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Nice Polish phrases to say to men

Ataraxie - | 13
1 Jul 2010 #31
How I can say "handsome" in Polish? :)
pgtx 30 | 3,156
1 Jul 2010 #32
handsome man - przystojny mężczyzna
9 Jul 2010 #33
yummy ;) hehe
Ataraxie - | 13
9 Aug 2010 #34

I have noticed that there are many ways to say nice Polish words for girls.

But, and for men?! There are only these few words, listed before?

Then, please! There are more, nice words to say, from a girl to a Polish man?

If you can, help me. :)
pgtx 30 | 3,156
26 Aug 2010 #35
There are more, nice words to say, from a girl to a Polish man?

you don't say nice words to a man because it makes him a woman...
Ataraxie - | 13
2 Sep 2010 #36
I don't mean to that effect, but to delight, do a kindness. :)
A J 4 | 1,088
2 Sep 2010 #37
you don't say nice words to a man because it makes him a woman...

How much drugs did you take?

I don't mean to that effect, but to delight, do a kindness. :)

Don't stop.
You're so big.
I want more.
You're good.

Anyway, these are all nice things you can say to a guy without turning him into a woman.
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
2 Sep 2010 #38
jestem mokra na twój widok
Ataraxie - | 13
6 Dec 2010 #39

I'm in the same situation of Clerynka ^^ anyone have more suggestions? :)

TanyaCole 1 | 15
15 Feb 2012 #40
to learn how to pronunciate use - it is very good!

you look handsome - wyglądasz przystojny

you look great! - Świetnie wyglądasz!

I like you too- ja też lubię cię or lubię cię też

You are sweet - Jesteś śliczny

What a you doing tonight? - Co robisz dzisiaj wieczorem?

I want to ask you out - Chciałabym umówić się z Tobą ;)

but they are kind of corny! I think you should just learn the basic Polish phrases like hello, goodbye, how are you, the time and days of the week etc, that will impress him more!

That's what I did anyway and I have been with Adam for 18 months now, though he thinks me learning Polish is pointless, I disagree!
catsoldier 62 | 595
15 Feb 2012 #41
If you can, help me. :)

Address him as Misiu
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
15 Feb 2012 #42
'Misiu' is a great one to use. If you want to up the ante a bit, try 'Kocurku' (pronounced 'kotsoorkoo'). It means tomcat, but in a nice way.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
16 Feb 2012 #43
you look handsome - wyglądasz przystojny

wyglądasz przystojnie

You are sweet - Jesteś śliczny

chyba jesteś słodki
noreenb 7 | 557
19 Feb 2012 #44
A very nice phrases depend on the imagination of the poster.
TanyaCole 1 | 15
19 Feb 2012 #45
wyglądasz przystojnie

Thanks! you learn something new every day :)
gumishu 11 | 5,692
19 Feb 2012 #46
You are sweet - Jesteś śliczny

you are cute' would be Jesteś śliczny (more or less - but it can be also Jesteś fajny just as cute can mean a broad spectrum of things) - but you don't say such things to Polish men - it's girls and kids that are cute and not men
noreenb 7 | 557
21 Feb 2012 #47
"Nothing", just a good look is sometimes worthy enough .
Rysavy 10 | 308
25 Sep 2012 #48
My BF has also called me kochanie. And I remembered what it could mean from him from a conversation we had long ago over guy say- girl say stuff.

I too would like to learn a "public" endearment. But for now, rather than stumble badly on an unfamiliar Polish term; I in turn call him a Tsalagi term that means "honied" referring to the hue of his hair, skin and his demeanor. It makes him feel special, but not so much as the word that we reserve for "the One" which basically translates and home hearth.

Though I speak mostly english now? it was my 4th language. My growing up I was fluent in Boheme, Portuguese,Euskala, and English, then smattering Tsalagi, German and Castille. Not a single great grand spoke english at all and only one grandparent spoke english unbroken.

I wish to learn Polish eventually in order to communicate with his family when needed though he is more keen on learning English and is fairly fluent. It won't be a problem when I import him to be my "foreign bride" . But I am certain he will wish to return home at some point.

I have a feeling my Boheme is gonna mess up my diction and accent (as well as my US Southernese). Heck, only time I can say his name right is when I'm... er highly distracted. But with the little so far, I'll naturally answer 'ano' before 'tak'.

I would be soooo afraid of wrong endearment. We can be pretty trolly buds.. we were trolly gamer pals for a year. But he is very traditional in RL and conservative. I wouldn't want to say something inappropriate. 0-0

I do know I'll be careful about offering or asking for ice cream! LOL.. Oh my !

Oh I am necormancing this thread! I have setting to live..but wow...2010. Sory Id I wish it could delete >_<
13 Feb 2015 #49
Kristal, I love you honey, we have been together for over four years.. I love your mother, Liked you dad and I made a promise to him. Love honey!
Starlight - | 5
25 Oct 2015 #50
Merged: kind words to men in polish

Hello all,

I need to know some sweet words to say to my Polish boyfriend. I am trying to learn Polish, but.... It's really difficult at the moment, so I was searching for some kind words to show affections, and to call him. Actually I found some via online translation websites.... but when I told him.. he burst into laughter.... He said the words are used for women....

The things I need are something like, baby, sweetheart, honey .... quite normal ways to say I love him, in any other way than "kocham cię" and I miss him...

Thanks four kind help :)
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
25 Oct 2015 #51

"Cześć przystojniaku" is how Polish the film translators usually translate Hollywood films with the lead-in "Hi handsome!"
Wulkan - | 3,243
26 Oct 2015 #52
The things I need are something like, baby, sweetheart, honey .... quite normal ways to say I love him, in any other way than "kocham cię" and I miss him.

You can call him "misiu" it's a sweet way women call their men sometimes.
Starlight - | 5
26 Oct 2015 #53
Thank you Wulkan,

I also found Kochanie has meaning close to sweetheart or darling.... but then in google translate it says Kochany..... which once is correct to use for men?
terri 1 | 1,665
26 Oct 2015 #54
Kochanie - in this context is correct.
You can of course say :Jestes kochany.or 'Jestes naprawde kochany (not meaning 'you are loved' which is the actual literal translation), but as means of saying thank you that 'you have done something very sweet for me'.
4 Jan 2017 #56
How do I say you have no idea how much I love you in Polish?

NoToForeigners 10 | 1,032
4 Jan 2017 #57
Nie masz pojęcia jak bardzo Cię kocham.
Prettylady - | 5
6 Jan 2017 #58
@Notoforeigners Thank you so much. I hope he will be impressed. I also need the following in Polish please:
You may have thought that I forgot you. The truth is that nothing has changed, despite the time, distance and our circumstances. I NEVER stopped loving you. Not even for a second.
Wulkan - | 3,243
6 Jan 2017 #59
Być może pomyślałeś że o tobie zapomniałam. Prawda jest taka że nic się nie zminiło, pomimo czasu, odległości i naszej sytuacji. Ja nigdy nie przestałam cię kochać. Nawet przez sekundę.
Prettylady - | 5
6 Jan 2017 #60
@Wulkan. You are the best! Thank you so much.

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