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Nice and easy sentences for Polish future in laws?

28 May 2015 #1
My Polish girlfriend parents are coming over to visit and I would like to be able to say a few sentences about how I like their daughter and am thinking of spending the rest of my life with her - would anyone be able to help?
30 May 2015 #2
There are no 'typical' sentences to please a Polish mother or a father in law. Of course politeness, respect in regard to them and their daughter is a key. Show how important and wonderful is she, and that your feelings to her are clear and serious - you are not another 'player' and you want only what's the best for her, but what's important - first ask their parents for 'permission' before you make a major move behind their back, like asking to marry her. You'll prove this way, that their acceptance in very important to you - and this is very welcomed in a traditional Polish family.

Say something about you, show your value - good education, a decent job is also much appreciated. Tell them how you can help their daughter (with studies/work/dreams), and what's your future contribution to the family.

I can help with some short translation if you want, just write something from your heart.
Best of luck!
30 May 2015 #3
Chciałbym powiedzieć, jak ważna dla mnie jest Państwa córka ........... (first name).
(I would like to say how important your daughter ..... is to me.

Znamy się już .... miesięcy i dobrze nam jest ze sobą.
(We have known each other for ..... months, and we find it good to be together

Bardzo ją kocham, zawsze będę ją wspierał i mam nadzieję, że ........ (first name) zostanie moją towarzyszką życia.
(I love her very much and will always stand by her and hope ......... will become my life's companion.)
30 May 2015 #4
^^ I'd like to point out that the above post was posted at 13:37 which = 1337 = polonius3 seems that you're elite these days. Thanks for sharing these sentences as I plan on using these for my girlfriends family/extended family (the first sentence is obviously just for her parents though).

Thanks again!
19 Mar 2020 #5
I don`t think reciting such sentences you learnt by heart, most probably with the wrong accent, will bring a desired effect. Coz their content sounds quite formal while the performance will sound rather funny. It might turn into a little stand-up comedy.

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