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Polish Sweet Phrases About Home

dieseluk 1 | 6
4 Mar 2016 #1
My friend is moving into a new house, it will be the first place that has felt like home for her since she was an adult. I am having a keyring made for her new keys complete with amber charms that I am having sent from her home city and I am trying to find a beautiful phrase or quote to engrave onto it. So far the only one i can find is 'Wszędzie dobrze, ale w domu najlepiej' which as far as I can tell is roughly the equivalent of 'there's no place like home' in English. I was wondering if any of you could possibly point me in the right direction please? My Google searches haven't gone very well so far.
porky pok 2 | 127
4 Mar 2016 #2
I once sent a bottel of white zinfendel wine and flowers and asked company to put the phrase costed me 500pln but she liked it.
OP dieseluk 1 | 6
4 Mar 2016 #3
I should have thought about that and asked the jeweller in Gdansk to write a gift card for me so I could borrow his/her words.
Looker - | 1,132
4 Mar 2016 #4
In Poland there are different phrases about home, but not as many "sweet" - most sound just humorously and satirically, and may not fit the situation.

This seems nice - it comes supposedly from a quote of Oliver Wendell Holmes, although I'm not sure from which one, but check this out:

Dla człowieka, podobnie jak dla ptaka,
świat ma wiele miejsc, gdzie można odpocząć,
ale gniazdo tylko jedno.

Direct translation from Polish into English:

For Man, like a bird,
The world has many places where you can rest.
But only one nest.

And this is an another phrase - probably straight Polish:

Chałupka - choć ciasna ale własna.

My translation:

A home, although tight, but your own.
kpc21 1 | 763
4 Mar 2016 #5
I have heard "nie ma to jak w domu". But "wszędzie dobrze, ale w domu najlepiej" sounds more Polish for me.
Looker - | 1,132
4 Mar 2016 #6
Yes - and it is the most popular phrase in Poland about home I believe.
Lyzko 37 | 8,695
4 Mar 2016 #7
Or how about "Gość w domu, Pan Bóg w domu"? Although this is perhaps more concerning hospitality rather than "home" itself:-)
Looker - | 1,132
4 Mar 2016 #8
The proper spelling of this in Poland is "gość w dom, Bóg w dom" - I know, not exactly correct in today's Polish grammar, but old quotes language is sometimes a bit different, and everybody is pronouncing it rather in it's original form.
Lyzko 37 | 8,695
4 Mar 2016 #9
Good to know. Thanks, Looker!
pawian 200 | 21,096
16 Mar 2020 #10
Polish Sweet Phrases About Home

There are also less sweet ones:

It is a bad bird which shyts in its own nest.

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