 2018 #132
google translate is useful that's how I send basic Polish word to my Polish girlfriend.

use google translator, that's how i send basic Polish word to my Polish girlfriend and it worked.
23 Jun 2019 #133
@Mr Floppy
I suggest you stop dating a married woman. It is wrong.
pawian 178 | 15,909
23 Jun 2019 #134
Exactly, But don`t worry - he has already been suspended for that.
Cargo pants 2 | 955
23 Jun 2019 #135
It is wrong

NOPE,its not wrong but unethical and immoral.

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