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Nice Polish phrases to say to men

anglikgirl 2 | 11
13 Sep 2007 #1
Can anyone suggest some nice phrases to say to men and what they mean in English? thanks
Ronek 1 | 261
13 Sep 2007 #2
if you're more precise the bigger chances are you get what you want.
besides if you wont be able to pronounce it, whats the point;)?
OP anglikgirl 2 | 11
13 Sep 2007 #3
i just want to know some sweet romantic phrases like,
you are really hansome and sweet

and if theres any phrases you specifically use in Poland

pronounciation tips would be helpful but otherwise i also email this person so its not necessary also i have learned a little polish so im starting to be able to pronounce some words
Ronek 1 | 261
13 Sep 2007 #4
you want to have romantic chat with a guy you know?
or do you want to chat up and lure a guy form a pub ;P?
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554
13 Sep 2007 #5
Well, what sweet things would you say in English?

My gf likes to call me animal names :) It's quite common there. Do some searches in the forum..or click on "Similar Discussions". Good luck
PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104
13 Sep 2007 #6
My gf likes to call me animal names :)

What, like Pig or Goat???
Haha - I'm only joking ;)

can anyone suggest some nice phrases to say to men and what they mean in english? thanks

Well, really you should want to know what to say to your Polish man. After all, what you say to one man, you might not feel you'd say to another depending on the way you feel about him.

So is there a few particular phrases you want translated?
clerynka - | 45
18 Dec 2009 #7
Merged: English Girl needing affectionate words to call a Polish boyfriend :)

I'm totally new to this,
but a Polish guy I work with has just asked me out (in a sense, the language barrier is a problem ;P )
He calls me Skarbie and Kochanie
And I just wondered if anyone had any ideas for words to call him? I'm friends with his two flatmates (also polish) and all they tell me are pretty rude words :)

mira - | 115
18 Dec 2009 #8
Right...he's just asked you out and already calls you "skarbie" and "kochanie"?
To me, depending on how close you are with each other, you can call him "słońce" or maybe "kochanie" as well? I'm not sure to be honest, since I haven't used such terms for a while. I'd rather call somebody by their name.
przelotem - | 16
18 Dec 2009 #9
you can call him "misiu" or "kotku",
and never go with BB's proposition, unless it's the end... nah, even then, don't call him that.. ;-)
clerynka - | 45
18 Dec 2009 #10
cheers guys.
Yeah I know, I was kinda worried that he already said things like Kochanie to me...but i it's just his way, and we have known each other for AGES...
frd 7 | 1,401
18 Dec 2009 #11
"misiu" is similar "beary" or "teddy bear".
"kotku" from "kitty" but it is rarely used by girls calling their boyfriends ( maybe sometimes in a rather flirtatious way and flirtatious situation )
Nika 2 | 507
19 Dec 2009 #12
As mira said, you can call him Skarbie, Kochanie, Słońce, Słonko. You can also go with English affectionate words, I'm sure he'll love that as well!

Good luck with your PL bf and if you have any questions turn to us, PL girls, and ignore the other guys!
southern 75 | 7,096
19 Dec 2009 #13
Kotek is also common affectionate word.
clerynka - | 45
20 Dec 2009 #14
Thankyou :)
but everyone's contribution is welcome and MUCH appreciated ;)
To be fair some of these would be funny, he's got a fantastic sense of humour...
Sometimes some of the translations from English-Polish dicitonaries are too literal, so I find that awkward, but so does he when he tries to call me English words (he got confused about 'honey', couldnt understand why I would want to be called something that was sticky and messy ;)

But as I said, everyone's contributions very very helpful :)
ooshak - | 28
28 Dec 2009 #15
so when's the big date?
If you can make it funny, you can say "Robaczku" (my worm), "Prosiaczku" (my piglet), "Pysiu" (sweet face)
"misiu" is very nice as well as "szczurku (my little rat, sounds bad but it IS sweet) or you can make mixes of Polish and English -like "bejbasku" from baby + Polish ending, "haniczku" (honey) etc.

Good luck!
clerynka - | 45
29 Dec 2009 #16

Love 'bejbasku', pronounced 'beybasku right?
Am getting to grips with the proper pronunciation of characters now, and spending time with three of the guys who all speak to each other in polish is helping-recognise much more, so they cant away with talking about me so much now ;)

'Misiu' is teddy/bear isn't it?
I got called that the other day, and (I dont know how to spell it) something that I think means 'sun'. Soneczku?? Sorry for butchering the spelling... :(
ooshak - | 28
29 Dec 2009 #17
omething that I think means 'sun'. Soneczku??

słoneczko :)
use to listen to any Polish you like -for pronunciation
chase5 2 | 17
9 Jan 2010 #18
Merged: BF in Poland wish to tell him something nice

wish to tell him

"i love you and miss you to death, please come back now where you belong, or take us with you, im dying"
strzyga 2 | 993
9 Jan 2010 #19
Kocham Cię i do końca życia będę za Tobą tęsknić. Proszę, wróć tu, gdzie jest Twoje miejsce albo zabierz nas ze sobą, bo umieram z tęsknoty.
Ataraxie - | 13
24 May 2010 #20
Thread attached on merging:
Nice Polish Words To Say A Polish Man

Hey people!

Can anyone help me?

I don't know how to say nice words in Polish to a boy... Please, help me with everything you know! And if possible, with the phonetic pronunciation.

Thanks :)
24 May 2010 #21
Misiu (little bear) is most popular I think :)
Ataraxie - | 13
30 May 2010 #22
Thx ^^

Someone else can help me?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
30 May 2010 #23
Jesteś bardzo miły. (You're very nice).

Jesteś słodki. (You're sweet.)

Ale jesteś przystojny! (Are you ever handsome.)

Bardzo mi się podobasz. (You appeal to me greatly.)

Jesteś mężczyzną moich marzeń. (You are the man iof my dreams.)
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
13 Jun 2010 #24
Yeah, any of those compliments would've been great! Don't even care about the pronunciation so much, the effort is 90% of the job. Sake kills my brain cells!!
Ataraxie - | 13
15 Jun 2010 #25
Does anyone know what it means: "Maly skarbenku" ?
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
15 Jun 2010 #26
My little treasure.

As a guy I'd prefer to hear "Mój ogromny, gigantyczny skarbenku..." ;)
Ataraxie - | 13
15 Jun 2010 #27
Hehe ok, thanks for the help! :)
jimpossible2k - | 1
15 Jun 2010 #29
There is a cool iphone/mobile app called iLovePoland (www [dot] iLovePoland [dot] mobi) which will let you translate English phrases into Polish ones :P
18 Jun 2010 #30
"Misiu" its the common word to name your man (english equivalent is "honey" it means literally Teddy Bear) but not every man likes it.

You may use "Kochanie" either.

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