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Nice Polish words to say to a girl

Eurola 4 | 1,909
16 Jul 2010 #91
Girls like bad boys

Yes, we love the life time assignment to make them good, (unfortunately). Then we get mad and he has to forfeit his life time savings to his 'żabcia'.

Marriage is the sucker's walk.'ll never get married or you are walking the sucker's walk already? :)
polack's gurl
10 Aug 2010 #92
hi..i just want to ask why my bf doesn't know some of the words here?i read about dobrze as okay in Polish but he said he never heard of that it because they have different dialects too??
Vacko - | 2
15 Aug 2010 #93
Thread attached on merging:
Sweet and romantic words for girl

I am from Czech Republic so sometimes i understand Polish words, because its sometimes similar..also I am trying learn Polish, but its harder than i thought..i am already dating with Polish girl long time and still i would like to please, if somebody could help me with some sweet and romantic words, also can be some quotes for girl, i could impressive her and show her i really love her... thanks everybody so much for help :)
Polson 5 | 1,770
15 Aug 2010 #94
Hey Vacko ;)
I can start with a few words (you may already know).

Kochanie: (my) love
Skarbie = 'treasure'
king polkakamon - | 544
15 Aug 2010 #95
Iam from Czech Republic

Ahoj.As a Czech you really have no problems.It is very easy to swift from czech to polish.For example milacku in czech is kochanie in Polish,zlaticko in Czech is zlota in Polish,draha is droga(although not used very much in czech),kotku is kotku,srdicko is srdce,slunicko is sloneczko,broucku I don't know how it is in polish I think they say mysciu.

For example jsi moc mila a sladka becomes in polish jestes bardzo mila i slodka,jsi moc pekna becomes jestes bardzo piekna,mam tebe moc rad lubie cie bardzo,jsi muj andel becomes jestes muj aniolek etc.
Vacko - | 2
17 Aug 2010 #96
thanks so much guys :) for help ;P
28 Aug 2010 #97
he is saying it phonetically, it sounds like jestesz, if you know how to say sz in polish which is like "ssh" in english but it should be "jesteś"

Unfortunately what I see a lot of is people trying to hit on Polish girls because yes, they are very beautiful generally but that's all they see. They know nothing about the vast history of this beautiful land, the influence it has had on the entire world (i cant list all examples not enough room but yeah, without Polish people there wouldn't be oil used to power cars, lubricate machinery, pave roads, there wouldn't be X-ray machines, as "Madame Curie" was POLISH not FRENCH. The 2nd parliament in world was Poland. USA first. First REAL "freedom of religion" which is in most 1st world country's constitution's was implemented first in Poland. Polish people are generally (always a bad apple in every bunch, remember that - do not generalise) hard working, intelligent, know how to have a good time, but what I particularly like about Polish people apart from their intelligence is their natural born ability for art, ranging from music to drawings/paintings, to photography, to cinematography and film directors. Look up Kieslowski. His movies are brilliant. I'm sick of hearing the stereotype that Polish are dumb and uneducated and women are just for sex. Show some respect please, people. If you want to tell a polish girl you like her, don't call her "laska" or anything like that - get to know her inner beauty for that will never fade, external beauty does.

My 2 cents worth.

David. Irishman living in Australia.
31 Aug 2010 #98
I took the original post and added Ukrainian translation for the linguistic as well as practical purposes. Who knows maybe one of you will fall in love with a Ukrainian girl. :-)

koteczek, kotek - kitten - Ukr: kotik
słoneczko - sunshine - Ukr: soneczhko
kwiatuszek - little flower - Ukr: kwitoczka
misio - teddy bear - Ukr: UKRAINIANS DO NOT CALL GIRLS BEARS!
mój skarb - my treasure - Ukr: mij skarb
moje szczęście - my happiness - Ukr: moje szczastja
najdroższa - dearest - Ukr: najdorozcha
najcudowniejsza - most wonderful - Ukr: we can say "najcudowisha" but it sounds very much like Russian word "chudovishe" which means "beast"

najpiękniejsza - most beautiful - Ukr: najprekrasnisha

Little additions of mine:

ribka/ribonka - little fish
ptashka - little bird
zaychik - little hare
malenka - little one
kizochka - little goat (yeah! :-))
yagnatko - little lam

With the help of imagination and provided you can play your part in terms of voice and face expression, it might go all the way across the Zoo :-)

But! No wolves, bears, snakes, sharks, tigers and other nasty creatures if you do not want her to behave like one (Ukrainian ladies have the spirit deep inside them... don't wake it, it's a light sleeper) No cows, pigs, horses however little/cute.
king polkakamon - | 544
31 Aug 2010 #99

Why not tigrysek?They are big koski after all.
2 Sep 2010 #100
You can say "mój Tygrysie" (my tiger ) or "mój Tygrysku" ( more cute little tiger ) to man who behave like little brave tiger:P But not when you dont know him well. You can also say to woman "mój Tygrysku" when she is noughty girl:P
southern 75 | 7,096
2 Sep 2010 #101
mój Tygrysie" (my tiger ) or "mój Tygrysku" ( more cute little tiger ) to man who behave like little brave tiger

Probably if you are a lion you don't hear that.

You can also say to woman "mój Tygrysku" when she is noughty girl

I knew that.It is the tiger quality.This girl has found her pair.
8 Dec 2010 #102
Hi guys, i think i have finally really met the love of my life and she is Polish, can someone please post how i can tell her she is very special to me, how could i say this in Polish to her, but of course using english spelling so i can at least read thank you guys.
trener zolwia 1 | 939
8 Dec 2010 #103
Post exactly what you want to say and someone will translate it for you.

But be prepared for ten different variations. :s
Seanus 15 | 19,706
9 Dec 2010 #104
Tak ładnie wyglądasz is another nice one :)
southern 75 | 7,096
10 Dec 2010 #105
I say sometimes wygladasz bardzo slowianka(you look very slavic).
EchoTheCat - | 137
10 Dec 2010 #106
Panno ma namilejsza! Dziwne rzeczy, w miłości będąc, poczęły się między nama, toć jest, aby mnie nie zapomniała, barzociem twej miłości prosić, a twa miłość na mą prośbę ślubiła to uczynić!

Long story short: My sweetest Lady! Strange things started to happen, when we were in love. I asked your love not to forget me and she decided to do so.

It's a part of the oldest love letter in Polish written in 1423 between soldier from Poznan and his lady. It's sad that now we practice more pedestran words like "Zaje..łem się w Tobie na ch..j!"

By the way, does anybody know how to translate "Abyś mnie nie zapomnieła" into English ?
Ksysia 25 | 430
10 Dec 2010 #107
"may you not forget me"
southern 75 | 7,096
10 Dec 2010 #108
Or you can tell her: Wygladasz bardzo seksowna dzisaj.(you look very sexy today).
4 Feb 2011 #109

"Twój tata to chyba złodziej, bo ukradł z nieba wszystkie gwiazdy i wsadził w Twoje oczy"

Your father must be a thief because he stole all stars from the sky and put them into yours eyes xD

"kochanie'' - darling

Przy tobie czuję się jak w niebie
When I'm with you I feel like I am in heaven
7 Apr 2012 #110
koteczek, kotek, kicia

what are the differences between these words?

i think i like kicia.. does this have a dirty meaning though? my nickname is kitty or cat in every language i speak lol! polish is my next adventure! so i'm a little bad and i would like to know which nickname to use haha. i'm a girl..
catsoldier 62 | 595
7 Apr 2012 #111
I checked google images and they all look ok, none of them have a dirty meaning, as far as I know some are diminutive forms. Another one is kotka, a kitten but can be used for girlfriends etc. also, just as in english it isn't a bad word.

I know what the cat wants! To go home with her, find a warm place to lay down and have her kittens! :-)
8 Jun 2013 #112
kicia - smth like female cat but a lot more pleasant, like kitty, refers only to females
kotek - smth like kitten - in human relations refers only to males
koteczek - more pleasant than kotek but also refers only to males

non of them has dirty meaning, I propose to learn Polish language - it is difficult but gives a lot of fun with language plays with speaking to girlfriend and so on ! :D

have fun ;)
26 Feb 2015 #113
Merged: Phrases to impress women in Polish


Travelling to Poland soon with some buddies for a long weekend but would like to know some phrases that if I say them correctly would impress the local women and get a bit of a laugh.

If you could type them in the way that they may sound to an English speaker then that would be great thanks!
26 Feb 2015 #114
Just my two cents as from a native speaker. A lot of You post suggestions in "Polish" and take it as its correct when they're not. Having a hard time to decipher most of them. :)
22 Mar 2016 #115
hi can some one tell me what these phrase mean

'wariatko ty mojo czarnuszko

'najsldszy czrnuchu'
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
22 Mar 2016 #116
'wariatko ty mojo czarnuszko

something like 'you are mad my n.igger' ( sorry cannot find any other word suitable)
22 Mar 2016 #117

OH! thanks...thats.....hmmm is that meant to be some kind of slang in Polish cause its kind of offensive
what about the latter part of the statement ' najsldszy czrnuchu'
Ironside 51 | 11,337
22 Mar 2016 #118
something like 'you are mad my n.igger'

You are so mean roz.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,072
22 Mar 2016 #119
My translation

'wariatko ty mojo czarnuszko

"nutter you my black one"
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
22 Mar 2016 #120
You are so mean roz.

it's a good translation though isn't it Iron?...:)

Nobody would say 'nutter you my black one' in English would they?

sorry, but I don't know about the second phrase.

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